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Alzstore eNews Researches Articles That We Feel Are Informative Not Only For The Alzheimer's and Dementia Community But For Senior Care As Well ..hope you find them as beneficial as we do!!

Trouble With Sense Of Direction Maybe Linked To Early Alzheimer's

Difficulty remembering how to get around in new surroundings may be an extremely early sign of Alzheimer's, a small study suggests.(read more at Health Day News)

Could A Pill To Cure Alzheimer's Disease Become Available Soon?

After taking an experimental pill developed by Anavex Life Sciences, two women with Alzheimer's have regained their ability to play piano and paint. How soon until it could be available for everyone with the disease?. (read more at Motley Fool)

Interfering With Brain Pathway Early Could Improve Memory In Alzheimer's Patients

Alzheimer’s remains one of the costliest yet most mysterious conditions in the United States, where an estimated 5.1 million Americans are living with the incurable, progressive disease. But researchers at The Rockefeller University have found that manipulating a protein pathway linked with Alzheimer’s helped improve memory impairment in mice— a finding that offers hope for new treatment in humans. Memory loss is the hallmark symptom of the disease. (read more at Fox News)

State Official Diagnosed With Dementia

John L. O’Brien Jr. has served as the Southern Essex District Register of Deeds since 1977. And he plans to keep on serving, even after receiving a devastating diagnosis of Lewy body dementia, with Parkinsonian symptoms, reports The Boston Globe.(read more at Boston.Com)

The Money Megatrend That The Presidential Candidates Are Missing

No presidential campaign can dive into the issues that are top of mind for every interest group. Yet it’s fair to ask: In the current cycle, where is the discussion on aging and retirement security? (read more at Money)


May 2nd 1:30-3:00 pm Know The 10 Signs: Early Detection Matters / Rockford, IL

May 3rd 7:00 pm Alzheimer's Association Support Group / The Woodlands, TX

May 4th 1:00-2:00 pm Dementia/Alzheimer's Support Group / Waterville, OHI

May 5th 12-1:30 pm COAACH Healthy Aging Lunch 'n Learn / Greensboro, NC

May 6th 6:30 pm An Evening To End Alzheimer's / Saratoga Springs, NY


Participating in a clinical trial or study helps medical researchers find new ways to treat and prevent Alzheimer's and other diseases, and could help future generations lead healthier lives. Here are some listings:

CONNECT~AZD0530 (saracatinib) was originally developed as a cancer therapy but may hold greater promise as an Alzheimer's treatment. In this Phase II clinical trial, participants will be randomly assigned to take either the oral study drug or a placebo for 1 year. The study requires at least four visits during screening and 13 or 14 visits during the treatment period. Learn more...

A4~The A4 study is a Phase III clinical trial for cognitively normal older adults whose brain scans show evidence of amyloid buildup, which places them at risk for memory loss and cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer's disease. The study will test the safety and efficacy of solanezumab, a monoclonal antibody, to see if it slows memory and cognitive decline and affects the buildup of amyloid plaques, as shown by brain imaging and other biomarkers. Participants will take either the study drug or a placebo as a monthly intravenous infusion for 3 years. Learn more...

The Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network (DIAN). DIAN is an international research partnership of leading scientists determined to understand a rare form of Alzheimer’s disease that is caused by a gene mutation. Learn more..

SNIFF~A Multi-Center, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Phase II/III Study to Evaluate the Impact of Nasal Inhaled Insulin in Participants with Mild Memory Impairment and early Alzheimer’s Disease. Learn more...

LEFFTDS~This observational study will enroll people from families affected by familial frontotemporal dementia. At least one relative must have a known mutation in the MAPT, PGRN, or C9ORF72 genes. Learn more...

To find clinical trials near you, click here....

Aging In Place Professional:

Meet C & O Movers!!

C&O Helpers is a professional move management company that is committed to serving our customers with respect, compassion, and confidentiality. They understand that organizing, downsizing, and relocation can be stressful for anyone and they pride themselves on simplifying the process for their clients.

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FDA Approved Medications To Treat Alzheimer's Disease:

>Namenda® (memantine)
>Razadyne® (galantamine)
>Exelon® (rivastigmine)
>Aricept® (donepezil)


Phone: (800) 752-3238

Sporting Events In May

The Kentucky Derby

All of the prep races have been run and now it is time to turn our attention to Kentucky Derby 2016. Following American Pharoah's Triple Crown success last year, there is more attention than ever on the first Saturday in May.

