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Mental Stimulus for Dementia & Alzheimer’s Patients

Although seniors risk losing motor skills and cognitive function as Alzheimer’s and dementia progress, exercising these skills can be a great way to mitigate loss, re-develop concentration and eliminate frustration. The Alzheimer’s Store offers diverse options for senior attention keepers and Alzheimer’s concentration aids. By reinforcing hand-eye coordination and engaging patients’ motor skills, these simple activities give patients a renewed sense of control and awareness.

Our denim activity lap pillows were designed with the needs of Alzheimer’s patients in mind, offering a variety tactile exercises that give patient’s a sense of familiarity. As they manipulate the buckles, laces and buttons, patients occupy their minds and their fidgeting hands. For patients that are used to working with their hands, the Handyman’s Box combines handmade woodwork with engaging locks and latches. And, for more passive involvement, the Alzheimer’s store offers a great selection of relaxing, attention-grabbing DVDs. For more information about our products and recommendations for your patient or loved one, give us a call at 1-800-752-3238.

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activity-lap-pillow twiddles-activity-muffs dementia-teddy-bear
Activity Lap Pillow
Price: $67.95
Weighted Teddy Bear
Price: $38.95
No more boredom with the Denim Activity Lap Pillow! One of our most popular products!

You'll never want another teddy bear!!

puppy-tales-dvd gel-wave-pad handymans-box
Puppy Tales DVD
Price: $15.95
Gel-Wave Pad
Price: $29.95
Handyman's Box
Price: $79.00

Ambient Puppies DVD

Gel Wave Pad's unique design provides excellent hand/eye coordination...

Have fun with this activity tool box!

activity-apron starry-night-gel-pad language-cards
Activity Apron
Price: $55.50
Language Cards
Price: $15.95

Great way to keep occupied!

Great way to keep calm and busy!

Great for on the go activities!

a-fishy-dvd curious-kittens-dvd garden-delights-dvd
A Fishy DVD
Price: $15.95
Curious Kittens DVD
Price: $15.95
Garden Delights DVD
Price: $15.95

Ambient Water DVD: The Ultimate Video Aquarium

Ambient Kittens DVD

Ambient Flowers DVD

Weighted Clown Fish
Price: $16.95

Never need to go fishing again!!