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5 of 5 Alzheimers phone Is wonderful July 15, 2024
Reviewer: John Haner from Portland, OR United States  
Great phone.  Easy to program and simple to use.

5 of 5 RAZ phone June 26, 2024
Reviewer: Wes from Glorieta, NM United States  
No complaints, shipping was fast and I can't thank them enough.  This product solved a lot of problems.

5 of 5 Great concept! June 20, 2024
Reviewer: L Mayer from Hinsdale, IL United States  
This phone is exactly what we were looking for! It was very easy to set up and my questions were answered thoroughly by customer service. It literally took a few minutes! I love that I can see her incoming and outgoing calls and set the phone to not be used at night.

5 of 5 Raz Memory Phone June 19, 2024
Reviewer: Mary Stover from Berlin, MD United States  
Phone was easy to order and quick delivery. Easy to set up and support was responsive

4 of 5 SENIOR CELL PHONE w/picture dialing and GPS May 28, 2024
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Oklahoma City, OK United States  
There are so many good things about this cell phone for Seniors and those visually impaired.  Our Dad is 93 and has macular degeneration and his right hand is very shakey.  There are so many great features.  The "only" problem we've had is since he was used to a flip phone, he has had trouble not touching the glass part of the phone and making accidental calls.  We have it on touch and hold (one of the choices) on how to answer your phone and that seems to have stopped the problem.  I highly recommend you read everything about this awesome phone and see if it is what you've been looking for,  for your loved one.  I bet it will be.

5 of 5 Exactly what we hoped for May 9, 2024
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
Needed to help stop the fraud calls coming in. This RAZ phone has been a life saver. We can control all calls in and out and video chat with her. Pretty amazing little phone!

4 of 5 Senior Cell Phone May 8, 2024
Reviewer: Amy  
The phone as a device is great. The set up was very difficult. We had to go to Verizon 3 different times, get a new sim card, and were on the phone with their tech support several more times to get an existing number activated on the phone. We also were unable to add more than 4 contacts so we worked eith the Raz Mobility customer service and they had the settings wrong but changed them so we could add 30 contacts. I'm fairly certain a person with alzheimers could not manage the phone activation and set up on their own. We had our children do this for us as we are elderly.
"Hello. We care happy that you think the device is great, yet sorry to hear your frustration with Verizon about getting the SIM cards correct. Typically an existing SIM card can just be transferred into the new phone and their number and plan with automatically accept the new device. We always recommend a caregiver to set up the phone as they will have future control using the app. Younger folks are also recommended...!" - The Alzheimer's Store

5 of 5 So helpful ! April 29, 2024
Reviewer: Susan Andrews from North Ridgeville, OH United States  
I have tried many phones through out the years, but the RAZ with one page is the Best. The only thing my husband has to do is pick the picture of the person he wants to talk to and press the button. NO TEXT, NO MESSAGES, his phone was set up by me. No one else can bother him. The GPS connected to my phone is Great if I should need to find him. Thank You so much for your help!!!

4 of 5 Almost perfect for our mom! April 24, 2024
Reviewer: Christy H from Harrisburg, PA United States  
We love having this new device for her. Her frustration and ours is less. We would love the phone to have a longer ring length. She needs more time to get it. Also, the wireless charging is clunky and doesn't allow plug use conveniently. Otherwise, the phone would be a 5.

5 of 5 Excellent t phone for Seniors April 22, 2024
Reviewer: B. Seal from Clarkston, MI United States  
The phone is just as simple as advertised - pictures and sound are clear.  Max volume could be louder.  It was pretty simple to set up once I understood the order/process.  Still working out the kinks for the video calls and getting contacts (who are authorized) to be able to access the app. This phone was much easier to set up than my mom's old flip phone. I can access via website, iPad, or my iPhone which made it so easy to use a keyboard vs. hunt/peck on my phone. My mom is finally making the connection that she does not have to push any buttons when the phone rings - just answer it (she kept hanging up on us). The feature that tells her to charge the phone is great. If processing information is difficult for your senior,  this phone is worth the money.  We have not had luck with any of the charging pads off Amazon being compatible so plan on getting the Raz charging pad.

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