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5 of 5 Glad I Purchased This For My Mom April 12, 2021
Reviewer: Romney Guillot from Baton Rouge, LA United States  
This phone has helped my mom keep in touch.  She is able to understand it and operate it.  I did have to contact customer service and they were very helpful and knowledgeable.

5 of 5 RAZ cell phone March 29, 2021
Reviewer: Donna Rae Robitaille from Wilmington, NC United States  
I'm very satisfied with the RAZ cell phone regarding, all, of its features:  the preset volume is adequate; the brightness of the face and name displays are good and the instructional guide is very helpful.  Additionally, the service agents have been accessible and respondent.

5 of 5 Simple Cell phone for Dementia/Alz March 25, 2021
Reviewer: Lynn from Minneapolis MN  
This phone has been a blessing. Being a Guardian and Conservator comes with heavy constant responsibility for another human life. I needed something my Mom can use by herself, the least confusing and user friendly.
This is much needed for CONNECTION, especially NOW.  
It runs on an app designed for people in this situation.  You choose what numbers she can call.  To make a call just tap the pictures. You can see and control it all from the portal.
I don't have to worry about unwanted phone calls. It also has GPS Awesomeness (google maps)
The Emergency button cannot be disabled.  With a history of making calls to 911 (78 in 2 days) that was a huge concern. I added the service to monitor that. She used it once and I was alerted immediately.

So far the only bad thing has been her keeping it charged but staff where she is has been helpful. What a blessing In a time when we struggle to stay connected.

4 of 5 easy to use March 15, 2021
Reviewer: Percy McChesney from Destin, FL United States  
My hand tremors sometimes hit the wrong buttons.  You can't tell who has called either

5 of 5 - March 5, 2021
Reviewer: Rebecca  
So far, the phone seems great. It was easy to set up the contacts, had it added to our ATT plan. I did have to call customer service to complete the set up, and your customer service was great, very helpful and helped get everything ready.  I am a little nervous about the 911 button, it looks like something my husband will use. I will not pay an added fee for the 911 screening service. Is there a way to turn it off?
Q: Can the 911 button be disabled?
A: No. By law in the US 911 service cannot be disabled or blocked on cell phones. The 911 button does require a long-press to use, so most people with dementia or similar conditions will be less likely to accidentally call emergency services. If your loved-one repetitively calls 911 for false or imagined emergencies, an optional Emergency Call Service is available to help screen 911 calls once the phone is activated and set up. This service has multiple plans all under $8/mo.

5 of 5 Great cell phone for low vision and hearing March 2, 2021
Reviewer: P.Nicholson from HAGERSTOWN, MD United States  
Great cell phone for low vision and hearing. I love it! Very easy to see and use with macular degeneration when you can no longer see numbers to dial.

4 of 5 February 24, 2021
Reviewer: Nori Santiago from Chicago, IL United States  
Received on time

5 of 5 Senior Cell Phone w/ Picture Dialing February 24, 2021
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Cape Carteret, NC United States  
This cell phone is perfect. For my husband. He can call his favorites without dialing by touching a photo. No robo calls and yet emergency 911 call is available at a touch. So easy!

5 of 5 Excellent phone for senior February 18, 2021
Reviewer: Melissa Cash from Shepherdsville, KY United States  
Love the phone.  Portal is easy to use and update.  The inability for the volume to be turned down is wonderful.  Dad was always turning his ringer down & the volume while you were talking.  Now, no worries.  One thing I think could be improved is if it were louder while you were talking.  My dad lost total hearing in his left ear due to a tumor and his right ear is not so great due to aging.  Other than it could be some louder while conversing, I LOVE the phone!

4 of 5 Good for dementia patient January 4, 2021
Reviewer: Deborah W. from Simpsonville, SC United States  
This is a simple and easy phone for my husband, who has dementia, to use. He has to be careful to not push the pictures when he pulls the phone out of his pocket, but he is learning.

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