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Simplified products, simple music players, door alarms, motion sensors, wandering prevention and alarm clocks for Alzheimer's and Dementia - Browse the Alzheimer's Store - The best products for those with Alzheimer's, Dementia, Stroke, Memory Loss and for senior care

Simplified Products to Help Seniors by SMPL

Memory loss, decreased mobility, failing eyesight, diminished hearing, limited hand coordination, confusion… we’ve all seen loved ones and family members experience these symptoms as they age or become ill. A difficulty for both the individual and a challenge for their loved ones, family members and caregivers. SMPL Technology has created simple solutions designed for common everyday problems experienced by many people who are living at home or in a care or memory facility. SMPL’s founders and inventors have collectively over 20 years of comprehensive understanding of cognitive decline plus associated caregiving challenges, allowing them to be the leader in creating solutions that help!

SMPL products are geared towards seniors and minimize age-at-home problems in our fast paced and ever evolving, technological world. Simple setup, easy to operate and truly wireless and WiFi-Free devices help caregivers and the seniors who use them by reducing everyday stress and frustration while increasing independence and safety.
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memory-picture-phone-large-photo-buttons Photo Phone w/ Hands-Free Dialing

Photos + Large Key Pad = Great for Seniors!

Price: $49.99

tv-remote-control-for-seniors-simple-SMPL-weemote Simple TV Remote for Seniors | SMPL

Great device for all those senior TV buffs!

Price: $39.99

easy- simple-music-player-dementia-Alzheimers-seniors-SMPL Simple Music Player

Pre-loaded MP3 music player for the elderly!

Price: $149.99

door alarm monitor with remote portable alarm kit for wandering Alzheimer's dementia elderly SMPL motion sensor option medical alert pendant Wander Alert Door -or- Motion Alarm Kits | SMPL

Monitor the safety of your loved one - expandable sets!

Price: $39.99

door alarm monitor with remote portable alarm kit for wandering Alzheimer's dementia elderly SMPL motion sensor option expandable add on medical alert help pendant Wander Alert Kit Add-On(s) | SMPL

Expand your SMPL Alarm Kit w/ Add On Sensors!

Price: $16.99

easy-large button-simple-MP3-music-player-and-radio-dementia-Alzheimer's-seniors-SMPL Simple Music Player w/ One Button Radio

Radio + Loaded w/ Songs or Add Your Own!

Price: $149.99

door-alarm-monitor-and-remote-plug-in-alarm-alzheimers-dementia-SMPL-SIMPLE-wall-plugin Wander Alarm: Door Monitor w/ Plug-In Alarm

Help Prevent Wandering - expandable system!

Price: $39.99

reminder-rosie-medication-alarm-clock ROSIE 2.0 Reminder Assistant | Voice Activated Clock

Never forget tasks again with cutting edge voice technology!

Price: $199.99

Music Player for seniors with arthritis memory loss Alzheimer's and dementia Simple Music Player - Green

*On Sale* For a Limited Time.

Price: $149.99
Sale Price: $139.99
Savings: $10.00

medical alert pendant with remote portable alarm kit for seniors and those with Alzheimer's dementia elderly SMPL medical alert pendant Simple Call Alert Pendant Kit | SMPL

Our SOS/Help Pendant is a home based emergency or help ‘call’ button!

Price: $39.99

memory picture phone large photo buttons smpl SIMPLE Senior Alzheimer's Dementia landline photoDIAL*3 | Memory Picture Phone

3 Photos + Large Key Pad = Great for Seniors!

Price: $39.99

The Alzheimer's Store carries a complete selection of SMPL Technology products that help seniors stay independent and safe. From photo phones with X Large buttons, Music Players that are Alzheimer's friendly to door and motion detectors that help prevent wandering, SMPL is a leader in our community. We are proud to carry the SMPL Brand - and to help caregivers and those who benefit from well made and excellently designed products!