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Adaptive Dinnerware for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

dinnerware for seniorsThe growing Alzheimer's epidemic is one of the most heartbreaking and complex trends in medical history. For ill patients and affected family members, well-designed Alzheimer's products fill crucial needs. At their best, these products can make daily life simpler for people facing the challenges of Alzheimer's; with the right aids, people with Alzheimer's can experience remarkable independence and self-sufficiency. By reducing accidents and spills, Alzheimer’s dinnerware clears the way for more effective, understanding patient care.

By using the best available adaptive dinnerware, caretakers can leave their diverse wards with the human dignity people need and deserve, and well-chosen dinnerware is particularly useful for limiting the stress of aging and infirmity. When optimized for solidity and safety, goblets and plates are perfectly safe for people dealing with chronic age-related ailments. Bibs for seniors minimize the amount of damage caused by the occasional spill. Plate guards provide further protection for quieter, less complicated mealtimes.

These products offered here are of the highest possible quality. Exemplifying our commitment to helping Alzheimer's sufferers and families, we only have time for products with unquestionably high value. These are the products that are helping society defeat Alzheimer's--one day at a time.

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stove-fire-prevention-gas-electric Stove Fire Prevention by FireAvert

This fire safety device is a must for every home in the US!

Price: $149.99

refrigerator-latches Refrigerator Latches

Used by professional child proofers!

Price: $14.95

safety-glassware Safety Glassware

You can still enjoy a relaxing glass of wine!

Price: $5.00

dinnerware-for-seniors Dinnerware

Dinnerware with a ceramic look & feel that won't break!

Price: $7.50

automatic-oven-control Automatic Stove/Oven Control

CookStop Stove/Oven Control

Price: $449.00

refrigerator-lock Refrigerator Lock For Adults - With Padlock

Refrigerator Lock For Kitchen Safety

Price: $38.95

enhanced-dining-dvd Enhanced Dining DVD

Enhanced Dining DVD

Price: $99.95
weighted-cutlery Weighted Cutlery

Maintain your independence!

Price: $13.95
plate-guard Plate Guard for Eating

Amazing dining product!

Price: $10.95

one-direction-drinking-straws Drinking Straws~Set of 5

Great addition to drinking from a glass or mug!

Price: $14.95

Non-Slip Placemats with Table Setting Design Non-Slip Placemats - Table Setting Design

Slip resistant on both surfaces!

Price: $14.95
Sale Price: $12.95

senior-sippin'-spouts Senior Sippin' Spouts

Transforms your water bottle into a sippy cup!

Price: $9.95

Adult Bibs for Seniors Bibs for Adults - Reversible

Great in the car and a must have for messy projects - waterproof, stylish and reversible!

Price: $19.95

Adaptive Eating Utensils - Fork and Spoon Adaptive Eating Utensil Set

Utensils to Create a Better Eating Environment for Everyone!

Price: $39.95