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We are constantly adding new products to our site and so we created this page to make it easy for our return customers to easily find and review new and exciting offerings for your loved one's. We search the world for these new products that can help the caregiver as well as those with Alzheimer’s,dementia and memory loss.

Many products are suggested to us by consumers like yourself. If you have a suggestion please email it to contact@alzstore.com and we will consider it. Come back often as we are constantly adding new and exciting items to our line of products.

In addition to offering top of the line products, we offer advice on all products we carry. Just ask us at contact@alzstore.com.

SafeWander Bed Alarm for Elderly Bed Alarm for Seniors - SafeWander

Button Sensor attaches to patients' clothes and sends an alert when they sit up and exit the bed.

Price: $199.00
music-player Music Player

A preloaded MP3 Player for the elderly!

Price: $189.99
Gas Stove Fire Prevent System Gas Stove Shut Off System - Flowtech

Protects you from unattended cooking fires by automatically turning the appliance off!

Price: $279.00
musical-teddy-bear Blaney - Musical Teddy Bear

Just squeeze my “paws button” and I'll play your favorite tunes!

Price: $99.99
Playable Art Ball Fidget Toy ART Ball - A Fidget Toy

How many designs can you create?

Price: $29.95
Busy Board for Alzheimer's Patients Busy Board for Alzheimer's Patients

Have fun with laces, latches, clasps, zippers and locks!!

Price: $94.95
classic oldies songs - on flash drive Classic Oldies Songs - MP3 Playlist

Just plug in this flash drive and listen to all your beloved Oldies classics!

Price: $95.00
Whole Premise Safety System Gas Premise Safety System - Flowtech

A Carbon Monoxide & Gas Detection-Shut off system that saves lives!

Price: $410.00
artist life station Artist Life Station

The Artist Life Station offers the perfect space to create any work of art!

Price: $1,675.00
handyman life station Handyman Life Station

The Handyman Life Station offers memory care residents the opportunity to use safe, but familiar accessories in a workshop environment.

Price: $1,150.00
gardening-life station Gardening Life Station

Life skill stations encourage a sense of purpose through familiar activities.

Price: $1,150.00
fishing-life station Fishing Life Station

The Fishing Life Station offers memory care residents the opportunity to use safe, but familiar accessories in a fishing environment.

Price: $1,350.00
laundry-life station Laundry Life Station

The Laundry Life Station offers memory care residents the opportunity to experience washing and folding clothes in a safe environment.

Price: $1,350.00
Busy Board Toy for Alzheimer's Patients Busy Board Toy for Alzheimer's Patients

Guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours!!

Price: $49.99
GPS Tracking Device for Eldery - MX-LOCareâ„¢ Wandering GPS Watch - MX-LOCare™

Most affordable, convenient wearable GPS EVER!

Price: $159.99
alzheimer's pet therapy Playmate Pets

Fantastic companions - why should kids have all the fun!

Price: $139.99
day-night-clock Day and Night Clock

Never again mistake whether its day or night!

Price: $89.95
patriotic-collection-dvd Favorite Things Patriotic Collection DVD

A very special DVD to honor our US military branches..

Price: $24.99
seasons-dvd-collection Favorite Things Seasons DVD Collection

Enjoy the seasons on your TV anytime of the year!

Price: $24.99
doll-therapy-teddy-bear Weighted Teddy Bear

Pour your love into this huggable aromatherapy teddy bear!

Price: $59.95
senior-sippin'-spouts Senior Sippin' Spouts

Transforms your water bottle into a sippy cup!

Price: $14.95
adaptive-pajamas-for-men-and-women Pajamas For Men and Women

Luxurious soft cotton sleepwear for both men and women!

Price: $69.00
therapeutic-puzzles-spring-splendor Therapeutic Puzzles Spring Splendor

Enjoy this beautiful season all year long!

Price: $21.95
therapeutic-puzzles-a-day-at-the-beach Therapeutic Puzzles A Day At The Beach

Feel the healing sun on your face!

Price: $21.95
soap-on-a-rope Soap On A Rope

Easily attaches to grab bar, soap dish or shower head!

Price: $14.95