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Books For People With Dementia

Books can be an extremely useful aid for people with Alzheimer's or dementia. Picture books help people reminisce, as images are a very powerful way to access memories. They can help increase communication, whether it's with relatives, caregivers, & friends.

If used in a group or care setting, they can bring individuals with dementia together and can be used as an entertaining activity that helps combat boredom, or even depression. Some books provide background information for caregivers which this can help bridge the gap between different generations.

Formal education in any stage of life will help reduce your risk of cognitive decline and dementia. Awareness of dementia is slowly becoming more widespread, and the introduction and promotion of information has helped to assist care providers with patients.

We have a myriad of resources through our assortment of books to provide insight to Alzheimer's disease and dementia as well as to encourage visual stimulating activities to the person afflicted with the disease.

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remembering-for-both-of-us magic painting book mothballs-in-my-attic
Magic Painting Book
Price: $15.00

Touching story of a child’s first glimpse of Alzheimer’s...

An entertaining activity book! ..you will be amazed at the "magical" quality!

Mothballs in My Attic - fill-in-the-blank workbook

a-walk-in-the-garden complete-guide-to-alzheimers-proofing-your-home remember-me
Remember Me?
Price: $14.95

Deals with the topic of God and nature

The Complete Guide to Alzheimer's Proofing Your Home

Great pick for our bilingual purchasers!!

spaced-retrieval nostalgic-america-collectible-books gone-without-a-trace
Spaced Retrieval
Price: $39.95

A Therapy Technique for Improving Memory - Spaced Retrieval

A Coffee Table Must!

Based on a true story....

in-search-of-the-alzheimers-wanderer what-If- Its-not-alzheimers alzheimers-early-stages

In Search of the Alzheimers Wanderer

Offers great advice...

A great book discussing one of the most difficult times

doing-things happy-new-year-to-you forget-me-not-a-love-story
Doing Things
Price: $17.95

Provides a positive environment for people with Alzheimer's

Happy New Year to You

Not your average love story...

alzheimers-from-the-inside-out i-am-still-here wishing-on-a-star
I'm Still Here
Price: $15.95
Wishing on a Star
Price: $19.95

One of the most important books in the field of dementia ever written!

Focuses on connecting with individuals that have Alzheimer's

Wonderful to help with memory skills!

connecting-the-dots lets-look-together gentlemens-club
Connecting the Dots
Price: $18.95
Let's Look Together
Price: $28.95
Gentlemen's Club
Price: $9.95

Connecting the Dots

A pleasurable interactive book!

Gentlemen's Club

speaking-our-minds the-long-hello-the-other-side-of-alzheimers caring-for-people-with-challenging-behaviors
Speaking Our Minds
Price: $17.95

Personal reflections...

Gives comfort to those who have walked the care giving path

Caring for People with Challenging Behaviors

a-loving-voice montessori-based-activities strengthen-your-mind

A collection of 56 very special stories and poems perfectly suited for adults with dementia

Montessori Concepts Prove Learning Can Be Accomplished!

Activities to help retain memory - two volumes to choose from

almost-home tell-me-so-i-know
Almost Home
Price: $10.95
A Must Read!

A great & fun way to preserve memories....