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5 of 5 Excellent TV Remote March 22, 2023
Reviewer: Donna Wilson from Mesa, AZ United States  
We were at a loss for an easy to use TV remote.  This remote has been so much easier for my mother.  She might call with a few questions, but not like before.  Four buttons:  2 for volume and 2 for channels.  We are so happy.

5 of 5 March 14, 2023
Reviewer: from Benton City, WA United States  
My dad loves it and I no longer have to call customer service

4 of 5 no confusion January 12, 2023
Reviewer: Leslie Kendall  
This is the best decision I ever made regarding my mom.  I would get calls from her that she couldn't turn her TV on.  She would press all the buttons and change the mode.  I would have to go there and straighten it out - weekly.  The only down fall to this remote is you cant choose a station without repeatly hitting the up and down arrows to get to the channel you want

5 of 5 We wish we bought this 3 YEARS AGO! January 2, 2023
Reviewer: Nick's Daughter (Nick is 87 yrs old) from Leominster, MA United States  
Our parents were having trouble with their tv for YEARS-always hitting the wrong buttons, changing the input, language and closed caption. They would call ALL the TIME asking us to come by and fix it. At one time I labeled their controller and painted the buttons with so that it would be easier for them- but they would still get confused.
With this new controller there are just three basic functions. On/Off, Vol UP/Down, Channel UP/Down. It is really simple to use.  The set up took me 52 minutes (I timed it!).  It was a little tricky to set up- but worth the effort! I highly recommend this controller for elderly parents.

5 of 5 December 27, 2022
Reviewer: Daniel Acheson from Madison, WI United States  

5 of 5 The products we have ordered were excellent. December 19, 2022
Reviewer: Lucia Cooke from Durham, NC United States  

5 of 5 Thumbs up December 3, 2022
Reviewer: Margaret Dube from Thunder Bay, MB Canada  
The Flipper TV Remote has only 5 visible buttons which makes it a lot easier to use than a regular TV remote. Mom is no longer asking family members to "fix her TV".  The Flipper is not complicated and much easier to use. Thumbs up

5 of 5 This remote made all the difference November 9, 2022
Reviewer: Norman Matthews from Pasadena, MD United States  
My father can now operate the TV and cable box!  Love this product.

5 of 5 Perfect TV Remote September 7, 2022
Reviewer: Donna Wilson from Mesa, AZ United States  
My mother has had such problems understanding her TV remote.  When I found this remote it worked perfectly.  She doesn't need all the buttons, just channel change and volume.  Thank you for such a wonderful product.

5 of 5 June 7, 2022
Reviewer: jeff  
Easy setup. Mom is now watching TV again.

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