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Mobile Medical Alert Pendant - Belle
Speaking and listening through a medical pendant has never been easier

Choose from three available plans...

Price: $39.95
Activation Fee: $35.00

Product Code: 0931


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Medical Alert Pendant - Belle Mobile


We've been able to provide safe, reliable In The Home protection for years using traditional medical alert systems, but with today's seniors maintaining more of their independence than ever, it's time for that to expand. Introducing Belle, ResponseNow's mobile medical alert pendant.

This lightweight, shower-proof pendant uses the AT&T cellular network to place emergency calls from both inside and outside your home. After pressing the call button you'll be connected to a ResponseNow operator within moments who can do everything from sending emergency services to calling one of your friends or family members.

How To Call For Help on your Belle Medical Alert Pendant

1) Press and hold Belle's call button until the call light turns blue.
2) Belle will start ringing. The call is now being placed to the ResponseNow emergency operator.*
3) Operator will answer the call by asking if you are OK.
4) Operator can send any help you may need including emergency services such as the fire department or an ambulance, or can contact a friend or family member on your behalf.

Test Belle as often as you would like! There is no charge to test the unit.

*Call time is determined by the available cellular coverage in the area from which your call is being placed.

Charging Your Belle Medical Pendant

Belle Medical Alert Pendant In Charger

Belle's rechargeable battery lasts up to 30 days per charge. Follow the below steps to recharge:

Charging Belle | ResponseNow Medical Alert Systems

1) Plug charging cradle into electrical outlet.
2) Place the Belle pendant in charging cradle.
3) Keep Belle on charger for three hours to fully charge battery.

NOTE: Charge Belle immediately upon receiving the device to ensure you have a full battery.

Text message and/or email notifications can be setup to inform you or a contact when it's time to charge. To setup these notifications, please contact customer support at 866.795.4321.

Protect your loved ones and give yourself peace of mind.

belle-in-use-insideOur medical alert pendant is designed to protect you and your loved ones 24 hours a day. The product is worn around the neck and contains a simple button. When assistance is needed due to a medical concern or emergency, the person may push the button and will receive an immediate response.

Dispatchers are on duty to take the call 24 hours a day. If necessary, a emergency response unit will be dispatched, and your family will be notified. Monitoring starts at $39.95 a month and there is no long-term contract requirement. A personal medical alert will help to maintain independence, while providing peace of mind for your loved ones.

Choose From The Following Plans: (all plans have a $35 activation fee)
Monthly: $39.95 + one time shipping charge of $14.95
Quarterly $113.85 * FREE shipping
Annual: $419.40 * FREE shipping + FREE lockbox*

* helps emergency responders gain access to customer's home when dispatched - without a lockbox, they may have to break down the door
** 30 day money-back guarantee - return the device within 30 days of beginning service for a full refund
*** All equipment must be returned at the end of service in order to stop billing


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