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Caregiving Tips:

Repetitive Speech or Actions

People with dementia will often repeat a word, statement, question, or activity over and over. While this type of behavior is usually harmless for the person with dementia, it can be annoying and stressful to caregivers. Sometimes the behavior is triggered by anxiety, boredom, fear, or environmental factors.

1. Provide plenty of reassurance and comfort, both in words and in touch.

2. Try distracting with a snack or activity.

3. Avoid reminding them that they just asked the same question. Try ignoring the behavior or question, and instead try refocusing the person into an activity such as singing or “helping” you with a chore.

4. Don’t discuss plans with a confused person until immediately prior to an event.

5. You may want to try placing a sign on the kitchen table, such as, “Dinner is at 6:30” or “Lois comes home at 5:00” to remove anxiety and uncertainty about anticipated events.

6. Learn to recognize certain behaviors. An agitated state or pulling at clothing, for example, could indicate a need to use the bathroom.

This Week's Blog:

Living In The Shadow Of Alzheimer's > READ ON

Support Groups

Support groups are regularly scheduled, free gatherings of persons who are providing care for persons with Alzheimer's disease or a related disorder. The primary purpose of these groups is to provide education and knowledge about the disease and caregiver skills. Groups remind caregivers they are not alone, give them a chance to say what they are feeling in a supportive environment, learn new strategies and resources in the community and foster support networks.

Albany, NY:

Oct 10th 1:00-4:30 pm


The Dalles, OR:

Oct 11th 3:00-4:00 pm


Johnstown, NY:

Oct 12th 4:00-5:00 pm


Evans, GA:

Oct 13th 1:00-2:00 pm


Glens Falls, NY:

Oct 14th 10:45 am


Daphne, AL:

Oct 25th 5:30 pm


Clinical Trials

Search for clinical trials and studies related to Alzheimer's, other dementias, mild cognitive impairment, and caregiving at the National Institute on Aging. DETAILS HERE

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Trending In The News

CNBC: A top Wall Street firm is recommending that investors buy Biogen because of a promising pipeline of drugs it is developing to treat Alzheimer's disease. Biogen shares rose 4 percent shortly after Thursday's market open. Morgan Stanley raised its rating for Biogen shares to overweight from equal-weight, citing the potential of the company's upcoming therapies.


Forbes: If the brain is missing neurotransmitters, it makes a lot of sense to replace them! In fact, the first therapies for Alzheimer’s disease, and the ones that we have now, try to do exactly that: re-balance neurotransmitter signaling in the brain (specifically Acetylcholine and Glutamate).


NPR: Fresh evidence that the body's immune system interacts directly with the brain could lead to a new understanding of diseases from multiple sclerosis to Alzheimer's.


Alzheimer's News Today: For the majority of people living with Alzheimer’s disease, the condition tends to progress slowly over a number of years. However, for some, the disease may progress much more quickly. There are factors and complications that may cause a sudden decline in an Alzheimer’s patient but these can often be overcome if treated quickly and the person will then revert back to a slower progression of the disease.


Reuters Health: More than half of elderly patients with dementia are prescribed at least one potentially inappropriate medication, a recent study from eight European countries suggests. Some medicines are not typically given to older patients because the potential side effects outweigh their clinical benefit and because there are often safer or more effective alternatives available.



Columbus~The Holiday Spot

An Italian boy that like to play
In Genoa about the ships all day,
With curly head and dark, dark eyes,
That gazed at earth in child surprise;
And dreamed of distant stranger skies.

He watched the ships that came crowding in
With cargo of riches; he loved the din
Of the glad rush out and the spreading sails
And the echo of far-off windy gales.

He studied the books of the olden day;
He studied but knew far more than they;
He talked to the learned men of the school --
So wise he was they thought him a fool,
A fool with the dark, dark dreamful eyes,
A child he was -- grown wonder-wise.

Youth and dreams are over, past
And out, far out he is sailing fast
Toward the seas he dreamed; -- strange lands arise
The world is made rich by his great emprise --
And the wisest know he was more than wise.

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I love this Weighted Teddy Bear! I named her Claire Bear. The weight of her is incredible, she feels so lifelike, unlike a regular teddy bear that just feels like air. She is very squeezable. Even though Claire Bear has been in and out of the freezer for cold therapy, she LOOKS brand new still!
(item #0602)

Customer: L. Brett