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5 of 5 Sleep sounder July 6, 2020
Reviewer: Inez R from Centerville , OH United States  
We had been using the typical bed alarm that goes on the bed. Got a new bed mat but it wasn't working correctly. Did a search and found SafeWander. It has made a huge impact- allowing me to to sleep and know the alarm will chime if my 94 yo Mom got up!  It did give me 2 false alarms one night but only that one night. Haven't used it as a chair alarm. I highly recommend this alarm.

5 of 5 So helpful! June 23, 2020
Reviewer: Sylvia Knight from Athens , GA United States  
Every other product that I had found didn't alarm until my 90 year old mother had already gotten off of the bed. (She had broken her hip, but tended to forget that in the weeks following surgery). This one reliably has sent an alarm To the cell phone app when she sits up.
   We put the app on Mom's cell phone ;
(Which she no longer uses) and the care-workers from a local 24/7 care team use  her cell phone to monitor if she sits up.
  Thank you for such a well designed product.

5 of 5 Great Product January 2, 2020
Reviewer: Linda from Howell, MI United States  
I bought the SafeWander for my mother who has dementia. I wanted an alert that wouldn't alarm in her room and scare her. The alarm goes to my iPhone via WiFi, when she sits up from her bed, or in her chair during the day.  It is a real blessing to me her caregiver. I highly recommend it.

4 of 5 Bed Alarm May 17, 2019
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
Works great

5 of 5 Bed alarm March 21, 2019
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from New York, NY United States  
Will also be using this alarm when I get home  
Find alarm on Rehab bed protective.

5 of 5 Works great January 23, 2019
Reviewer: Iris Zelter from Leduc, AB Canada  

5 of 5 Safe Wander July 11, 2018
Reviewer: Catherine Kerby from Chesapeake, VA United States  
This has been a life saver for me.  After my mother in law fell and broke her hip, I was terrified that she would get up in the middle of the night while I was sleeping and fall again.  I needed a product that alerted me BEFORE she got out of the bed.  Most products don't alarm until the person gets up and then it's too late.  Until I found this, I was waking up every 20-30 minutes and looking at the video monitor in her room to make sure she was still lying down.  I was so sleep deprived.  With Safe Wander, the alarm sounds on my phone (she never hears it) as soon as she sits upright. So I am able to get to get to her before her feet hit the ground.  I sleep so well now and am a better care giver.  I cannot recommend this product enough.

5 of 5 Monitor wireless July 5, 2018
Reviewer: Dylan deLadeLaubenfels from Beaverton, OR United States  
This is great.  No loud noises, I chose one  of the tunes available and it comes directly to my phone when (for me, my mom) gets up! Yay.

5 of 5 Florida Bed Alarms for Senior Kits June 6, 2018
Reviewer: Michael Daniels from Tallahassee, FL United States  
We bought the Bed Alarms for seven senior kits we stationed around Florida for our large aging in the community population.  I am hoping by is demonstrating these kits to senior centers and Area Agencies on Aging you have received orders.

5 of 5 Life Saver!! May 29, 2018
Reviewer: Debbie Gazis from Indian Head Park, IL United States  
I was using a baby monitor at night to know when my mom was getting up to use bathroom, she needs assistance. I could hear talking, snoring, rustling which kept me (and my husband) up.  But if I fell asleep soundly sometimes I wouldn't hear her until she was already out of bed and in bathroom. I was exhausted and afraid to sleep.
The Safe Wander alerts you through your phone with a bell sound as soon as my mom sits up in bed.  Now I can feel comfortable falling asleep because it has never failed to recognize her change in position.
It uses WiFi or if you're a spouse it can use Bluetooth if you're sleeping in the same room.
I had questions and called the costumer service number and they were very responsive and helpful!
It has changed my life!!

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