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  Dementia Day Clock

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Our Digital Dementia Day Clock

Our specially adapted dementia day clock can give Alzheimer's patients the ability to maintain control over an often frustrating area of their lives. Whether or not a patient has lost the ability to "tell time" in the traditional manner, these time of day clocks can simplify life, especially as patients become less able to differentiate between morning and afternoon, or separate one day from another.

The digital day clocks help dementia patients maintain peace of mind and minimize confusion by telling them when it's morning, afternoon, evening or night or even what day it is. Since recognition of daytime and nighttime cues and the ability to keep track of the days of the week decrease with the progression of Alzheimer's, these adaptations can help dementia patients keep their bearings when time-related confusion arises.


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'Dementia' Day Clock -- Awesome November 30, 2015
Reviewer: Ross Leadbetter from New Maryland, NB Canada  
My father in law doesn't have dementia as far as a 'clinical' diagnoses, but he is 90 and still making his way around the house, but he gets confused. He LOVES the clock because it helps him to navigate where he is in the day or night. We love it because he is still getting up in the middle of the night, but after a short bathroom break or whatever, he goes back to bed... unlike in the recent past! :-) Seriously, this is a great product. I never would have guessed it would be because its so 'seemingly' simple. But it is nothing short of amazing. Ross.

Day Monitor Clock June 12, 2015
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Wichita, KS United States  
Easy to set up. The display is bright and clear. It helps Dad keep track of the days.

Clear, handsome and very reassuring December 3, 2013
Reviewer: LG from Boston, MA United States  
Hesitated over the price, but ordered it for an elderly auntie with vascular memory issues, recently moved to a bleakish nursing home. Two days in, wish I'd got it sooner! It arrived swiftly, no setup other than plug-in. It's smooth, solid and attractive, not too big to fit on a bedside table, stands well, easy to read. She puzzled over it at first, read it aloud, and a huge smile broke over her face as she "got it". It's clear, but not too bright for sleeping, a gentle glow. She can read it from 10' away, on entering the room in her wheelchair, for example. Her roommate (ambulatory & mildly forgetful) is thrilled- it frees them both from having to repeatedly ask the questions that uselessly consume so much mental bandwidth-ie, What day is it?, What time is it?, Is that 8 in the morning or at night? They find it more reassuring than I'd expected. Idk why ltc facilities don't have these on every counter! The accompanying brochure looks straightforward. Very satisfied, and want one too.