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Best Holiday Gifts For People With Dementia

holiday-gifts-dementiaFor most families, the holiday season is a time for gathering, sharing, laughter and memories. But, for those affected by Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia, the season can be very stressful for them and their caregivers. Planning ahead makes holiday celebrations more relaxing for families with Alzheimer’s.

The Alzheimer's Store has selected some products that would be wonderful gifts for a person in your life with Alzheimer's or dementia...

tv-remote-control-for-seniors TV Remote For Seniors

Great device for all those senior TV buffs!

Price: $34.95
curious-kittens-dvd Curious Kittens DVD

Ambient Kittens DVD

Price: $19.99
headphones Headphones

Exceptional sound quality & lightweight design!

Price: $19.95
automatic-pill-medication-dispenser-medready Automatic Pill Dispenser - MedReady

Senior safety feature - accidental double dosing virtually impossible

Price: $149.00
twiddles-activity-muffs Twiddle Activity Muff

One of our most soothing activities.

Price: $49.95
dementia-patient-digital-calendar-day-clock Digital Calendar Day Clock - DayClox

Spells out the full DAY of the week and the MONTH in large, bold letters & automatically dims at 7:00 pm!

Price: $109.00
music-player Music Player

A preloaded MP3 Player for the elderly!

Price: $189.00
one-button-dementia-radio One Button Radio

A new innovation designed to offer an easy way to listen to your favorite radio station!

Price: $129.00
magic painting book Magic Painting Book

An entertaining activity book! ..you will be amazed at the "magical" quality!

Price: $15.00
musical-teddy-bear Blaney - Musical Teddy Bear

Just squeeze my “paws button” and I'll play your favorite tunes!

Price: $119.95
Playable Art Ball Fidget Toy ART Ball - A Fidget Toy

How many designs can you create?

Price: $29.95
Busy Board for Alzheimer's Patients Busy Board for Alzheimer's Patients

Have fun with laces, latches, clasps, zippers and locks!!

Price: $99.99
paint with water coloring book Paint With Water Coloring Books

Fun themes to paint with water designed to nurture creativity and imagination!

Price: $34.95
classic oldies songs - on flash drive Classic Oldies Songs - MP3 Playlist

Just plug in this flash drive and listen to all your beloved Oldies classics!

Price: $95.00
music-player-and-oldies-flash-drive-duo Music Duo

Bring the gift of music to your loved ones!!!

Price: $279.00
paint with water duo Paint With Water Duo

See colors magically appear!

Price: $27.95
Busy Board Toy for Alzheimer's Patients Busy Board Toy for Alzheimer's Patients

Guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours!!

Price: $49.99
memory-picture-phone Memory Picture Phone - Amplified

Picture dial pad - Ideal for seniors with dementia

Price: $49.95
reminder-rosie-voice-controlled-alarm-clock Reminder Rosie Voice Controlled 25 Alarm Clock

Never forget tasks again with cutting edge voice technology!!

Price: $99.95
fiddle-hand-muffs Fiddle Hand Muffs

Give your Fiddle Muff its own unique name for a more personalized touch!

Price: $49.95
automatic-pill-dispenser Pill Box Dispenser - Med-e-lert

A safe way of dispensing daily medications!

Price: $79.95
activity-lap-pillow Activity Pillow

Our Activity Pillow is suggested for dementia patients who fidget

Price: $75.95
desktop-clock-with-day-and-date Desk Clock With Day and Date

A great comfort with this desktop large clock...

Price: $119.99
dementia-day-clock-tells-what-day-of-week Day Clock

Great conversation piece!

Price: $39.95
jumbo-playing-cards "I Got It!" Card Game

Play the game everyone loves!

Price: $24.95
baby-doll-therapy "Someone to Love" Baby Doll Clara

Workout with Baby Clara!

Price: $119.99
baby-doll-for-dementia "Someone to Love" Baby Doll Oliver

Baby Oliver is an all-time favorite!

