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Books on Dementia and Alzheimer’s Plus DVDs

seniors readingBooks about dementia and Alzheimer's are very helpful when trying to grasp the many elements of this disease. Books about Alzheimer's can range from how to make your home safe to describing the different phases of the disease.

When looking for a dementia book, we recommend Caring for People with Challenging Behaviors. This is a real training guide and will help you avoid mistakes.

The Complete Guide to Alzheimer's Proofing Your Home is a resource book dealing with the safety of the home environment as well as the patient and the caregiver. Written by Mark Warner, encompassing years of research, it was the basis for creating The Alzheimer's Store. Mark uses his architectural background as well as spending time with first responders to bring the reader first hand research on every topic that a caregiver will encounter. He also includes a lot of reference resources.

Many people write books on Alzheimer's that are their personal memoir. Sharing other people's emotional hurdles can help deal with your own experiences.

A new book on explaining dementia and Alzheimer's to children is Remembering For Both Of Us. This is illustrated beautifully.

In Search of the Alzheimer's Wanderer is a guide to handling wandering. When it comes to dementia books, this is a must have resource. Coupled with some of our devices, this knowledge will help keep your loved one safe. For topics on assistance with caregiving, there are books listed for the family. One great option is Creating Moments Of Joy, as it talks about on how to create memorable moments with your loved one. In The Alzheimer's Dialogues , Sherril Bover and Nancy Graham engage in four one-on-one support group meetings that explore the fears and challenges facing families during memory loss. seniors watching dvds

Some books on dementia have been enhanced as a DVD. Bathing Without A Battle and Enhanced Dining are just two of our more popular instructional videos. Dementia DVDs are also used as a soothing element like Curious Kittens.

If you have any educational books or videos that you think others would enjoy, please email them to us at contact@alzstore.com