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5 of 5 Realistic Kitten December 30, 2021
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Ballwin, MO United States  
This was a big hit with everyone in the family.  They all had to hold it and pet it.  My husband really likes it and I find him sitting with it on his lap.

5 of 5 Realistic kitten November 24, 2021
Reviewer: Kathleen from Vancouver, BC Canada  
The kitten arrived very promptly and is perfect. Very soft and not too heavy and provides comfort for advanced dementia. Definitely recommend!

5 of 5 Outstanding customer service, and Mum loves it! November 5, 2021
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Lincoln, NE United States  
Sean was very helpful in getting expedited shipping for the kitten, when I needed it in a hurry (to replace a much-loved older kitten). Thank you, Sean!

5 of 5 My mom loved the kitten July 23, 2021
Reviewer: Jennie from , ri  
My mom absolutely adores her kitten. She's in a nursing home right now and in the morning when we go to visit, she's asleep with it there on her chest. It's comforting to know it brings her a bit of comfort when we can't be there with her. She had 2 joy for all cats previously but the kitten is lighter in weight. She has loved them all.

5 of 5 My residents absolutely LOVE!!! June 16, 2021
Reviewer: Activity Director from Bay City, Michigan  

4 of 5 - April 19, 2021
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from AR United States  
The Companion Pet Kitten works great purring, its paws "kneading", and meowing. It's not as realistic appearing as I'd have liked or as another animated cat my mother in law has, but she enjoys it very much.

5 of 5 Pet Kitten March 31, 2021
Reviewer: C. Schnell from Clayton, WI United States  
This was a great gift for my mom- the kneading action of the paws with the purring and meowing kept her attention.  it was a nice size for her to hold.

5 of 5 Life like cat March 12, 2021
Reviewer: from , Madison WI  
My wife of 30 years could no longer care for her cat in her memory care facility.  She developed dementia at age 60 and has never lived without a cat.  I purchased a life-like cat from you and the results are heart warming.  We talk on the phone each day and I hear purring and meowing as she snuggles the cat.  Thank you so very much.

5 of 5 meowing cat a great product for mom March 9, 2021
Reviewer: michell archibald from mississauga, ON Canada  
The cat works not only as a companion for my mom but as an alarm. When mom gets the shakes or if she is agitated, she instictively squeezes stuff. When she squeezes the cat i hear the meow and it gets my immediate attention to mom. A great buy.

5 of 5 Companion Pet Kitten|Purrs and Nuzzles March 2, 2021
Reviewer: Cheryl Bell from OTTAWA, IL United States  
Got this for my mother that is in the nursing home. She absolutely loves it! I would totally recommend this kitty to all!!!

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