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5 of 5 Love this! February 15, 2021
Reviewer: Cindi from New York  
Works just like it said it would, easy to install

5 of 5 ProDuct working as expected. February 1, 2021
Reviewer: Philip Bloomberg from Elmhurst, IL United States  
I bought an extra door sensor, in case my wife begins wandering further in our apartment.

5 of 5 January 19, 2021
Reviewer: Nancy Suhre from Oklahoma City, OK United States  
Just added the Wander Alert Alarm to the door alarms for my husband's safety. It is such a relief to not have to have my eyes on him every minute and that the alarms will alert me of possible problems. I also like the many choices of alarm sounds and that these all pair to the one monitor that I can carry with me.

5 of 5 October 2, 2020
Reviewer: Judy Holleman from Henderson, TX United States  
Will help the people who help mebto care for my husband.

5 of 5 Motion sensor September 28, 2020
Reviewer: Megan T. from Tx  
I Did not realize that I needed to pair it with the pager. So, I could not get it to work at first.  I reached out to customer service and he walked me through it and it works amazing!  Fast and easy to set up.  Fantastic customer service! Motion sensor has a wide range.  We even tried crawling past it and it still detected us.  I love it!

5 of 5 Mostly pleased with Wander Alert add-ons August 26, 2020
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
Had some trouble making the magnet strip stick to the door frame on one of the doors; otherwise, very easy installation.

5 of 5 Alert Alarm on Garage Entrance Door April 28, 2020
Reviewer: Lynn Fistek from Willoughby Hills, OH United States  
The alert monitor  was easy to install and works exactly as we hoped!

5 of 5 Magnet April 14, 2020
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Vienna, VA United States  
I have one door whose trim is a challenge to get the magnet within 1/2" of the sensor.  You might consider a hole in the magnet to allow a nail to affix it.

4 of 5 Door Alarm February 13, 2020
Reviewer: Cheryl F. from Schererville, IN United States  
These are just what we were looking for after mom starting saying she want to "go home" when she was already home. We knew that this meant she could possibly try to leave so wanted something at night to alert us. I bought extra door sensor but haven't been able to get it to work yet but still working on it.

5 of 5 very happy January 17, 2020
Reviewer: S Laurel from Steuben, ME United States  
The whole system is working great. Motion detector, 2 door alarms, call button and 2 pagers. We ended up using a baby monitor for the person who is receiving care to let the person who is "on" in the night know when help is needed. But the great thing is the call button works for the caregiver to call the other caregiver who is not "on" for the night, if they need extra help. It's a great system. We had some complication with the door alarm installation  The correct sides were not next to each other for the two parts. I'd suggest testing this before sticking them onto the door. They can be upside down, but they still have to have the correct sides facing each other. Once that was worked out, they worked great. The tape is really strong. Definitely not falling off!
The person on the phone was really helpful about the call button, which we figured out we needed later. And it shipped really fast, with regular shipping We are all so happy!

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