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Best Gift Ideas for Seniors w/ Alzheimer's, Dementia and Memory Loss

Find the Best Gifts for Seniors

Looking for the best gift to give a loved-one with Alzheimer's, Dementia, Memory Loss, Stroke, Arthritis, limited eyesight or for those who are hard of hearing?

Many seniors can become lonely or depressed during certain days of the year including Birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas and the Holidays. The COVID-19 Pandemic has also drastically limited visitations during a stressful time. Help brighten their day with a special gift that they can find comfort in. The Alzheimer's Store offers gifts that help keep hands and minds active, seniors dancing and humming and parents and grandparents feeling included and loved.

Bring or send a gift that not only makes them smile - but one that is appropriate for their condition or limitation. This will ensure the item will be well received and help eliminate stress or confusion in the process. Our music players help simplify playing favorite songs, puzzles and games help stimulate the mind and our robotic pets help comfort and promote conversation!

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memory-picture-phone-large-photo-buttons Photo Phone w/ Hands-Free Dialing

Photos + Large Key Pad = Great for Seniors!

Price: $49.99

tv-remote-control-for-seniors-simple-SMPL-weemote Simple TV Remote for Seniors | SMPL

Great device for all those senior TV buffs!

Price: $39.99

easy- simple-music-player-dementia-Alzheimers-seniors-SMPL Simple Music Player

Pre-loaded MP3 music player for the elderly!

Price: $149.99

Playable Art Ball Fidget Toy for alzheimers and dementia Beyond 123 Playable ART Ball - Fidget Toy

How many designs can you create?

Price: $25.95

Busy Board for Alzheimer's Patients Busy Board for Alzheimer's | Activity Board

Have fun with laces, switches, clasps, zippers and locks!!

Price: $95.95

Alzheimer's Pet Therapy Robotic Dog or Cat joy for all ageless innovations dementia Playmate Pets | Animated Robotic Therapy Dogs & Cats

Choose a favorite dog or cat!

Price: $124.99

reminder day clock with alarm reminders for Alzheimer's and dementia Day Clock with Reminder Assistance

Day clocks provide reassurance & independence for those with dementia!

Price: $79.95

simple-two-button-dementia-music-player-christian-hymns-tim-harper-easy-music-for-Alzheimers Little Church Simple Music Box Player | Christian Hymns

Includes over 1 hr of Hymns by Tim Harper!

Price: $89.99

easy-large button-simple-MP3-music-player-and-radio-dementia-Alzheimer's-seniors-SMPL Simple Music Player w/ One Button Radio

Radio + Loaded w/ Songs or Add Your Own!

Price: $149.99

simple-two-button-dementia-music-player-Christmas-holiday music-Tim-Harper-easy-music-for-Alzheimer's Simple Music Box Player | Christmas Cottage

Includes Sing-A-Long favorites by Tim Harper!

Price: $79.99
Sale Price: $74.99
Savings: $5.00

robin reminder day clock with alarm reminders for Alzheimer's and dementia Premium Day Clock w/ Reminders

Now available in 8", 12" and 15" screens!

Price: $99.95

furry fiddle twiddle hand muffs for alzheimers and dementia pet therapy Fur Fiddle Activity Hand Muff

Soft, Furry and Fun - Keeps hands busy!

Price: $45.95

Easy to use picture dial Verizon and AT&T compatible cell phone for elderly, seniors and those with Alzheimer's plus GPS Tracking and speakerphone video chat Senior Cell Phone w/ Picture Dialing + GPS - All Carriers

Limit incoming & outgoing calls w/ ease. Unlocked for all carriers!

Price: $349.00

Joy For All Ageless Birds Cardinal Bluebird Alzheimer's Dementia walker squawker robotic pet Walker Squawker Robotic Birds that Sing

Animotronic birds that sing & chirp!

Price: $64.99

simple two button dementia music player American tim harper easy music for Alzheimers MP3 Player Little Birdhouse Simple Music Box Player | American Favorites

Includes American Favorites songs by Tim Harper!

Price: $89.99

memory picture phone large photo buttons smpl SIMPLE Senior Alzheimer's Dementia landline with SOS alert pendant SMPL sosDIAL*6 + Emergency Alert Phone

6 Photos + Large Key Pad + sos Pendant

Price: $99.99

easy-large button-simple-MP3-music-player-and-radio-dementia-Alzheimer's-seniors-SMPL Simple Music Player w/ One Button Radio - WOOD GRAIN

Radio + Loaded w/ Songs or Add Your Own!

Price: $149.99

Smart tablet clock for seniors elderly alzheimer's dementia stroke reminders messages appointments Connected Smart Clock for Seniors

Send reminders, notes & photos remotely w/ the App!

