About Us

It started as a simple fundraiser in New York City with family and friends. This fundraiser has now spread to the cities of Nashville, Palm Beach, Chicago and Los Angeles. We are now taking our quest a step further by bringing to you -- The Alzheimer's Store. We hope you will utilize, as we did, the educational resources and health-related products available to make everyday life more manageable for your Loved Ones, their Caregivers and the facilities that house people with Alzheimer's and Dementia.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“So far I have purchased the Therapy Doll, the plaid Fiddle Twiddle Muffs and now the Kitten Fiddle Twiddle Muffs and all the items are exactly what you say they are. I want to commend you for your efforts to help Dementia and Alzheimer's patients they way that you have."
- Yvonne A.
“I would just like to thank for the special attention you offered to me during the period in which my family needed assistance. God bless! I will refer your company’s services to anyone in need of those products that I might ever come in contact with the future. Thanks again!"
- Foster S.
"I purchased a "Someone To Love" doll for my mother-in-law who is in the later stages of Alzheimer's. As soon as she was handed the doll, she began speaking to it in complete and logical sentences and since has been able to hold conversations with her caregivers and is improving every day.”
- Darolyn B.