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Find the best activities for seniors and those with Alzheimer's, Memory Loss or Dementia. Games, books and gifts for Alzheimer's patients and for memory care facilities

Activities for People with Dementia

Activities for People with Dementia
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easy- simple-music-player-dementia-Alzheimers-seniors-SMPL Simple Music Player
Price: $149.99

simple-two-button-dementia-music-player-Christmas-holiday music-Tim-Harper-easy-music-for-Alzheimer's Simple Music Box Player | Christmas Cottage
Price: $79.99
Sale Price: $74.99
Savings: $5.00

twiddles-activity-muffs Twiddle Activity Muff
Price: $49.95

one-button-dementia-radio One Button Radio
Price: $134.95

wooden fiddle game for dementia Alzheimer's stroke patients and for elderly and seniors to help with dexterity and boredom helps relieve anxiety Busy Cube Fidget Toy
Price: $29.95

marble maze activity game for dementia alzheimer's stroke patients and for elderly and seniors to help with dexterity Marble Mazes for Seniors
Price: $29.99

fidget busy apron Fidget Apron w/ Muff
Price: $79.99


Benefits of Activities for People with Dementia

It's important to have thoughtful and specially designed activities for those with Dementia, Alzheimer's and others who live with similar types of memory loss. At The Alzheimer's Store we are constantly testing new stimulating activities to help your patient or loved-one remain engaged with the outside world and with each other. Be sure to look at our MUSIC THERAPY category for our music player and other music related items.

Choosing activities and entertainment that remind the user of their past interests is key. Whether your loved one enjoys coloring, puzzles, DVDs, music, or working with their hands, you can find a new way to help them celebrate their passion. The Alzheimer’s Store also carries an assortment of mind-strengthening activity books. Using brainstorming and matching games, you are helping dementia patients exercise their cognitive skills and hold onto cherished memories!

Dementia patients benefit greatly from participation in activities, especially those they enjoy. Caregivers who plan, organize, encourage and share in the senior activities gain great satisfaction from the experience. Here are some of the benefits those with dementia may experience from a successful activity.

  • Enjoy happier daily life bringing enjoyment & pleasure
  • Increase feelings of self worth, social interaction & reduce isolation
  • Enhance and maintain general health
  • Maintain memory and offer a break from the everyday caring routine
  • Enhance and maintain communication skills
  • Strengthen and maintain muscles & increase flexibility
  • Reduce nervous tension and behavior
  • Decrease wandering and increase nighttime sleep