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The Alzheimer's Store~Exclusive North American Distributor For Find Memory Care Products


Find Memory Care, in the UK and throughout Europe, has been creating and supplying facilities for over 20 years. They are perceived as the 'gold standard.' The Alzheimer's Store is proud to be Find's North American distributor and we are now introducing their products to the United States.

Find's products have been adopted by all the memory care facilities in the UK by providing dignity, relieving restlessness and creating a better standard of living; all concepts that we at the Alzheimer's Store identify with.

We would like to work with you and your designers to bring these concepts to your facilities. Whether it is a remodel as in the picture above or a newly built facility, we have concepts that can increase the independence of your residents thus economizing nursing care as well as caregiver burnout.

If you are planning to place a quantity order, please call us to further assist you at 1-800-752-3238.

Please feel free to visit Find Memory Care's website by clicking here...

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child-senior-proof-cabinet-locks Invisible Cabinet Locks w/ key

Senior safety feature for keeping the cabinets locked!

Price: $18.95

SafeWander Bed Alarm for Elderly Bed Alarm for Seniors - SafeWander + Gateway

Wearable sensor that alerts wandering on your mobile device!

Price: $199.00

twiddles-activity-muffs Twiddle Activity Muff

One of our most soothing activities for those w/ dementia!

Price: $49.95

signs-for-bathroom Signs For Bathroom Toilet~Minimum Order Requirement

Finding your way to the bathroom has never been easier!

Price: $72.00

Best Digital Reminder Tablet with Day and Date for Seniors - sending messages from caregiver smartphone Best Tablet for Seniors - DayClock

Prevent isolation & stay connected. Send photos, notes and reminders to your loved-one!

Price: $165.95

magic painting book Magic Painting Book

An entertaining activity book! ..you will be amazed at the "magical" quality!

Price: $19.95

paint with water coloring book Paint With Water Coloring Books

Fun themes to paint with water designed to nurture creativity and imagination!

Price: $34.95

artist life station Artist Life Station

The Artist Life Station offers the perfect space to create any work of art!

Price: $1,675.00

handyman life station Handyman Life Station

The Handyman Life Station offers memory care residents the opportunity to use safe, but familiar accessories in a workshop environment.

Price: $1,150.00
gardening-life station Gardening Life Station

Life skill stations encourage a sense of purpose through familiar activities.

Price: $1,150.00

fishing-life station Fishing Life Station

The Fishing Life Station offers memory care residents the opportunity to use safe, but familiar accessories in a fishing environment.

Price: $1,350.00
laundry-life station Laundry Life Station

The Laundry Life Station offers memory care residents the opportunity to experience washing and folding clothes in a safe environment.

Price: $1,350.00
paint with water duo Paint With Water Duo

See colors magically appear!

Price: $27.95
christmas-magic painting book Christmas Magic Painting Book

The perfect activity book for Christmas Day!

Price: $19.95
paint with water bundle Paint With Water-2 Pack

See colors magically appear!

Price: $27.95
calendar-day-clock 2-in-1 Calendar and Day Clock

Our calendar day clock provides reassurance & independence for those with dementia!

Price: $89.95

dry erase coloring book Dry Erase Coloring Book

Great feature that includes the finished product on the page!

Price: $34.95
reminder day clock with alarm reminders for Alzheimer's and dementia Day Clock with Reminder Assistance

Day clocks provide reassurance & independence for those with dementia!

Price: $74.95
snow-queen-magic painting book Snow Queen Magic Painting Book

Journey to a magical land...

Price: $19.95
reminder-rosie-medication-alarm-clock Reminder Rosie Voice Controlled - Medication Alarm Clock

Never forget tasks again with cutting edge voice technology!!

Price: $99.95
Sale Price: $79.95
Savings: $20.00

fiddle-hand-muffs Fiddle Hand Muffs

Give your Fiddle Muff its own unique name for a more personalized touch!

Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $39.95
Savings: $10.00

Perfect Petzzz therapy pets golden retriever Perfect Petzzz Golden Retriever

Lifelike pets that actually breathe!

Price: $39.99

Perfect Petzzz therapy pets cavalier king charles Perfect Petzzz Cavalier King Charles

Lifelike pets that actually breathe!

Price: $39.99

Perfect Petzzz therapy pets yorkie Perfect Petzzz Yorkie

Lifelike pets that actually breathe!

Price: $39.99
Perfect Petzzz therapy pets orange tabby Perfect Petzzz Orange Tabby

Lifelike pets that actually breathe!

Price: $39.99

Memory Box For Dementia Patients Memory Box

Never forget where your room is!

