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Alzheimer's patient with his caregiver - Browse the Alzheimer's Store for bathroom safety products - The best products for those with Alzheimer's, Dementia, Stroke, Memory Loss and for senior care

Bathroom Safety Products for Seniors

When caring for Alzheimer's patients, the bathroom poses some of the greatest injury risks. The Alzheimer's Store offers safety products for seniors and those with Alzheimer's, Dementia or severe Memory Loss. For the new caregiver, we offer learning resources, such as our Bathing Without A Battle DVD, and safety products to assist in bathing, such as rinse-free body bath, shampoo, and body wipes.

One of the biggest bathroom dangers is slip and falls. A good example is a condition called Stranger in the Mirror, which occurs when the person virtually thinks of themselves in younger years and gets startled when they see themselves in the bathroom mirror. When they quickly turn around, they are more likely to fall. For bathroom safety, we recommend removing all mirrors in the room or at least covering them up. Some caregivers go to the extent of removing the cabinet and replacing it with one of our lockable memory boxes. This can easily accommodate all the supplies of a typical medicine cabinet but has no mirror.

There are also great options to assist your loved one, such as our Anti-Scalding Devices, Bathing Capes, and our Shampoo in a Cap. Our anti-scalding devices are not only a great resource to keep the individual from harming themselves, but is also great for the caregiver when regulating temperature. It is very important to check the temperature EVERY time the water is being used because although the temperature can be regulated, how it feels at that time to the patient can change momentarily

Bathroom safety products can decrease the need for supervision, leaving your loved-one with more self confidence and respect for themselves.

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child-senior-proof-cabinet-locks-Tot Lock- Rev-A-Lock Invisible Cabinet Locks w/ Key

Senior safety feature for keeping the cabinets locked!

Price: $19.95

anti-scald-devices Anti Scald Device

Anti-scalding in bathroom for senior safety!

Price: $74.99

mouth-care-without-a-battle-dvd Mouth Care Without A Battle Training Video

Oral hygiene is of the utmost importance!

Price: $39.95

automatic-faucet-control Automatic Faucet Control

Turning the water on and off has never been easier!

Price: $19.95

no-rinse-body-bath Rinse-Free Bath Concentrate

Make bathing a stress-free experience!

Price: $2.95

rinse free shampoo Rinse-Free Shampoo

It's a great feeling when your hair is clean!

Price: $2.95

bath-cape Deluxe Bath Cape

Look forward to this cozy cape after your bath!

Price: $44.95

adult-diaper-pail-model-M330DA Adult Diaper Disposal Pail - Akord

The Adult Diaper Disposable Pail is a terrific way of storing and eliminating soiled adult briefs and rinsed cloths.

Price: $89.95

adult-diaper-pail-model-M330DA Adult Diaper Disposal Pail Refills - Akord

Never be without a refill for your Adult Diaper Pail!

Price: $24.95

one-moment-please-notes One Moment Please Post-It Notes

Great to carry with you!

Price: $10.00

shampoo-in-a-cap Shampoo In A Cap-Set of 4

Love this product! Clean hair makes everyone feel good...

Price: $16.95

bathing-without-a-battle-dvd Bathing Without a Battle (DVD)

Presents an individualized, problem-solving approach to bathing & personal care of individuals with dementia!

Price: $59.95

extra-key-invisible-cabinet-lock Invisible Cabinet Lock - Extra Key

Always a good idea to have an extra key!

Price: $7.95