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We have designed the shopping experience of our store to make it easier for the Alzheimer's & dementia communities to find the products they need for their patients and loved ones.

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Caregiver Tips

* Memory Sharing Activities

1. Look through old photo albums together. Point out who you see in the picture and talk about any memories associated with the photo. If your loved one doesn’t seem to recognize what’s pictured, just move on.

2. Create a scrapbook. The act of collecting saved mementos and recording written memories associated with each will not only stimulate fond memories for the person with Alzheimer’s, but it’s also a good opportunity for that person to share and record snippets of personal history for future generations while he or she still can.

3. Tell “I remember when” stories and record them on video. This is an activity all generations can enjoy doing together. You’ll have fun telling the stories and everyone, including your family member with Alzheimer’s, will be able to enjoy watching the video again and again.

4. Re-read saved letters and greeting cards. Messages full of love and well-wishes endure the test of time. They can stir up positive feelings and memories for a person with Alzheimer’s as they’re read again and again.

5. Listen to music associated with your loved one’s younger years. Music has the power to reach past the mind and touch the soul. Even if your loved one with Alzheimer’s can no longer remember details from the present or past, familiar music can have a soothing, therapeutic effect.

This Week's Blog:

My Mother's Quiet Burden Was My Father's Fading Mind> READ ON

Support Groups

Support groups are regularly scheduled, free gatherings of persons who are providing care for persons with Alzheimer's disease or a related disorder. The primary purpose of these groups is to provide education and knowledge about the disease and caregiver skills. Groups remind caregivers they are not alone, give them a chance to say what they are feeling in a supportive environment, learn new strategies and resources in the community and foster support networks.

Brooksville, FL:

May 22nd 1:00-2:00 pm


Albany, NY:

May 23rd 9:30-4:00 pm


Burlington, WI:

May 24th 11:30-1:00 pm


Stephenville, TX

May 25th 6:00 pm


Tomball, TX

May 26th 12:00-1:00 pm


Clinical Trials

Search for clinical trials and studies related to Alzheimer's, other dementias, mild cognitive impairment, and caregiving at the National Institute on Aging. DETAILS HERE

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Trending In The News

Science Daily: Researchers have measured how deposits of the pathological protein tau spread through the brain over the course of Alzheimer's disease. Their results show that the size of the deposit and the speed of its spread differ from one individual to the next, and that large amounts of tau in the brain can be linked to episodic memory impairment.


Alzheimer's News Today: The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) is receiving a $2.7 million U.S. government grant for a five-year research project on the mechanisms that underlie healthy aging and Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Catherine Kaczorowski, an assistant professor at the Bal Harbor, Maine-based research organization, will direct the work. The grant is coming from the National Institute on Aging.


Scientific American: On the heels of one failed drug trial after another, a recent study suggests people with early Alzheimer’s disease could reap modest benefits from a device that uses magnetic fields to produce small electric currents in the brain.


Horse Channel: Working with horses increases physical activity and improves emotional and mental health. Being around horses can even increase empathy and help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. These qualities make equine-assisted therapies a popular choice for veterans suffering from PTSD, at-risk kids and teenagers, and even prison inmates. These same qualities also make them well-suited to senior citizen communities.


ESPN: Joe Thomas will closely monitor his memory loss to ensure what he's feeling does not get worse while he plays for the Cleveland Browns, the Pro Bowl left tackle said late last week. "I'm just trying to be honest with myself without being an alarmist," Thomas said. Thomas admitted in an interview with Graham Bensinger that he is experiencing memory loss at the age of 32. However, he said he's not sure if what he feels is a result of playing left tackle in the NFL since 2007, or simply living life.



Unforgettable Moment~Poetry Soup

Those were my green and salad days
My friends, my toys were all my wealth.
Marbles and pebbles, my gems and pearls.
No fear of loss or bother about gains.
Trump cards valued no less than money.
School , home and uncle’s was my world.
What comes from where and goes where
None of them, I cared about, alike prince.
To run the empire of my utopia, my dad
Fought so many battles against all odds.
Unaware of all, with joy pass my days.
Till one day to pay my fees, I remember
If anything seeped into my mind ever
Like an engraved word on copper plate.
He has to sell his wedding watch
On the pulse, for the first moment in life.
My eyes were wet for someone else
Other than me, painted with the colours
Of emotion, as most memorable picture.

New Product On The Block

Item #2089

Favorite Things Patriotic Collection DVD

Our Patriotic DVD Collection was created to honor the Active Duty, Reserve and Veterans of the United States military branches. In doing so we use photo graphs of not only service members, but the uniforms, weapons, and tools used in their profession.



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Didn't know anything about this product until the day before I ordered them.. As soon as I heard about them I went in search.. Ordered and talk about fast shipping.. Very impressed.. Now I can discreetly hand one of these cards when my husband is with me.
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