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Trending In The News

Washington Examiner: Saddled with new questions about former President Reagan’s health after President Trump’s doctor said he assumed there were mental issues at the end of the Gipper’s two terms, the Reagan Foundation is seeking a retraction to clear up the confusion. The issue flared Tuesday when Dr. Ronny Jackson, a Navy rear admiral, was addressing Trump’s physical exam and mental test and made a reference to Reagan, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease long after leaving Washington. READ MORE

BioScience Technology: Recent advances in brain imaging have enabled scientists to show for the first time that a key protein which causes nerve cell death spreads throughout the brain in Alzheimer’s disease – and hence that blocking its spread may prevent the disease from taking hold. An estimated 44 million people worldwide are living with Alzheimer’s disease, a disease whose symptoms include memory problems, changes in behavior and progressive loss of independence. These symptoms are caused by the build-up in the brain of two abnormal proteins: amyloid beta and tau. It is thought that amyloid beta occurs first, encouraging the appearance and spread of tau – and it is this latter protein that destroys the nerve cells, eating away at our memories and cognitive functions. READ MORE

New York Times: When Ann Vandervelde visited her primary care doctor in August, he had something new to show her. Dr. Barak Gaster, an internist at the University of Washington, had spent three years working with specialists in geriatrics, neurology, palliative care and psychiatry to come up with a five-page document that he calls a dementia-specific advance directive. In simple language, it maps out the effects of mild, moderate and severe dementia, and asks patients to specify which medical interventions they would want — and not want — at each phase of the illness. READ MORE

Courthouse News: A high-salt diet may impair blood flow in the brain and cause dementia, according to a study published in the journal Nature Neuroscience that examined the effect of salt consumption on mice. “A diet rich in salt is linked to an increased risk of cerebrovascular diseases and dementia, but it remains unclear how dietary salt harms the brain,” according to the study. “We report that, in mice, excess dietary salt suppresses resting cerebral blood flow and endothelial function, leading to cognitive impairment.” READ MORE

Times Union: Last month, New York was designated the "first age-friendly state in the nation" by AARP and the World Health Organization. The honor was heralded by a press release from the governor's office touting the state's achievements in creating livable communities for seniors. But disappointingly, it seemed the buck stopped there: none of the more than 20 proposals outlined in Gov. Andrew Cuomo's State of the State address targeted the nearly 4 million seniors who call New York home. READ MORE

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