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Visual Stimulation For Alzheimer's & Dementia

CDs & DVDs for people with dementia are great resources to help anyone with cognitive loss or memory impairment. They engage the individual with dementia by sparking memories through music, conversation and visual stimulation. DVDs can promote communication between caregivers and patients, help to reduce stress & promote relaxation and provide an aid to help with reminiscence therapy.

Reminiscence therapy" - using prompts, such as photos, music or familiar items from the past, to encourage the patient to talk about earlier memories and generally offered to people in their later years with mood or memory problems, or those needing help dealing with the difficulties that come along with aging.

People with dementia often have difficulty remembering what’s recently happened in their lives. This can leave them feeling confused, vulnerable and less confident. However, their memories from years ago often remain detailed and intact. This can boost their self-esteem and help them make a valuable connection between the past and the present. It can also help them resolve and make sense of an event that’s happened in their past.

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curious-kittens-dvd puppy-tales-dvd streaming-video-memory-aid-retroflix
Curious Kittens DVD
Price: $19.99
Puppy Tales DVD
Price: $19.99

Ambient Kittens DVD

A dog lovers DVD!!!

Relive the decade of the 1960s with this interactive live stream video!

creating-moments-of-joy-dvd love-to-fish-dvd there-is-a-bridge-dvd
Love To Fish DVD
Price: $30.00

A DVD with insights into Alzheimer's Disease & better ways to communicate...

If you love fishing, this DVD is for you!

There Is a Bridge DVD

the-alzheimers-dialogs be-with-me-today-dvd garden-delights-dvd
Be With Me Today
Price: $34.95
Garden Delights DVD
Price: $19.99

Listen at home or pop in the car... a great resource!

Be with me TODAY - DVD by Richard Taylor

A Gardener's Paradise all in a DVD!

echoes-from-the-past-dvd creating-moments-of-joy memory-enhanced-activities-dvd

Alzheimer's and African Americans: Echoes from the Past -- This outstanding documentary was created to help educate African American families caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's

A wonderful book showing how to create memorable moments for dementia patients...

Memory Enhanced Activities DVD

its-saturday-night-dvd family-moments-dvd enhanced-dining-dvd
Family Moments DVD
Price: $99.95
Enhanced Dining DVD
Price: $99.95

It's Saturday Night DVD

Builds bridges spanning the gap between the care provider and the person with Alzheimer's.

Enhanced Dining DVD

creating-a-safe-haven-dvd maximizing-cognitive-and-functional-abilities minimizing-disruptive-behaviors-dvd

Create an environment that enhances a sense of comfort to the person with dementia

Maximizing Cognitive and Functional Abilities DVD

DVD shows how to reduce disruptive behavior in a facility setting

enhancing-self-and-sense-of-home-dvd gentle-exercise-series-dvds chair-exercise-dvds
Chair Exercise DVDs
Price: $29.95

Find ways to make living in a facility more comforting....

Gentle Exercise DVD fitness - stay fit from the safety of an armchair!

Sit-Down Dancing - exercise and fun!

the-good-ol-days-dvds bathing-without-a-battle-dvd sunday-morning-church-dvd

Good Ol Days DVDs - images and songs of times gone by. 3 volumes.

Bathing Without a Battle CD and DVD Package

Never miss Sunday Morning Church again!
ambient-art-dvd ambient-water-dvd nature-collection-dvd
Ambient Art DVD
Price: $19.99
Ambient Water DVD
Price: $19.99

View 346 Paintings from 11 Impressionist masters in this grand DVD!

Turns your TV into a beautiful and peaceful video aquarium!

Brings comfort and positive emotions through visual aspects of nature..