Price: $119.99
baby-doll-therapy "Someone to Love" Baby Doll Becca

Baby Becca is Moo-licious!

Price: $119.99
baby-doll-therapy "Someone to Love" Baby Doll Priscilla

Baby Priscilla is the sweetest little girl ever!

Price: $119.99
baby-doll-therapy "Someone to Love" Baby Doll Izzy

Baby Izzy is so precious!!

Price: $119.99
baby-doll-therapy "Someone to Love" Baby Doll Ava

Baby Ava is irresitible!

Price: $119.99
baby-doll-therapy "Someone to Love" Baby Doll Kelsey

Sail away with Baby Kelsey!

Price: $119.99
baby-doll-therapy "Someone to Love" Baby Doll Natalie

Meet enchanting Baby Natalie!

Price: $119.99
therapeutic-puzzles-pretty-kitty Therapeutic Puzzles Pretty Kitty

This kitty will bounce right into your heart!

Price: $19.95
puppy-tales-dvd Puppy Tales DVD

A dog lovers DVD!!!

Price: $19.99
therapeutic-music-care-dvd Therapeutic Music Care DVD

A soothing & comforting visual experience for Alzheimer's patients!

Price: $24.95
streaming-video-memory-aid-retroflix Groundbreaking Memory Collection Therapy

Relive the decade of the 1960s with this interactive live stream video!

Price: $24.95
love-to-fish-dvd Love To Fish DVD

If you love fishing, this DVD is for you!

Price: $30.00
day-night-clock Day and Night Clock

Never again mistake whether its day or night!

Price: $89.95
thumball-memory-activity Thumball Memory Activity

Lots of fun for the entire family!

Price: $14.50
safety-glassware Safety Glassware

You can still enjoy a relaxing glass of wine!

Price: $10.00
ungame-for-seniors Ungame for Seniors

Provides hours of entertainment and meaningful moments!

Price: $14.50
gel-wave-pad Gel-Wave Pad

Gel Wave Pad's unique design provides excellent hand/eye coordination...

Price: $29.95
dinnerware-for-seniors Dinnerware

Dinnerware with a ceramic look & feel that won't break!

Price: $7.50
memory-phone Memory Phone

Never forget another phone number!

Price: $71.95
automatic-faucet-control Automatic Faucet Control

Turning the water on and off has never been easier!

Price: $19.95
mental-fitness-cards Aerobics for the Mind

Dementia activity to stimulate the brain!

Price: $28.95
activity-lock-box Activity Lock Box For Seniors

Lock box activity for elderly with dementia

Price: $79.00
conversations-picture-cards Conversations Picture Cards-All Five Sets

A game the whole family can enjoy!

Price: $69.95
door-handle-for-automobiles The E-Z Out Car Door Handle

Great support for getting in and out of a car!

Price: $34.95
activity-apron Activity Apron

Dementia activity to keep occupied

Price: $55.50
plumbers-pal-pipes Plumbers Pal Pipes

Fun with plumbing piping!

Price: $24.95
starry-night-gel-pad Starry Night Squishy Pad

Great way to keep calm and busy!

Price: $29.95
language-cards Language Cards

Great for on the go activities!

Price: $15.95
bath-cape Deluxe Bath Cape

Look forward to this cozy cape after your bath!

Price: $44.95
shake-loose-a-memory-game Shake Loose a Memory Game

Recall memories with this fun game!

Price: $21.50
emotion-cards-for-dementia Emotion Cards

Emotion Cards

Price: $34.95
activity-cards-for-seniors Sharpen Your Senses Activity Cards

Sharpen Your Senses Cards

Price: $29.95
songs-of-faith-cd-and-songbook Songs of Faith CD and Songbook

Songs of Faith CD and Songbook

Price: $19.95
seasons-dvd-collection Favorite Things Seasons DVD Collection

Enjoy the seasons on your TV anytime of the year!

