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Late Stage Alzheimer’s Care & Safety

Caring for someone in the late stages of Alzheimer’s involves special challenges and obstacles. Communication becomes especially important, as patients seldom speak more than one to six words a day, utter words that make little sense, repeat what they have been told and respond more favorably to music, sound and other non-verbal forms of communication. These challenges, in addition to the greater dependence that these patients have on their caregivers, mean that caregivers must be well equipped if they are to provide proper care.

The Alzheimer’s Store’s senior home safety products help secure every room in your home or facility, from living quarters to bathrooms and bedrooms. From plate guards and weighted cutlery to senior bath products and magnetic locks, our severe dementia care solutions are an affordable way to protect yourself and the Alzheimer’s patient in your life. And to ease the pains of confusing communication, the Alzheimer’s Store’s language cards help patients and caregivers cross difficult barriers. If you have trouble finding the right solution for your patient or loved-one, or if you have questions about the options in our online store, feel free to call us at 1-800-752-3238

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automatic-pill-medication-dispenser-medready Automatic Pill Dispenser - MedReady

Senior safety medication dispenser - accidental double dosing virtually impossible!

Price: $159.00

easy- simple-music-player-dementia-Alzheimers-seniors-SMPL Simple Music Player

Pre-loaded MP3 music player for the elderly!

Price: $159.99

pill-box-dispenser-Med-Q-Alzheimers-dementia Electronic Pill Box Dispenser - MedQ

It's a programable pill box, organizer & dispenser all in one!

Price: $69.95

one-button-dementia-radio One Button Radio

A new innovation designed to offer an easy way to listen to your favorite radio station!

Price: $129.00

music therapy doll MP3 Player for Alzheimer's Dementia Memory Loss gifts for dementia patients Arthur - Music Therapy Teddy Bear

Just squeeze his paw and he'll play your favorite tunes!

Price: $69.99

classic oldies songs - on flash drive 125 Golden Oldies Songs - MP3 Playlist

Just plug in this flash drive and listen to all your beloved Oldies classics!

Price: $95.00

Alzheimer's Pet Therapy Robotic Dog or Cat Playmate Pets | Animated Robotic Therapy Dogs & Cats

Choose a favorite dog or cat!

Price: $109.99

reminder day clock with alarm reminders for Alzheimer's and dementia Day Clock with Reminder Assistance

Day clocks provide reassurance & independence for those with dementia!

Price: $74.95
Sale Price: $64.95
Savings: $10.00

GPS Tracker Watch by Theora Care GPS Tracker Watch for Elderly - Theora Care

Our smallest and lightest GPS tracking watch!

Price: $369.95

door alarm monitor with remote portable alarm kit for wandering Alzheimer's dementia elderly SMPL motion sensor option medical alert pendant Wander Alert Door -or- Motion Alarm Kits | SMPL

Monitor the safety of your loved one - expandable sets!

Price: $39.99

door alarm monitor with remote portable alarm kit for wandering Alzheimer's dementia elderly SMPL motion sensor option expandable add on medical alert help pendant Wander Alert Alarm | SMPL | Add-On(s)

Expandable system - w/ Add On Sensors!

Price: $19.99

easy-large button-simple-MP3-music-player-and-radio-dementia-Alzheimer's-seniors-SMPL Simple Music Player w/ One Button Radio

Radio + Loaded w/ Songs or Add Your Own!

Price: $149.99

furry fiddle twiddle hand muffs for alzheimers and dementia pet therapy Fur Fiddle Activity Hand Muff

Soft, Furry and Fun - Keeps hands busy!

Price: $49.95

Alerta wandering monitor alarm for Alzheimer's, Dementia, Autism and for elderly who wander Alerta Patch Wandering Alarm + Receiver

Help prevent wandering with a wearable patch!

Price: $169.00

easy large button simple MP3 music player for dementia Alzheimer's seniors arthritis stroke iGuerburn Simple Music Player | MP3 Music Box

Add your favorite MP3 Music or Audio Files!

Price: $169.99

twiddles-activity-muffs Twiddle Activity Muff

One of our most soothing activities for those w/ dementia!

Price: $49.95

reminder-rosie-medication-alarm-clock Reminder Rosie Voice Controlled - Medication Alarm Clock

Never forget tasks again with cutting edge voice technology!!

Price: $79.99

fiddle-twiddle-hand-muffs Fiddle Activity Hand Muffs

Give your Fiddle Muff its own unique name for a more personalized touch!

Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $45.95
Savings: $4.00

Perfect Petzzz therapy pets golden retriever Perfect Petzzz Golden Retriever

Lifelike pets that actually breathe!

Price: $49.99

Perfect Petzzz therapy pets cavalier king charles Perfect Petzzz Cavalier King Charles

Lifelike pets that actually breathe!

Price: $39.99

Perfect Petzzz therapy pets yorkie Perfect Petzzz Yorkie

Lifelike pets that actually breathe!

