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music-player blaney-bear Playable Art Ball Fidget Toy
Music Player
Price: $199.99

A preloaded MP3 Player for the elderly!

Just squeeze my “paws button” and music will play - that's all you have to do!

How many designs can you create?

Busy Board Activity Board day-night-clock doll-therapy-teddy-bear
Day and Night Clock
Price: $79.95
Weighted Teddy Bear
Price: $59.95
Have fun with laces, latches, clasps, zippers and locks!!

Never again mistake whether its day or night!

Pour your love into this huggable aromatherapy teddy bear!

senior-sippin'-spouts adaptive-pajamas-for-men-and-women
Transforms your water bottle into a sippy cup! Luxurious soft cotton sleepwear for both men and women!