Price: $24.99
garden-delights-dvd Garden Delights DVD

A Gardener's Paradise all in a DVD!

Price: $19.99
verses-from-the-bible Verses From The Bible

Large Print Book - Verses from the Bible..

Price: $17.95
favorite-hymns Favorite Hymns

Favorite Hymns and High Contrast Photos

Price: $17.95
gentlemens-gatherings Gentlemen's Gatherings

A true "guy stuff" activity book!

Price: $13.95
nostalgic-america-collectible-books Nostalgic America Collectible Books

A Coffee Table Must!

Price: $24.95
hollywood-glamour-portraits Hollywood Glamour Portraits

Hollywood Glamor Portraits

Price: $25.95
through-the-seasons Through the Seasons

An activity book for memory-challenged adults and caregivers

Price: $20.95
the-big-holiday-book-for-seniors The Big Holiday Book for Seniors

Chuckle full of activities for people with dementia for a holiday fun celebration!

Price: $21.95
reminiscing-through-the-century-activity-books Reminiscing Through the 20th Century Activity Books

Reminiscing through the Twentieth Century - 4 Different Activity Books

Price: $11.95
connect-with-color Connect with Color

Connect with Color - adult-oriented coloring book

Price: $12.95
wrap-with-pockets Wrap With Pockets

A very comfortable choice of wrap!

Price: $78.95
conversations-picture-cards Conversations Picture Cards

Fun card games for the entire family!

Price: $19.95
adult-coloring-books-for-seniors Coloring Books for Seniors with Dementia

Coloring books with adult themes which may help memory

Price: $30.95
cape-with-pockets Cape with Pockets

Keep hands warm with these oversized pockets!

Price: $68.95
everyday-fashions Everyday Fashions

Everyday Fashions depicted in Sears catalogues

Price: $25.95
puzzles-for-seniors Four Piece Puzzles

With these puzzles, success is unavoidable!

Price: $24.95
puzzles-for-dementia Great 24 Piece Puzzles

Completing puzzles provides a sense of pride and accomplishment!

Price: $15.95
jumbo-slide-slot-bingo-cards Jumbo Slide-Slot Bingo Cards

Easy to use and see Bingo cards!

Price: $29.95
sing-along-dvds Old Standards Sing Along Songs - DVDs

Music therapy sing along for an uplifting experience

Price: $25.95
shoulder-shawl Shoulder Shawl

Perfect way to keep warm & fashionable too!

Price: $48.95
chair-exercise-dvds Chair Exercise DVDs

Sit-Down Dancing - exercise and fun!

Price: $29.95
sound-puzzles Sound Puzzles

Simple puzzles with sound!

Price: $16.95
the-good-ol-days-dvds The Good Ol Days DVD

Good Ol Days DVDs - images and songs of times gone by. 3 volumes.

Price: $26.95
weighted-cutlery Weighted Cutlery

Maintain your independence!

Price: $13.95
vinly-rollup-for-checkers-and-checkerboard Checkers & Checkerboard Large Vinyl Roll-Up

Who doesn't enjoy a game of checkers?

Price: $32.95
shake-awake-your-taste Shake Awake Your Taste

Perfect way to have fun with food!

Price: $21.50
puzzle-for-seniors 60 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

Designed to offer an enjoyable challenge & a positive sense of completion and achievement

Price: $19.95
Massage Pillow Zebra Pattern Massage Pillow

Pillows work great on sore tired muscles; neck, shoulders, feet, legs, or your back!

Price: $39.95
day-monitor-alzheimers-wall-clock Dementia Day Clock

Reduces anxiety & helps maintain daily routines..

Price: $99.99
early-to-middle-stage-tote Tote I Early To Middle Stages

Great for on-the-go or for gift giving!

Price: $84.95
tote-for-middle-to-late-stage-alzheimers Tote II Middle To Late Stages

Great for on-the-go or for gift-giving!