Price: $39.99

Perfect Petzzz therapy pets orange tabby Perfect Petzzz Orange Tabby

Lifelike pets that actually breathe!

Price: $39.99

GPS Tracker Sensor by Theora Care Quik Alert Sensor - Theora Care Add-On

Increase tracking accuracy!

Price: $49.97
simple-two-button-dementia-music-player-christian-hymns-tim-harper-easy-music-for-Alzheimers Little Church Simple Music Box Player | Christian Hymns

Includes over 1 hr of Hymns by Tim Harper!

Price: $69.99

simple-two-button-dementia-music-player-Christmas-holiday music-Tim-Harper-easy-music-for-Alzheimer's Simple Music Box Player | Christmas Cottage

Includes Sing-A-Long favorites by Tim Harper!

Price: $69.99

medical alert pendant with remote portable alarm kit for seniors and those with Alzheimer's dementia elderly SMPL medical alert pendant Simple Call Alert Pendant Kit | SMPL

Our SOS/Help Pendant is a home based emergency or help ‘call’ button!

Price: $49.99

twiddles-activity-muffs-for-alzheimers-dementia-fiddle-gadets Twiddle Activity Muff Classic

One of our most soothing activities for those w/ dementia!

Price: $49.95

Perfect Petzzz therapy pets toy poodle Perfect Petzzz Toy Poodle

Lifelike pets that actually breathe!

Price: $39.99

Ageless Innovations Joy For All Robotic Kitten for Alzheimer's and Dementia Moves and Purrs Realistic Companion Pet Kitten | Purrs and Nuzzles

Purrs and moves - perfect to cuddle with!

Price: $69.99

Alerta wandering monitor alarm for Alzheimer's, Dementia, Austim and for elderly who wander Alerta Patch Kit | Extras

Help prevent wandering with a wearable patch!

Price: $37.00
comfort cotton weighted gravity lap pad for Anxiety, Alzheimer's, Autism, PTSD, ADD, ADHD, Menopause, Restless Leg Syndrome Weighted Body & Lap Pad | Gravity Therapy

Use gravity to relieve stress and to promote sleep!

Price: $86.95

Alzheimer's Pet Therapy Puppy Dogs Life Companion Therapy Pets

Realistic and life-size companions!

Price: $39.95

fidget sensory kit for seniors with alzheimers dementia and stroke Fidget & Sensory Activity Pack

Our most-popular fidget activities in one pack!

Price: $99.95

easy and simple puzzles for adults with dementia or Alzheimer's arthritis stroke Easy Tray Puzzles | 13 Pieces

Easy to assemble puzzles with handy tray!

Price: $24.99
wall-clock-with-day-and-date Wall Clock With Day and Date

Always remember the day, date & time!

Price: $199.99

wall flip clock with day and date Wall Flip Clock w/ Day & Date | Wood Trim

Large format is easy to read!

Price: $199.99

lacing activity cards for seniors and elderly with alzheimers dementia cognitive therapy Lacing Activity Cards | Set of 6

Captivating images resonate with people facing memory loss!

Price: $29.95
confounding-door-lock-for-seniors-with-alzheimers-and-children-in-out-swing-doors-with-key Door Guardian Confounding Lock w/ Key

A clever lock to prevent wandering!

Price: $29.95

SafeWander Bed Alarm for Elderly wandering prevention for Alzheimer's safe wander gateway fall prevention Bed Alarm for Seniors - SafeWander + Gateway

Wearable sensor that alerts wandering on your mobile device!

Price: $199.00

Step2Bed Bed Hand Rail Adjustable Height Bed Step Stool with LED Light Helps Get in and Out of Bed Portable Bedroom Fall Prevention Step2Bed Bed Rail & Step Stool w/ LED Light

Rail + Step + Light = Easy to get in & out of bed!

Price: $139.00

adaptive dress shirt for men with Velcro enclosures Smart Adaptive Men's Dress Shirt

Velcro is the secret - for easy dressing!

Price: $79.00

dial-less-phone Dial-less Telephone

Eliminates anxiety to dial out...

Price: $59.95

confounding-door-lock-for-seniors Door Guardian Confounding Lock

A clever lock to prevent wandering!

Price: $27.95

fidget busy apron Fidget Apron

Sure to prompt memories and stimulate reminiscence!

Price: $79.99
activity lap pillow fiddle twiddle lap gadgets buckles for Alzheimer's and dementia Activity Pillow for Cognitive & Alzheimer's Therapy

Our Activity Pillow is a perfect sensory item to fidget with!

Price: $59.95
ambient-kittens-dvd Ambient Kittens DVD

Live-action DVD-not animation

Price: $24.95

refrigerator-latches-fridge-locks-for-alzheimers Refrigerator Latches

Used by professional child proofers!

Price: $14.95

partner-plus-message-communicator Partner Plus Communication Device

Great way to communicate!

Price: $115.50