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5 of 5 Great phone for my parents November 19, 2023
Reviewer: J Richard from Williamsburg, KY United States  
Both of my parents are able to call the correct person 95% of the time.  Mom's tremors created an issue once in two weeks.  This is amazing as she was miss dialing numbers multiple times during the day.   Dad had not been using the phone in a few years due to dementia he can reach everyone now.

5 of 5 Very helpful in calling loved ones November 18, 2023
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from MOUNT GILEAD, OH United States  
This phone is perfect for my father-in-law's handicap with hands. It's simple to use and the caregiver has full control with the phone.

4 of 5 Great, after a tweak November 17, 2023
Reviewer: LB from Saint Paul, MN United States  
Great! We blocked the very obvious 911 calling banner after Mom used it many times, thinking since it was red it meant "push here".  After doing this, she can use the phone as it is intended to be used. We set it to auto-answer so she doesn't have to lurch out of bed to get there fast. Great feature!

5 of 5 Awesome October 31, 2023
Reviewer: Edward Ramsey from Frederick, MD United States  
92 year old grandma is now able to make and receive calls on her own.  We tried all kinds of senior phones, this one is by far a super winner.   The way you can control it via an caretaker app is extraordinary.

5 of 5 Finally a great phone! October 27, 2023
Reviewer: Kathleen Ellefson from Hollister, CA United States  
My mother is 85 and has had a very stressful last seven years which I think has sent her into dementia. I say that because none of the other family members in the past have had it.  I've also been through four telephones that just didn't do the trick. They confused mom terribly, and when I happen to find Raz, I thought this Hass to do it. She has been using it for one week now, and is very pleased with it. I have put eight contacts into her phone and she has called, five of us so far! If I had not found this phone, then she would not have one

There were one or two things that stumped me when setting it up but once I figured it out, it went very quickly. I think grabbing and adding the photos could be tweaked a bit. Other than that it is fantastic.!!!   I'm sure it's some point. I need one and I'm glad to know it's here.! Ha ha ha!!!

4 of 5 Excellent October 23, 2023
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Warner Robins, GA United States  
So easy to use

5 of 5 raz phone October 16, 2023
Reviewer: Thomas Prybyl from Naperville, IL United States  
besides being a great and appropriate phone,  the customer service was excellent when I had a few questions.

5 of 5 Senior cell phone w/picture dialing + GPS October 12, 2023
Reviewer: Connie Fornea from Cypress, TX United States  
I purchased the phone primarily because my father has dementia. The phone is very easy for him to operate. He is so happy to have it and that he can use it easily.

5 of 5 excellent service October 11, 2023
Reviewer: Donna hODGE from Malakoff, TX United States  
easy and fast shoppingt

5 of 5 Excellent phone September 25, 2023
Reviewer: Sherri Trossbach from Rising Sun, MD United States  
I purchased the senior Raz picture phone from because my father could no longer use is iPhone.  The process of setting up his new phone using the app on my phone was simple.  He currently has 15 contacts on his his phone and I was able to find pictures of everyone either from my stored picture or photos of his friends and family on FaceBook.  He tells me everyday that he loves his phone and he is now able to call people again. I was also able to block any incoming calls except from those people on his contact list.

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