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Products made in the USA for Seniors w/ Alzheimer's, Dementia and Memory Loss

Proud to be Made in the USA

Supporting American based products!

At our company, we take pride in offering a range of Alzheimer's and dementia products that uphold American quality standards every step of the way. Whether it's manufactured, designed, assembled, or incorporates a majority of parts sourced from the USA, our commitment to American craftsmanship runs deep. By prioritizing local manufacturing and design, we not only ensure top-notch quality but also contribute to job creation and economic growth within our communities. When you choose our American made products, you're not only choosing reliability but also supporting a legacy of American ingenuity!

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Busy Board for Alzheimer's Patients Busy Board for Alzheimer's | Activity Board

Have fun with laces, switches, clasps, zippers and locks!!

Price: $95.95

simple-two-button-dementia-music-player-christian-hymns-tim-harper-easy-music-for-Alzheimers Little Church Simple Music Box Player | Christian Hymns

Includes over 1 hr of Hymns by Tim Harper!

Price: $89.99

simple-two-button-dementia-music-player-Christmas-holiday music-Tim-Harper-easy-music-for-Alzheimer's Simple Music Box Player | Christmas Cottage

Includes Sing-A-Long favorites by Tim Harper!

Price: $79.99
Sale Price: $74.99
Savings: $5.00

furry fiddle twiddle hand muffs for alzheimers and dementia pet therapy Fur Fiddle Activity Hand Muff

Soft, Furry and Fun - Keeps hands busy!

Price: $45.95

simple two button dementia music player American tim harper easy music for Alzheimers MP3 Player Little Birdhouse Simple Music Box Player | American Favorites

Includes American Favorites songs by Tim Harper!

Price: $89.99

call to mind conversation game for dementia and Alzheimer's activity activities for memory loss gift Call to Mind Conversation Game for Dementia

Much more than just a game!

Price: $49.95

Cotton Weighted Sensory Blanket for Dementia Gravity Alzheimers stress sleep glass beads Sensory Weighted Blanket for Anxiety - Dementia

Pajama-Soft - Use gravity to help calm!

Price: $149.95

comfort cotton weighted gravity wrap for Anxiety, Alzheimer's, Menopause, Restless Leg Syndrome and more Weighted Wrap | Calming Sensory Therapy

Pajama-Soft - Use gravity to help calm!

Price: $88.95

comfort cotton weighted gravity lap pad for Anxiety, Alzheimer's, Autism, PTSD, ADD, ADHD, Menopause, Restless Leg Syndrome Weighted Body & Lap Pad | Gravity Therapy

Use gravity to relieve stress and to promote sleep!

Price: $86.95

simple-two-button-dementia-music-player-christian-hymns-tim-harper-easy-music-for-Alzheimers Music & Memories Photo Frame | MP3 Player

Includes hours of music - or add your own!

Price: $59.99

child-senior-proof-cabinet-locks-Tot Lock- Rev-A-Lock Invisible Cabinet Locks w/ Key

Senior safety feature for keeping the cabinets locked!

Price: $19.95

Busy Board Activity for Alzheimer's Busy Board Activity for Alzheimer's | 6 Gadgets

Keeps you entertained for hours and enhances fine motor skills!!

Price: $49.99

Memory Box For Dementia Patients Hallway Room Identifier Memory Box

Never forget where your room is!

Price: $174.00

Memory Shadow Box Cue Box Room Display For Dementia Memory Cue Box

Personalize a room or doorway w/ memories!

Price: $96.00

artist life station Artist Life Station

The Artist Life Station offers the perfect space to create any work of art!

Price: $1,968.00

handyman life station Handyman Life Station

The Handyman Life Station offers memory care residents the opportunity to use safe, but familiar accessories in a workshop environment.

Price: $1,337.00

gardening-life station Gardening Life Station

Life skill stations encourage a sense of purpose through familiar activities.

Price: $1,336.00

fishing-life station Fishing Life Station

The Fishing Life Station offers memory care residents the opportunity to use safe, but familiar accessories in a fishing environment.

Price: $1,671.00
laundry-life station Laundry Life Station

The Laundry Life Station offers memory care residents the opportunity to experience washing and folding clothes in a safe environment.

Price: $1,671.00
Peel and Stick Door Mural - Vinyl and Fire-Rated Door Murals Peel & Stick - Fire-Rated | 'Bookcase'

An amazing illusion to prevent wandering!

Price: $184.95

firerated door mural bricks and vine Door Murals Peel & Stick - Fire-Rated | 'Bricks & Vine'

A perfect solution to dementia wandering!

Price: $184.95
shake-loose-a-memory-games-taste-relatives-dementia-activities Shake Loose a Memory Games

Select from 5 engaging games!

Price: $24.00

do-not-enter-sign-for-wandering Do Not Enter Signs

18" x 18" - Do Not Enter Sign

Price: $24.95
i-have-a-condition-card-dementia "I Have a Condition" Cards

"I Have a Condition Called 'Early Dementia'" Cards

Price: $16.00

alzheimer's-id-cards Please Be Patient Alzheimer's Cards

Comes in handy when you are on the go... especially in restaurants or public places!

Price: $16.00

puzzle-for-seniors-alzheimers 60 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

Designed to offer an enjoyable challenge & a positive sense of completion and achievement

Price: $24.95

extra-key-invisible-cabinet-lock Invisible Cabinet Lock - Extra Key

Always a good idea to have an extra key!

Price: $7.95

puzzle-for-seniors-easy-puzzles 36 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

Bright colors, beautiful themes & memorable subjects appeals to adult sensibilities!

Price: $24.95

adaptive pajamas for men and woman hospital gown style cotton pajamas with velcro dignity pajamas Dignity Pajamas for Men and Women

Luxurious soft cotton sleepwear for both men and women!

Price: $69.00

ID Identify COVID-19 C19ID Project Buttons and Wrist Bands for Essential Workers COVI.D. Bands & Bracelets for Caregivers & Residents

Help to keep a safe distance!

Price: $19.00


Why buy from The Alzheimer's Store?

For elderly customers, particularly veterans, the importance of choosing products made and sold in the USA goes beyond mere quality assurance. It embodies a profound sense of support for fellow Americans who have served their country. By opting for goods produced domestically, we ensure access to products designed with their specific needs in mind. These needs can be entirely different than those in other countries and of those from different eras. Moreover, purchasing American-made items directly contributes to job creation within our nation, fostering an economy that benefits our veterans and their families. Our store proudly supplies hundreds of VA Chapters across the United States with memory care products that help veterans in need. Additionally, by purchasing from The Alzheimer's Store, a family-owned business based in the USA, you further contribute to preserving American values of entrepreneurship and the need for small-business!