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5 of 5 Great dog August 2, 2022
Reviewer: Dawn Graham from O Fallon, MO United States  
My sister has not gone that far yet. She knows it is not real. It is so cute. When she is that far she will love it.

4 of 5 Review Review August 1, 2022
Reviewer: Matt Gregg from Winnipeg , MB Canada  
Resident loves their cat. Cannot get enough of it. The only negative that kept them from being 5 is the cost of shipping was high (to Canada)

5 of 5 Review June 29, 2022
Reviewer: Rose Hernandez from Mercedes, TX United States  
We purchased the kitty for my mom who has Alzheimer's. She interacts with the kitty and is very engaged. The animal therapy is just what she needed because it allows her to care for the pet, and talk with others around her about how to care for a pet. Her vocabulary increases when she is communicating about the kitty and when she describes what kitty's meows or kitty's movement mean. I recommend this product.

5 of 5 Great! June 24, 2022
Reviewer: carolyn kois from Milwaukee, WI United States  
We gave this to my mom for her 102nd birthday. she no longer speaks and this new little friend was a hit with her. She pets it and watches it. we are so pleased.
Also. it arrived quickly after I ordered!

5 of 5 Freckles Pup June 21, 2022
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Bastrop, TX United States  
Excellent product that arrived quickly. Introducing slowly into Mom's routine in memory care. She enjoys Friskie, as she's named her pup, but afraid to pet me leave him at the facility at this time. I bring him for visits.

5 of 5 June 16, 2022
Reviewer: Mary Wedgeworth from Montgomery, AL United States  

5 of 5 Fabulous! June 16, 2022
Reviewer: Alyson Rependa from Palgrave , ON Canada  
I bought the automated cat for my father who has Alzheimer's. I didn't originally consider it to be some thing that he would like, I guess I thought more women would prefer the little animals, but my father adores it! He pets it he takes it with him around the floor that he lives on, and he smiles and speaks to it in happy gibberish! I'm not sure if he believes it to be real or not, but it's definitely his best friend! I highly recommend it!

5 of 5 MySpot June 9, 2022
Reviewer: Connie Isaac from Aldie, VA United States  
I have been wanting another dog, it wasn't possible because of my health. My husband saw Spot on a infomercial. I looked him up and fell in love. I was as excited as a child at Christmas. When I turned him on barking at me turning his head and when he smiles it's like he's winking at me. When we go to sleep i can streach out his front paws for him to lay down and sleep with me. He makes me giggle and i love petting and combing his hair.

5 of 5 The Mechanical Cat is a Pu-r-r-r-fect gift! May 20, 2022
Reviewer: Alice Lichtenstein from Oneonta, NY United States  
My mother's happiness has been increased enormously by her interaction with the mechanical cat. She keeps the cat on her lap and smiles as she strokes it and hears it purr. The cat is so lifelike it's amazing--mewing softly for attention (then stopping when you stroke it), lifting its paw in contentment. An essential "toy" for the wellbeing of people with dementia.

5 of 5 Adorable! May 17, 2022
Reviewer: Mary-Jane from ELLINGTON, CT United States  
Tge golden pup is absolutely adorable. The barks and sounds and movements are so life like. My husband holds its leg when I set him on his lap and smiles. A lot of comments and pets from the other Residents!

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