Price: $183.50

Memory Shadow Box Cue Box Display For Dementia Memory Cue Box

Personalize a room or doorway w/ memories!

Price: $99.00
wall-clock-with-day-and-date Wall Clock With Day and Date

Always remember the day, date & time!

Price: $199.99

wall flip clock with day and date Wall Flip Clock w/ Day & Date | Wood Trim

Large format is easy to read!

Price: $199.99
activity-lap-pillow Activity Pillow

Our Activity Pillow is suggested for dementia patients who fidget

Price: $75.95

fidget busy apron Fidget Apron

Sure to prompt memories and stimulate reminiscence!

Price: $79.99
partner-plus-message-communicator Partner Plus Communication Device

Great way to communicate!

Price: $115.50

essential oils - smell and memory kit Scent Memory Kit for Dementia | Premier Edition

Using scent to help jog memories!

Price: $79.95
essential oils smell and memory kit Scent Memory Kit for Dementia | Second Edition

Recall a moment in time through the sense of smell!

Price: $79.95
pad-with-wireless-remote-alarm-for-beds-and-chairs Wireless Remote Alarm Pad For Bed and Chair

Alarm sounds when getting up.. a great safety feature!

Price: $189.95

desktop-clock-with-day-and-date Desk Clock With Day and Date

A great comfort with this desktop large clock...

Price: $119.99

Peel and Stick Door Mural - Vinyl and Fire-Rated Vinyl Door Murals Peel and Stick - Fire-Rated | Bookcase

An amazing illusion to prevent wandering!

Price: $184.95

firerated-door-mural-american-icon Fire-Rated Door Mural American Icon

A perfect solution to dementia wandering!

Price: $184.95

firerated door mural bricks and vine Vinyl Door Mural 'Bricks & Vine'

A perfect solution to dementia wandering!

Price: $184.95
alzheimer's pet therapy robotic dog cat Playmate Pets

Fantastic companions - why should kids have all the fun!

Price: $139.99
legacy activity system Legacy Activity System

An adaptive entertainment and activity system where games and activities can be used to improve quality of life

Price: $169.95
Portable Adjustable Bed Recliner for Seniors Portable Adjustable Bed Recliner for Seniors

Motorized - Make any bed or sofa into an adjustable recliner!

Price: $599.00
day-night-clock Day and Night Clock

Never again mistake whether its day or night!

Price: $89.95

safety-glassware Safety Glassware

You can still enjoy a relaxing glass of wine!

Price: $10.00

dinnerware-for-seniors Dinnerware

Dinnerware with a ceramic look & feel that won't break!

Price: $7.50

the-alzheimers-dialogs The Alzheimer's Dialogs

Listen at home or pop in the car... a great resource!

Price: $39.95
activity-apron Activity Apron

Dementia activity to keep occupied

Price: $55.50
wireless-remote-alarm-replacement-pads Replacement Pads For Mat With Wireless Remote Alarm

Never be without a pad when monitoring a patient!

Price: $67.50
alarm-mat-for-floor Floor Mat With Alarm

Alarm alerts caregiver when patient makes contact with the floor mat avoiding potentially serious injury due to falls or wandering!

Price: $199.95
patriotic-collection-dvd Favorite Things Patriotic Collection DVD

A very special DVD to honor our US military branches..

Price: $29.95
seasons-dvd-collection Favorite Things Seasons DVD Collection

Enjoy the seasons on your TV anytime of the year!

Price: $29.95
chair-exercise-dvds Chair Exercise DVDs

Combination of safe exercise with the uplifting entertainment of dance!

Price: $35.95

Massage Pillow Zebra Pattern Massage Pillow

Pillows work great on sore tired muscles; neck, shoulders, feet, legs, or your back!

Price: $39.95

pain-assessment-chart Pain Assessment Chart

Perfect way to communicate discomfort & the source of the pain...

Price: $87.00
dual-message-communicator Partner Plus Communication Device Double

Great way to communicate!

Price: $188.50
tech-plus-8-message-communicator Tech Plus 8

Great way to communicate!

Price: $685.00
dementia-caregivers-guide Dementia Caregivers Guide

Positive approach & unique techniques for individuals with advancing dementia...

Price: $32.95

extra-key-invisible-cabinet-lock Invisible Cabinet Lock - Extra Key

Always a good idea to have an extra key!

Price: $7.95
calendar-clock-for-seniors Illuminated Calendar Clock

A perfect tool to alleviate sundowning!

Price: $75.00

lighted-tabletop Table Top Illuminator

Doubles as a lighted table top & nightlight!

Price: $129.99