There are few American sporting events with the history and popularity of the Kentucky Derby. It’s rich traditions – sipping a mint julep, donning a beautiful hat, and joining fellow race fans in singing “My Old Kentucky Home” – transcend the Kentucky Derby from just a sporting event, making it a celebration of southern culture and a true icon of Americana. The Kentucky Derby is the longest running sporting event in the United States, dating back to 1875. The race has continuously produced “the most exciting two minutes in sports”; uninterrupted, even when coinciding with profound historical events like The Great Depression and World Wars I & II.
The 142nd Kentucky Derby, the first leg of the Triple Crown, will be held at Churchill Downs on Saturday, May 7th. Undefeated 2-year-old champion Nyquist is the Kentucky Derby 2016 favorite. He won the Breeders' Cup Juvenile last year and started his 2016 campaign with victories in the San Vicente Stakes at Santa Anita Park and the Florida Derby at Gulfstream Park.
Other Kentucky Derby contenders include Santa Anita Derby winner Exaggerator, Blue Grass Stakes hero Brody's Cause, and Arkansas Derby winner Creator. NBC's coverage of Kentucky Derby 2016 kicks off at 4:00pm ET on Saturday, May 7th.

Kentucky Derby by Tim Emminger
Come on down to Louisville, Kentucky
For the Fastest Two Minutes In Sports
The first Saturday in May is Kentucky Derby time
It's the end of a two week celebration; the best of times

The runners race that takes a lap around the track
Thunder over Louisville has fireworks and planes fly past
There is a balloon glow and steamboat race
Where else can you go for a time so great

Now it is race day; an all day party
The insane gather in the infield and they can get naughty
You have celebrities, mint juleps and crazy hats
The Kentucky Derby is where it's at

The beautiful horses parade around
The bugles sounds and My Old Kentucky Home plays
The excitement peaks; it's time for the race
Dreams of the Triple Crown; the Kentucky Derby is the first leg
The Run For The Roses; someone's dream starts today

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'Someone To Love' Therapy Dolls

Therapy dolls have a remarkable effect on women (and men) in the middle and later stages of Alzheimer's disease. They are calming, soothing and bring the person back to a time in their life when they felt useful and had a sense of purpose; when caring for a young family member was the #1 priority. Alzheimer’s doll therapy helps patients escape from a world where someone is always caring for them.

Meet our newest additions: Baby Ava, Baby Kelsey and Baby Natalie!

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Recipe Of The Week:

Alcohol-Free Mint Julep

1/4 cup water
1/4 cup white sugar
1 tablespoon chopped fresh mint leaves
2 cups crushed ice
1/2 cup prepared lemonade Fresh mint sprigs, for garnish

In a small saucepan, combine the water, sugar and 1 tablespoon of chopped mint. Stir and bring to a boil. Cook until sugar has dissolved, then remove from heat and set aside to cool. After about an hour, strain out mint leaves.

Fill 2 cups or frozen goblets with crushed ice. Pour 1/2 of the lemonade into each glass and top with a splash of the sugar syrup. Garnish each with a mint sprig and a straw. Serve on a silver platter.

Trivia Challenge:

1. Thanks largely to Tapit, a gray sire who typically has gray offspring, there will be four gray horses running in the Kentucky Derby this year. What percentage of thoroughbreds are gray?

2. Less than 30 Breeders' Cup Classic winners have gone on to have careers at stud, yet three are represented by sons in this race - Curlin, Tiznow and Pleasantly Perfect. Classic winner A.P. Indy has two grandsons in the Derby this year, and Derby, Preakness and Classic winner Sunday Silence is the damsire of Lani. In other words, Breeders' Cup Classic winners are generally very good studs. This year one Derby trainer will be looking to beat an offspring of a horse he won the Classic with. What is the trainer's name?

3. The man who founded the Louisville Jockey Club and built Churchill Downs was the grandson of a famous adventurer. What explorer was it?

Participate by emailing your answers to contact@alzstore.com and include your first name, city & state where you live to be in the running to win a gift certificate to The Alzheimer's Store!

Congratulations to Charlotte Ford ~Winner of our Apr Trivia Contest!!!

Answers to last week's trivia; Food, Shelter & Places to Raise Young, Water, Variety of Foliage and Habitat / A Tube Feeder Which Dispenses Sugar Water Through A Tube / Sunflower Seeds


> In the book, 'Cat's Cradle' by Kurt Vonnegut, who does the author designate to be the smartest character in the book and why?

Music therapy for dementia patients boosts their memories by listening to their favorite songs. Be sure to take a peek at our most popular Music Players~Item #2115

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An estimated 47 million people globally have Alzheimer's disease and that number is projected to triple by 2050. According to the Alzheimer's Association, there are some things you can do to keep memory loss at bay such as exercise, education, not smoking, getting adequate sleep, staying socially engaged, learning new things, taking care of your mental health and eating a healthy diet.The Alzheimer's Store is here to assist you, the caregiver, in this quest with products that will benefit your loved ones quality of life and make each day manageable for you & less stressful for them....