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A person with memory loss may not remember phone numbers and sometimes forgets to hang up the phone. It is important to equip the person with the appropriate telephone to ensure their safety. Telephones that have pictures instead of numbers make dialing easier.
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memory-picture-phone dial-less-phone memory-phone
Dial-less Telephone
Price: $59.95
Memory Phone
Price: $64.95

Never forget another phone number/now with ten buttons!

Eliminates anxiety to dial out...

Never forget another phone number!


Picture Memory Phones & Dial-Less Telephones

Even in the early stages of Alzheimer’s patients begin forgetting phone numbers, forget who they are trying to call and forget to hang up the phone. The experience can be frightening and frustrating, turning one of the most familiar appliances in the household into a source of anxiety. Our picture memory phones can restore this experience to its old familiarity. These memory phones hold photos of family and caregivers so their dependent can reach them as easily as they can recognize them.

In middle and late stages confusion can lead to worse situations with your loved one anxious at the simple thought of dialing out, or calling at inappropriate hours when they are unaware of the time. Our dial-less phones eliminate that trouble, providing you the means to reach your loved one without burdening them with the worries that come with dialing out. Order one of our memory phones here on our website, or call us at 1-800-752-3238 to complete your order.