Price: $249.00

call to mind conversation game for dementia and Alzheimer's activity activities for memory loss gift Call to Mind Conversation Game for Dementia

Much more than just a game!

Price: $49.95

twiddles-activity-muffs Twiddle Activity Muff

One of our most soothing activities for those w/ dementia!

Price: $49.95

All About Us conversation game for dementia and Alzheimer's activity activities for memory loss gift Relish 'All About Us' Board Game for Life Stories

A Game about Life and Memories!

Price: $34.99

memory-picture-phone-seniors-large-buttons Memory Picture Phone - Amplified

Large picture dial pad - Ideal for seniors w/ dementia!

Price: $49.95

MetaCat Robotic Cat Kitten for Alzheimer's Dementia PTSD Moves and Purrs MetaCat | Interactive & Robotic Pet for Seniors

Purrs and moves - perfect to cuddle with!

Price: $189.00

reminder-rosie-medication-alarm-clock ROSIE 2.0 Reminder Assistant | Voice Activated Clock

Never forget tasks again with cutting edge voice technology!

Price: $199.99

one-button-dementia-radio One Button Radio

A new innovation designed to offer an easy way to listen to your favorite radio station!

Price: $134.95

fiddle-twiddle-hand-muffs Fiddle Activity Hand Muffs

Give your Fiddle Muff its own unique name for a more personalized touch!

Price: $45.95

alzheimer's pet therapy Playmate Pets - Golden Pup

Fantastic companions - makes a great gift!

Price: $139.99
alzheimer's pet therapy Playmate Pets - Tabby Cat

Fantastic companions - makes a great gift!

Price: $124.99
Perfect Petzzz therapy pets golden chocolate black retriever Perfect Petzzz Lab Retrievers

Lifelike pets that actually breathe - Choose Golden, Black or Chocolate!

Price: $39.99

Perfect Petzzz therapy pets cavalier king charles Perfect Petzzz Cavalier King Charles

Lifelike pets that actually breathe!

Price: $39.99


Tips and Ideas for Giving Gifts to those w/ Alzheimer's...

  • Keep your loved one safe and happy, and try to minimize outbursts that can add to an already stressful time of year.
  • Make name tags for everyone to easily recognize family members. It can be a fun project for the kids; make big letters and even decorate them.
  • Stick to a set schedule, (i.e., when they get up, mealtimes, taking a nap, etc.). Change to routine can very difficult for people with Alzheimer's and dementia. Allow for “down time”, and be cognizant of “sun-downing” which can happen late in the afternoon when there is an increased likelihood of agitation. Find a quiet place for your loved one to rest, perhaps a nearby room, where family members can come one or two at a time to visit with them. Celebrate earlier in the day to reduce the risk of confusion. Consider throwing a holiday lunch instead of a dinner party.
  • Let them take part in a few of their favorite traditions. Due to attention span and cognitive issues, people in the later stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia might be happier taking part with the holiday activities of the younger kids. Watching movies, baking cookies, coloring and children’s crafts give them an opportunity to share in holiday activities without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Limit the number of presents, and think “simple”. - Your loved one is not going to be impressed by how much you spend or how many presents you give them. Consider the “age” they are at – not biological, but cognitive – and select gifts accordingly.
  • The special treats are especially tempting to those with Alzheimer’s & dementia. Watch where you put the sweets and treats! Also, be sure they stay hydrated during this time. It’s important to keep them feeling healthy, and for any/all medications to work properly.
  • Surround your loved one with music. Music is a part of the holiday tradition that can elevate their mood. If your family has a tradition of caroling, include them in it. Even those with Alzheimer’s can easily recall songs they have known for years!
  • Take pictures and videos. Years from now, you and your family will look back upon this holiday season with warm thoughts about your loved one, and happy times you shared together. It is much easier for people with Alzheimer’s disease to remember things that happened long ago rather than things that happened yesterday, so reminisce with them!

Holiday time with Alzheimer’s does not need to be stressful. In fact, some of the moments can be very special as people take time to listen and pay special attention to your loved one. Savor those moments, and know that as long as you show patience and love, you and your loved one will enjoy this holiday as much as ever!

If the person is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, relatives and friends might not notice any changes. But the person with dementia may have trouble following conversation or tend to repeat him or herself. Family can help with communication by being patient, not interrupting or correcting, and giving the person time to finish his or her thoughts.

If the person is in the middle or late stages of Alzheimer’s, there may be significant changes in cognitive abilities since the last time an out-of-town friend or relative has visited. These changes can be hard to accept. Make sure visitors understand that changes in behavior and memory are caused by the disease and not the person.