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"I Got It!" Card Game

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Product Code: 0294

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Playing Cards

I Got It card game is simple, intuitive and rewarding. It only takes a few minutes to play a hand and there is a winner every time. The more players, the more fun!

Middle Stage: To play "I Got It" each player is dealt five LARGE size playing cards, face down. Once everyone receives their cards, the instruction to turn over your cards is given and everyone gets to see their hand. The leader then draws from their JUMBO Deck and calls out one card at a time - holding it up for all to see. When a card in your hand is called, you turn it over, face down. The first player to turn over all five called cards is the winner and yells out,"I Got It!"

Middle/Late Stage: Deal only three cards to each player face up. The leader then turns over the top JUMBO card on their deck and players match only the number of the card. When a four is called (for example) and a player has a four in their hand, they turn in over, face down. As soon as anyone matches and turns over all three of their cards, they say, "I Got It!". This becomes a fast-moving, easy-to-understand, very fun game.

All LARGE and JUMBO cards are easy to see and easy to hold!


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Love it! July 5, 2018
Reviewer: Christina Hurd from Kansas City, MO United States  
What great Idea

Card Game February 6, 2017
Reviewer: Anne Vivash from Humphrey, NY United States  
Arrived on time.
Exactly as described.

So much fun! September 29, 2015
Reviewer: Chris Moser from Madison, WI United States  
Our residents love this!