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4 of 5 Works.. December 3, 2020
Reviewer: Lisa Leftwich from Sherwood, AR United States  
This phone is great but very easy for the person using it to call 911 or any contacts without even trying. Still love the phone. Do wish the charging cord was longer and the battery would last longer. Wish it would go to sleep and all they had to do was touch it to wake it up.
Hi Lisa. The 911 button does require a long-press to use, so most people with dementia or similar conditions will be less likely to accidentally call emergency services. If your loved-one repetitively calls 911 for false or imagined emergencies, an optional Emergency Call Service is available to help screen 911 calls once the phone is activated and set up. A longer 6 foot coil cord is available from us, or longer ones are available from other retailers that carry standard phone accessories. Since the phone is designed to always be on, we suggest keeping it plugged in, similar to a land line phone - which also helps prevent it from getting misplaced. Hope these suggestions help!
The Alzheimer's Store

5 of 5 Senior Phone December 3, 2020
Reviewer: Shirley Hojinacki from LeRoy, MI United States  
I bought this phone for my sister in assisted living.  She is having great success using it.  Thank you for understanding the difficulties people face.

5 of 5 Raz Phone December 1, 2020
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Pacifica, CA United States  
Ordered Raz Phone for my father. The phone arrived promptly. The phone is simple and easy to use.

5 of 5 Simple cell phone for mom November 25, 2020
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from St Paul, MN United States  
This phone has really simplified things for my mom, which makes life better for both her and myself.

5 of 5 Daddy has never used a phone AT ALL and loves it! October 20, 2020
Reviewer: Joy Nichols from Moody, AL United States  
Daddy has never used ANY phone and he agreed to this one and us able to use it with ease.  There are 6 of us so it worked out perfectly!

5 of 5 very very good! September 21, 2020
Reviewer: David Wagner from Los Gatos, CA United States  
I called late after hours and they called back a couple times to reach me - answered my questions - fantastic customer service

5 of 5 September 21, 2020
Reviewer: Brenda DeMette from Lafayette, LA United States  

5 of 5 September 4, 2020
Reviewer: Charles Baker from Windsor, IL United States  

5 of 5 Raz Memory phone August 31, 2020
Reviewer: Brandis Purcell from Calgary, AB Canada  
I purchased the RAZ  Memory phone for my husband, who has been in care for over a year now, and who was having increasingly more difficulty using his flip phone. The Memory Phone was the exactly right thing for him. He's already getting used to it. I received very good and quick advice from Michael at the Alzheimer's Store in Virginia, USA, and also from the email support folks. I ordered the phone on a Wednesday, and it was delivered to my door on Friday of the same week! Amazing service! The only thing i can say about the RAZ memory phone that might be improved is having a case for it that would protect the face of the phone. That way, my husband could put it into his pants pocket and  it would not matter if he put his hands in his pockets too- there wouldn't be any accidental dialing. I did get a protective half- case (Just for the back), which is appreciated.

5 of 5 August 20, 2020
Reviewer: RANDALL MANN from San Diego, CA United States  
This phone is GREAT!! It is just as shown in the promo materials. You have to place your finger on the picture of the person you're calling for a few seconds so it reduces unwanted calls. screen stays lit all the time. my wife has been getting overwhelmed with phones and this one is SIMPLE. Customer service is just one person so that makes it easy - she is competent and kind.

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