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Adaptive Clothing for Seniors - Women and Men

In the early stages of their disease, Alzheimer’s and dementia patients often lose the ability to comfortably and safely dress themselves. Even with the help of a caregiver, getting dressed can cause frustration for both the patient and their loved ones. The Alzheimer’s Store is proud to offer a wide variety of Alzheimer’s adaptive clothing that takes the stress out of getting dressed and disrobing, making the entire process safer and more comfortable for everyone involved.

Our senior adaptive wear is made with easy-to-use fasteners and Velcro tabs Adaptive Clothing Shawlinstead of laces and buttons, and is designed with the patient’s dignity in mind. We are also careful to choose warm, comfortable material to help make patients relaxed and content. From our deluxe bath cape to our physical therapy Reboundwear, each piece of adaptive clothing is an opportunity to make the patient feel comfortable. We also offer aprons and senior clothing protectors to safeguard your patient’s favorite clothes from inevitable spills and snags. If you have any questions about the best options for the patient or loved one in your life, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-752-3238.

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Physical Therapy Pants for Men Occupational Therapy Clothing Reboundwear Occupational & Physical Therapy Pants for Men - Reboundwear

The PT & OT Men's Pants have side seam zippers to allow
the pant legs to be zipped open, providing easy access to waist, hips, and upper and lower legs!

Price: $95.95
Physical Therapy Pants for Women - Reboundwear Physical Therapy Pants for Women - Reboundwear

Our PT Women's Pants allows easy access to waist, hips, and upper and lower legs!

Price: $95.95
physical-occupational-therapy-clothing-t-shirts-for-men Occupational & Physical Therapy T-Shirt - Men

The PT & OT Men's Knit Jersey T-Shirt allows easy access to every part of the torso, neck and shoulders!

Price: $85.95
bath-cape Deluxe Bath Cape

Look forward to this cozy cape after your bath!

Price: $44.95

wrap-with-pockets Wrap With Pockets

A very comfortable choice of wrap!

Price: $78.95
cape-with-pockets Cape with Pockets

Keep hands warm with these oversized pockets!

Price: $68.95
shoulder-shawl Shoulder Shawl

Perfect way to keep warm & fashionable too!

Price: $48.95

Physical Therapy Jacket for Women Occupational Clothing Occupational & Physical Therapy Jacket - Women

The Pro PT & OT Women's Jacket allows easy access to every part of the torso, neck and shoulders!

Price: $98.95
adaptive pajamas for men and woman hospital gown style cotton pajamas with velcro Pajamas For Men and Women

Luxurious soft cotton sleepwear for both men and women!

Price: $69.00
bibs for adults Bibs for Adult - Reversible

Great in the car and a must have for messy projects - waterproof, stylish and reversible!

Price: $19.95