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Checkers & Checkerboard Large Vinyl Roll-Up

Price: $32.95

Product Code: 0298


Checkers Senior Style

This jumbo black and red checker board measures 20" x 20" and is vinyl, so it can be wiped down, rolled up and put away. The large 1-3/4" diameter checkers are carved wood, colors: Ivory and Dark Brown.
Checkers is a universal game, familiar to almost everyone - from 9 to 90. It’s a social and intuitive game that meets with success and failure, triumph and defeat - it just depends upon the moment, but socialization and fun, all the while. Two seniors can play, a visitor and a senior, or a child and his/her grandpa.
Checkers is a wonderful game with many benefits. Among the benefits of this checkers game is that the board is vinyl and easily washed. You can even use it as a place mat if you wish, but if anything spills on it or it sits in water, it won’t suffer in the least. This is also valuable when infection or transmission of colds, etc., are a concern – just wipe it down and set up the next game. The board is large, the pieces are oversize and the colors are the traditional and familiar red and black.



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Checkers & Checkerboard Large Vinyl Roll-Up April 11, 2017
Reviewer: Marco Nerone from Saint-Leonard, QC Canada  
I was just impressed by the immense size of the checkerboard and the checkers. I never expected the product to be that good. I am very pleased. It was worth the money.