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Groundbreaking Memory Collection Therapy
Reawakens lost memories

Preview a 30 second clip of the video HERE....
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Missing Links Project - Streaming Video

Relive the decade of the 1960s from TV, Movies and National Stories in this 10 minute interactive video. Preview a 30 second clip of the video HERE...

After you place your order, you will receive an email with your unique access code to view the full 10 minute video of the decade of the 60s. You will also receive the complete User Guide. Take a look at a page from the User Guide HERE or view below.

About Missing Links:
Using a unique multimedia process designed to actively engage both the caregiver and patient, the Missing Links Project series of specialty links creates an interactive atmosphere that allows for memory recollection. This is achieved through having the patient “re-witness” major events within the selected decade.
Seeing and hearing iconic moments brought back to life, one after the other, will not only likely generate familiar thoughts, but also trigger other surrounding memories related to the initial catalyst. A special User’s Guide for each decade is also included, each specifically designed to encourage and inspire communication between the caregiver and patient that can be built on. This User’s Guide has been created and designed to print and assist you in helping someone with early stages of dementia to relive lost treasured moments and iconic memories. Every effort has been made to ensure that the triggers they realize will be positive, thus creating a more pleasant spark of recollection. It is our goal to only incorporate and present positive images, snippets, and music, thus generating a more pleasant experience. Each page represents one year, and is filled with multiple interesting topics, all prepared for you to discuss with them.
On the left-hand side of each page is a list of general information related to that specific year – sports interest, famous quotes, iconic jingles, notable events, and other newsworthy topics. These small pieces of trivia can be used to get them participating in a time-set foundation.
Along the right-hand side of each page is a list of general questions based on the links, all designed to engage the viewer. Getting the viewer to recall lost memories will lead to other areas of conversation, all important in positioning them to “resee” and relive lost flashes of entertainment and interest.
As one patient who watched one of the links replied when asked what she liked most about the Missing Links Project she had just seen - “I really liked it because it proved to me that I haven’t forgotten everything”.



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