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4 of 5 August 11, 2020
Reviewer: Ellie Nocito from Meadowbrook, PA United States  
Pleased with product

4 of 5 Great Service August 5, 2020
Reviewer: Leta Tillitt from Eugene, OR United States  
The item wasn't quite what I needed. The alzstore responded quickly and took care of it.

5 of 5 Great Gift for Mom April 28, 2020
Reviewer: Anthony Mendes from Bridgeport, CT United States  
My mother has Alzheimer's and Dementia.
Loves taking care of people and things. This cat will give enjoyment to her every day.

5 of 5 Purrrfect for all ages April 14, 2020
Reviewer: Patricia F. from Alexandria , OH United States  
I bought the companion pet for our grandson.  He's adjusting to a new little brother and needed something to take care of himself.  The Orange Tabby did the trick.  
Can't wait to buy another one for another occasion.

5 of 5 The purrfect little companion January 2, 2020
Reviewer: TJ from Chicago, IL  
This tabby cat is convincingly lifelike and has a calming quality to its breathing. Note that once you remove the red pull tab in the bottom of the toy, engaging the battery, it will constantly breathe, there is no way to turn it off without unscrewing the battery compartment and removing the battery. Not a problem for my purposes, but it may be for others who want to turn the pet Off sometimes. The toy takes 1 D battery and battery life is said to be about 1 month. It may be a good idea to get rechargeable batteries, rather than consuming disposables every month.

The toy is rigid,  not pose-able, so it is always in the curled up sleeping position. However, our residents do not seem to mind and enjoy the companionship the toy offers. Shipping was fast and easy, even though I ordered during the holiday season.

The brand makes a wide range of these sleeping pets - I bought an orange tabby, a miniature Yorkie, and a baby collie. All adorable.

3 of 5 October 2, 2019
Reviewer: Debra Montag from SLC, UT United States  
Her new owner named her Princess Peas, She is on the small side but the realistic breathing is great.  Some purring or movement would be a little more meaningful for our mild - moderately dementia residents.

3 of 5 Great from behind September 17, 2019
Reviewer: JM Nusrallah from TX United States  
The cat is much harder then expected. Looks awesome sleeping and breathing from behind, but the face ruins it overall. Bought for my LBD mother-in-law to give her something to pet when she wants my cat that does not want her. She loves to watch it breathe and pet it, but gets very confused at the face.

5 of 5 Lifelike Cat September 9, 2019
Reviewer: Dr. M from NY United States of America  
It has brought do much comfort when our dear friend had to leave her cat in order to move into a nursing home.
Watching this automatic cat's body move what patted was a blessing for her dad heart.
We need some advice as to how to turn it off so the battery isn't running nonstop.
Also wish it would purr. Perhaps that a mod l up,:-)

4 of 5 It looked real ... July 24, 2019
Reviewer: Daphne K Massaro from Columbus , OH United States  
Our patient loved the cat!  It looked real; however, there was no on/off switch; to save on battery life. There was faint purr; I could barely hear it and my hearing was good!  But, an adult with hearing loss or hard of hearing would never be able to hear it!!! But, the cat looked real; you can see the heartbeat raise and lower!! It came with an adorable sleeping mat and brush!!! Overall;  I gave it a 4 star rating.

5 of 5 Kitten is perfect for sitting on a lap July 14, 2019
Reviewer: Marcy Rosenbaum from Miami, FL United States  
My mother in law already has the robot puppy and loves it during the day. So we added the sleeping kitten for night time. It purrs and breathes quietly and is very soothing.

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