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Emergency Pendant Telephone Dialer with Speaker & Microphone

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Medical Alert Jewelry With Emergency Call Button

With the Emergency Pendant Telephone Dialer you will never feel alone. If there was an emergency where you could not reach someone a press of the button on the worn medical alert pendant activates a telephone dialer up to 600 feet away and calls up to four pre-programmed telephone or cell phone numbers. What really makes this medical alert jewelry special compared to other senior alert systems is that the emergency call button, speaker and the microphone are right in the pendant hanging from your neck or in your pocket. You can be anywhere in your home and still be able to call for help, hear and speak to the person answering the phone.

Much better than the typical “Help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up” senior alert systems, this medical alert necklace allows you to dial and speak to the person on the phone from wherever you are – the garage, the back yard, the bathtub, up to 600 feet away from the dialer. You do not have to make it to the phone and dial, just press the button on your pendant or wall unit. Also, the Emergency Pendant Telephone Dialer allows you to purchase additional wall-mounted units for locations in the home where falls or accidents might occur – the bathroom and kitchen, for example. If you do not happen to have your medical alert pendant on at the time of the fall, you can always press the wall mounted emergency call button and the telephone call is made and you can speak right into the wall speaker and microphone

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