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Works well April 17, 2019
Reviewer: William L from Venice, FL United States  
Unit is easy to put music on from pc.  My father is enjoying it.

My mom loves her music player! April 17, 2019
Reviewer: ScottH from Utah, United States  
It has been depressing to see my formerly vibrant mother retreat to her room and spend hours doing nothing. I was pleased to find the Simple Music Player for Dementia via a Google search. We bought the player and loaded more than 300 songs and readings onto the device; although, I wasn't even sure Mom would use it. We are very pleased to report that she is delighted with her music player. It's so simple that she doesn't get flustered with the technology. Mom is definitely happier now. Thank you for the Simple Music Player for Dementia.

Simple controls April 17, 2019
Reviewer: Linda M Nelson from White Bear Lake, MN United States  
The controls on this music player have proven to be very helpful.  When learning how to use it we talked about how it's similar to the old music boxes that play when you lift the lid and stop when closed.  Mom has gotten so much pleasure from not worrying about how to adjust controls - just lift the lever and you have familiar songs!

March 6, 2019
Reviewer: Signe Johnson from Jeromesville, OH United States  
My Mom has macular degeneration and this made it very difficult for her to operate a regular stereo system. She absolutely loves this music player. It is so easy for her to operate. She can now listen to her favorite songs without any trouble. Thank you for a Great product. We would highly recommend this for anyone with low vision problems.

The Simple Music Player makes a great gift! March 6, 2019
Reviewer: Terre from Lindsborg, KS United States  
My 94 yr old Mother has macular degeneration, leaving her with only peripheral vision and she has hearing aids which help with her hearing loss.  Several months ago she gave up watching TV because she could not effectively find the channels that she wanted and if she did... she could not see the picture.  The Simple Music Player is easy for her to use.  She enjoys listening to it with earphones (no hearing aids).
We are trying to focus on ways to enhance brain stimulation and this is a very enjoyable way to do that.  p.s.the walnut finish is beautiful!

One touch Radio/mp3 player March 6, 2019
Reviewer: David Hallberg from Jamestown, NY United States  
I have to say, I ordered this at the last minute and the radio came the night before my fathers birthday.  I uploaded a bunch of his favorite songs.  I am very pleased on how easy it is to use.  Sound quality is great.  Thanks so much.

Music Player March 6, 2019
Reviewer: Cayla Ervin from Fayetteville, AR United States  
This player is ideal for people who have trouble with knobs or buttons. Just lift & play. Its so easy and the sound is superb. We are using this player in a nursing home setting and it works wonderfully.

Music Player February 18, 2019
Reviewer: Priscilla Larson from Iron Mountain, MI United States  
Recreation Therapist loved the item and said that it was working for its purpose.

Great product February 11, 2019
Reviewer: scott Hunsicker from Rancho Cucamonga, CA United States  
The radio was easy to set up, easy to load new music and it sounds terrific. Very happy with our purchase!

My dad was beaming with joy February 5, 2019
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Wilmington, DE United States  
The music player is a wonderful gift for someone that has sight challenges!  My dad was beaming with joy as realizing he could easily function it and bring his favorite big band music to fill the room.   Customer service (notably with communication and shipping) was excellent .

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