Price: $99.95
music-for-alzheimers Music For Alzheimers

Set Includes Hours Of Great Musical Classics!!

Price: $59.95
therapeutic-music-care-cds Therapeutic Music Care CDs

A soothing & comforting experience!

Price: $106.95
memory-jogging-puzzles Jigsaw Wooden Puzzle - 6 Piece

Great to rebuild cognitive skills & stimulate memories..

Price: $29.95
memory-jogging-puzzles Jigsaw Wooden Puzzle - 12 Piece

Puzzles for dementia patients - rebuild cognitive skills & stimulate memories.

Price: $33.95
memory-jogging-puzzles Jigsaw Wooden Puzzle - 20 Piece

Great to rebuild cognitive skills & stimulate memories..

Price: $44.95
calendar-clock-for-seniors Illuminated Calendar Clock

A perfect tool to alleviate sundowning!

Price: $99.99
baby-doll-therapy "Someone to Love" Baby Doll Emma

Baby Emma is such a gem!

Price: $119.99
therapeutic-puzzles-country-life Therapeutic Puzzles Country Life

This puzzle for elderly sure to spark memories...

Price: $19.95
therapeutic-puzzles-going-out Therapeutic Puzzles Going Out

Have fun with man's best friend!

Price: $19.95

Tips and Gift Ideas to Brighten your Holiday Gift Giving...

  • Keep your loved one safe and happy, and try to minimize outbursts that can add to an already stressful time of year.
  • Make name tags for everyone to easily recognize family members. It can be a fun project for the kids; make big letters and even decorate them.
  • Stick to a set schedule, (i.e., when they get up, mealtimes, taking a nap, etc.). Change to routine can very difficult for people with Alzheimer's and dementia. Allow for “down time”, and be cognizant of “sun-downing” which can happen late in the afternoon when there is an increased likelihood of agitation. Find a quiet place for your loved one to rest, perhaps a nearby room, where family members can come one or two at a time to visit with them. Celebrate earlier in the day to reduce the risk of confusion. Consider throwing a holiday lunch instead of a dinner party.
  • Let them take part in a few of their favorite traditions. Due to attention span and cognitive issues, people suffering from later stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia might be happier taking part with the holiday activities of the younger kids. Watching movies, baking cookies, coloring and children’s crafts give them an opportunity to share in holiday activities without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Limit the number of presents, and think “simple”. - Your loved one is not going to be impressed by how much you spend or how many presents you give them. Consider the “age” they are at – not biological, but cognitive – and select gifts accordingly.
  • The special treats are especially tempting to Alzheimer’s & dementia sufferers. Watch where you put the sweets and treats! Also, be sure they stay hydrated during this time. It’s important to keep them feeling healthy, and for any/all medications to work properly.
  • Surround your loved one with music. Music is a part of the holiday tradition that can elevate their mood. If your family has a tradition of caroling, include them in it. Even many suffering from Alzheimer’s can easily recall songs they have known for years!
  • Take pictures and videos. Years from now, you and your family will look back upon this holiday season with warm thoughts about your loved one, and happy times you shared together. It is much easier for people with Alzheimer’s disease to remember things that happened long ago rather than things that happened yesterday, so reminisce with them!

Holiday time with Alzheimer’s/dementia victims does not need to be stressful. In fact, some of the moments can be very special as people take time to listen and pay special attention to your loved one. Savor those moments, and know that as long as you show patience and love, you and your loved one will enjoy this holiday as much as ever!

seniors-gift-giving If the person is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, relatives and friends might not notice any changes. But the person with dementia may have trouble following conversation or tend to repeat him or herself. Family can help with communication by being patient, not interrupting or correcting, and giving the person time to finish his or her thoughts.

If the person is in the middle or late stages of Alzheimer’s, there may be significant changes in cognitive abilities since the last time an out-of-town friend or relative has visited. These changes can be hard to accept. Make sure visitors understand that changes in behavior and memory are caused by the disease and not the person.