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Alzheimer's patient enjoying the company of her caregiver - Browse the Alzheimer's Store - The best products for those with Alzheimer's, Dementia, Stroke, Memory Loss and for senior care

Offering Care Products in Bulk for Those In Need

If you are a Hospital, Memory Care Facility, VA Chapter, Public Library or a Community Organization that caters to those with Alzheimer's, Dementia, including Veterans, and Senior Groups, ordering memory care products in bulk can be a cost-effective way to care for your residents, patrons and community. Whether you're using grants, charity contributions, or private funding, purchasing in bulk can help maximize your budget and ensure that you can help as many as possible. From sensory items to robotic pets and daily living assistance tools, there are many options available to help improve the quality-of-life for those living with cognitive decline.

The Alzheimer's Store team can assist with product selection, discount pricing, over-sized shipments, payments by PO / Check / Government Funds, Tax Exemption, Etc. We are registered with SAM.gov and are Family-Owned-Business based in the United States.

We have created a short list of our most popular items chosen by care facilities, community groups, and charitable organizations. Please email us by clicking HERE to start the conversation about how we can work together!

Robotic Dogs and Cats to Help Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients

Memory loss can cause anxiety and isolation. We recommended several products that create a diversion. Our Robotic Dogs & Cats provide both a friend and and interactive conversation piece, our Puzzles & Games help pass the time, while our Twiddle Muffs & Fiddle Objects helps to keep hands warm, active and moving!

Alzheimer's Wandering Prevention w/ Door Alarms and Motion Detectors for Dementia

Patients who may have been re-homed or those aging in place with a caregiver can become confused. This can create anxiety in both the patient and the family. Make sure loved-ones are monitored using our GPS Tracking Watch w/ Locking Clasp, our Simple Door & Motion Alarms to protect exits and cabinets, plus our Confounding Door Locks which provide an additional barrier between someone who is wandering and a dangerous room or basement stair!

Music Therapy and Simple Music Players and Radios for Seniors and Alzheimer's

During complicated changes in life, staying connected with the past will help bring comfort to their day. Help the people you care for stay humming with simplified music players such as our One Button Radio that with the touch of a button brings back memories with the songs of their formative years. Simple Music Players are great for those with physical limitations as the music is turned on/off by lifting the lid - and all of our music players have Headphone ports to listen without disturbing others!

Medication dispenser with alarm to remind those with memory loss to take their pills, plus clocks for Seniors

Daily routines help prevent mistakes and accidents. Help prevent double-dosing with our Automatic Medication and Pill Dispensers that can also be monitored remotely, help remind elderly to drink water, to wake up or just speak the time of day with our Large Display Day Clocks, or set an alarm, to remember when to take important medications or doctors visits in your own-voice, using our Reminder Rosie Talking Alarm Clock!

Learn About Becoming a Caregiver for those w/ Alzheimer's and Dementia


Being a Caregiver to someone with Memory Loss is a full time job. There are simple tips & tricks developed by professionals that have been proven to help. These resources are perfect to check out from a public library or used in caregiver training. Learn more about Alzheimer's Proofing Your Home, Creating Moments of Joy between you and your loved-one, making the bath safer and easier with Bathing Without a Battle plus learn from the dementia expert, Teepa Snow about In-Home care and How to Fill the Day with Meaning!

Memory Care, Hospital, Senior Nursing Home Furniture and Activity Stations for those w/ Alzheimer's and Dementia


The Alzheimer's Store has been supplying Memory Care Facilities, Hospitals, and Nursing Homes with furniture to help create a welcoming environment for over 10 years. We would like to work with you, your staff and your designers to bring our specialized products to your residents. Whether it is a remodel or a newly built facility, we have Life Stations that can be rolled around for activity time and Memory Boxes that can line your halls to help seniors showcase tokens about their life and to help them find their room. Our care facility furniture is Made in the USA and is built to last!