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The Alzheimer's Store Mourns The Loss of Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell was an American singer and songwriter best known for the song, Rhinestone Cowboy. He died in Nashville at the age of 81 following a long battle with Alzheimer's. On having Alzheimer's: "I just take it as it comes, you know," Campbell said. "If you're going to have it handed to you, you have got to take it, anyway. So, that is the way I look at it."

Here are some facts about his life.

1. Campbell was a rare breed in the music business, with various careers as a top-level studio guitarist, chart-topping singer and hit television host. His late-career battle with Alzheimer's - he allowed a documentary crew to film on his final tour for the 2014 award-winning I'll Be Me - made him a public face for the disease, a role President Bill Clinton suggested would one day be remembered even more than his music.

2. Campbell was born in 1936 in Billstown, Arkansas, the seventh son in a sharecropping family of 12 kids. "We used to watch TV by candlelight," Campbell told Rolling Stone in 2011.

3. Campbell started playing guitar and became obsessed with jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. He dropped out of school when he was 14 and moved to Wyoming with an uncle who was a musician, playing gigs together at rural bars. He soon moved to Los Angeles and by 1962 had solidified a spot in the Wrecking Crew, a group of session pros.

4. In late 1964, Brian Wilson had a nervous breakdown on tour with the Beach Boys, and the band called on Campbell to replace him on bass and high harmonies. "I took Brian's place and that was just ... I was in heaven then – hog heaven!" Campbell remarked.

5. Campbell had his first major hit in 1967, with "By the Time I Get to Phoenix," written by Jimmy Webb, an L.A. kid with a knack for intricate ballads. "Glen's vocal power and technique was the perfect vehicle for these, in a way, very sentimental and romantic songs" Webb said.

6. In 1968, Campbell won Grammys in both the country and pop categories, including Best Country & Western Solo Vocal Performance, Male, Best Country & Western Song and Best Vocal Performance, Male.

7. In the summer of 1968, Campbell guest hosted the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. The successful appearance led to his own variety show, The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour, which he hosted from 1969 until 1972.

8. Campbell was married four times, and has five sons and three daughters. In 1981, he became a born-again Christian and in 1982 he married Kimberly Woollen, a Radio City Music Hall Rockette, who helped Campbell clean up his life after battling addictions.

9. In 2011, Campbell, then 75, revealed that he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. In June of that year, he announced he was retiring from music due to the disease. He released his final album of original music Ghost on the Canvas and embarked on a farewell tour with three of his children backing him.

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Support groups are regularly scheduled, free gatherings of persons who are providing care for persons with Alzheimer's disease or a related disorder. The primary purpose of these groups is to provide education and knowledge about the disease and caregiver skills. Groups remind caregivers they are not alone, give them a chance to say what they are feeling in a supportive environment, learn new strategies and resources in the community and foster support networks.

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Trending In The News

ABC News: On television and on stage, Glen Campbell was a superstar with boyish good looks, a flashy smile and wit, but it was his last performance on screen that exposed a more vulnerable side that touched many of his fans.


Medical News Today: A new study has suggested that it may be possible to reverse the memory loss that occurs in Alzheimer's disease with drugs that selectively block the ability of the HDAC2 enzyme to interfere with the communication between brain cells.


Medical Xpress: Antidepressant use is associated with an increased risk of head injuries and traumatic brain injuries among persons with Alzheimer's disease, according to a new study from the University of Eastern Finland. Antidepressant use has previously been linked with an increased risk of falls and hip fractures, but the risk of head injuries has not been studied before. The results were published in Alzheimer's Research & Therapy.

24/7 Wall Street: The number of people with Alzheimer’s disease, a degenerative brain disease and the most common form of dementia, will rise by at least 14% in all 50 states over the next eight years. However, the rate of increase will be higher in some states than others, according to a recent report from the Alzheimer’s Association, placing greater financial stress on health care programs and boosting the need for caregivers.

Alaska is projected to have the biggest increase in Alzheimer’s cases, from 7,100 in 2017 to 11,000 in 2015, or a 54.9% jump. Arizona, Nevada, Vermont, and Utah round out the top five with projected increases of at least 40% each. Iowa is expected to have the lowest increase, from 64,000 to 73,000, or 14.1%.


Science Daily: Researchers have discovered that defects in the transport of lysosomes within neurons promote the buildup of protein aggregates in the brains of mice with Alzheimer's disease. The study suggests that developing ways to restore lysosome transport could represent a new therapeutic approach to treating the neurodegenerative disorder.



About Glen Campbell ~ Poetry.Com

Today we lost a singing star
The voice he had was wonderful
He was a master playing guitar.
His words were wise and humble
He said before he went to rest
I have achieved all that I have wanted
And I truly have been blessed.

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