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5 of 5 The 36-hour Day March 22, 2023
Reviewer: Barb Wichmann  
Very insightful and educational. Would highly recommend. A great read.

5 of 5 Life saver March 6, 2023
Reviewer: Gio Harrell from Southwest Ranches, FL United States  
Why I didn't know about this book ? I don't know. It should be referred in every Neurologist memory disorders  and Dementia in general.  It's the Bible of Dementia survival.

5 of 5 36 Hour Day Guide October 10, 2022
Reviewer: Jean from Canandaigua, NY United States  
Excellent, excellent book! A must have for everyone who is dealing with dementia. Very thorough and informative. Answers questions with knowledge and empathy. Thanks to the authors.

5 of 5 The 36-Hour Day: A Guide to Caring Book September 13, 2022
Reviewer: Jennifer Pospichal from Elkhorn, NE United States  
This book is very helpful for those of us caring with a loved one who has dementia. The authors give a detailed progression of the disease, and it is validating to know that what I have experienced is what typically occurs during the dementia journey. It is extremely hard to witness your loved one going through this process, and the authors are thorough and compassionate.  It was also helpful that they stay up to date with new editions as medical science uncovers more information about the disease.

5 of 5 Great Advice March 1, 2021
Reviewer: Patricia Cabrera from Arvada, CO United States  
This is a wonderful resource for caregivers and clients alike.  The first book I recommend for those just beginning this difficult journey.

5 of 5 36 hour day book August 31, 2020
Reviewer: Dianne Cosgrove from Crystal River, FL United States  
This is great information for understanding dementia and useful information for the caregiver