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Trending In The News

Healthline: Highly sensitive MRI scans revealed a potential link between dopamine and a part of the brain that may impact the future of Alzheimer’s diagnosis. READ MORE

Medical News Today: At Medical News Today, we often report on studies yielding the health benefits of drinking coffee. New research, however, now suggests that our beloved cup of joe might have a darker side, after finding that long-term caffeine intake could exacerbate symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. READ MORE

UConnToday: Dementia can be caused by a number of diseases, but the most common is Alzheimer’s, which affects 5.7 million people in the U.S. today. There’s still a stigma attached to the disease; some fear that it’s contagious, while others are ashamed to admit that a friend or family member is quietly suffering. One of the most frustrating aspects of Alzheimer’s is that scientists haven’t figured out a direct cause, nor a cure. Of course, any work toward finding a cure is incredibly important. But in the absence of one, I’ve always been struck by why, in the U.S., less attention is devoted to improving the quality of life for persons with dementia. So a few years ago, I started to look outside of the U.S. to learn about how other countries are responding to Alzheimer’s in innovative ways. I found that sports – specifically, something called “sports reminiscence therapy” – is increasingly playing a role. READ MORE

Pharmacy Times: Despite recent concerns about proton pump inhibitor (ppi) safety, the results of a recently published study found no evidence that PPI use contributes to a higher risk of dementia or Alzheimer disease in older adults. The study, published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society and funded by the Emory Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, addressed previous studies that suggested that PPI use was linked to increased risk of cognitive impairment in adults aged 75 years or older. The researchers examined whether PPI use led to this risk and whether individuals with mild cognitive impairment who took PPIs were more likely to develop dementia or Alzheimer disease. READ MORE

WLWT: Butler County Prosecutor Mike Gmoser said springtime brings out crooks who prey on the elderly, and he is on a mission to protect our community's most vulnerable citizens. Gmoser has designated April as Prosecutor's Senior Awareness Month. "The scammers use events that are of current public interest. So, the IRS scam comes out of the woodwork in April. The grandparent scam comes out during spring break, so there's a sense of legitimacy to the call," Gmoser said. The spring break scam is where a person calls an elderly person and claims their grandchild in another state or country is in trouble and needs money. Gmoser said scammers play on what's most important to our loved ones such as family and healthcare. READ MORE

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