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GPS Tracker Watch for Elderly - Theora Care
GPS Tracker Watch by Theora Care Locking Clasp for Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients Prevent Wandering
GPS tracking watch w/ free smartphone app *smartphone not included

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Theora Connect provides a complete cellular, voice and GPS locator tracking solution to let caregivers know how, when & where a loved one may need assistance.

No Contract and No Activation fee when purchased from The Alzheimer's Store.
Just $29.97 per month for monitoring... cancel at any time!
Price: $369.95

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Product Code: 0950

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Clasp Option:

A locking clasp is recommended for those w/ Alzheimer's or Dementia & for those who remove clothing and accessories

Wrist Strap Length:

Most adults and most men measure for the long wrist band size. Kids and petite women typically measure for the short wrist band size. Please measure the user's wrist and select the best size before ordering

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GPS Tracker Watch and Tracking Communication Device for Elderly


The Theora Care™ remote monitoring system provides a complete personal tracking device solution to keep caregivers and their care recipients connected, informed and communicating. Theora Connect™ combines a watch, pre-activated cell phone, two-way voice interface (no button pushing required) and a GPS personal tracker in an attractive wristwatch which provides direct communications for enhanced peace of mind for caregivers and their care recipients. Theora Connect comes with OUR Theora Link™ EXCLUSIVE FREE App for caregivers. The Theora Link smartphone app provides caregivers with notifications for location, status updates, alerts, low battery, number of steps taken, and direct communication with their care recipient.

The Theora Connect GPS watch has been specially designed for tracking the elderly living with dementia, Alzheimer’s and memory loss. Great for anyone with other forms of memory impairment such as Parkinson’s, PTSD, Autism, stroke, etc. This GPS location watch has all the attributes of a tracker, with hands-free 2-way communications and geo-fence technology to set safe zones for routine activities such as being home, or going to doctor’s offices or stores.

The Theora Connect GPS Tracker Watch by Theora Care is a lightweight, comfortable and non-clinical looking watch your care recipient will enjoy wearing. The watch displays time in either analog (with normal sweeping hands) or digital numerals to indicate the time so that as a person’s memory regresses, they can be more comfortable reading time in an analog format as they have always done. This GPS wandering device connects directly to an easy-to-use smart phone app that keeps the caregiver connected. The effective 2-way voice communication acts like a speaker on a cell phone. It can assist in providing verbal instructions or communications to the care recipient or persons near them.

Theora Connect is water resistant - easy to take off for a shower or swim; it can be splashed but should not be submerged. Theora Connect by Theora Care comes ready to use out of the box, pre-activated, with the time set to the delivery time zone. All your care recipient needs to do is put it on!

Memory Picture Cell Phone for Seniors


Create virtual safety nets through a simple drag-and-drop feature from a caregiver’s smartphone. Multiple Safe Zones can be pre-set for routine events, or created on the fly to support new location activities. Should a care recipient stray outside a Safe Zone, caregivers are notified directly, before they can wander further with this personal GPS tracking device feature.

GPS Tracking Watch for Seniors with Call Feature

Theora Link’s two-way audio feature enables caregivers to communicate with care recipients through a voice interface on the Theora Connect™ wearable. No button pushing is required by the wearer who will hear their caregiver’s familiar, reassuring voice directly through the GPS watch. Should they become confused or lost, caregivers can still reach care recipient’s via Quik Connect to assure them that help is on the way. People who wear Theora CARE Connect can stay active and independent, enjoying their usual activities, with the added reassurance of knowing they are being looked after remotely by their care partner or loved one.

GPS Tracking Watch for Seniors with Fall Detection

Theora Connect now has new, incredible and game-changing, first of its kind AI / Neural Network driven Smart Fall Detection. Highly-precise technology that not only detects impact, but also what happened before, during and after a fall. Smart Fall Detection accurately detects falls and initiates a dialogue with the wearer and will automatically call for help unless the wearer says they’re okay. The device is constantly monitoring your loved one – just like you would, recognizes both soft falls (sliding to the ground) and hard falls (trips & falls) with fewer false alerts. Our system tracks number of steps and number of falls to help understand your loved one's patterns.

GPS Tracking Watch with Locking Clasp

Specifically designed for those living with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism or other conditions that may cause the wearer to remove objects from their person such as clothing and jewelry. Many wandering events take place at night when the user may not be wearing shoes or other garments and jewelry that they are accustomed to taking off before bed. Why a Locking Clasp? For peace of mind. The locking clasp will come pre-installed on your Theora Connect GPS watch band and includes (2) Tweezer-Like Keys and instructions. Having the option of a locking clasp is a main feature that separates our Theora Care GPS watch from others on the market. This device is equipped with features and accessories that help prevent wandering - and help prevent removal of the device that can locate your loved-one quickly and safely.

GPS Tracking Watch for Seniors and Elderly

In the early stage of Memory Loss, it is important to encourage loved ones to be independent. However, wearing an Alzheimer’s bracelet, lanyard, or other clinical-looking tracking devices can be stigmatizing and is often rejected by older adults. Theora Connect™ is a purpose-built smartwatch that incorporates auto-answering calls with listed contacts, a personal GPS tracking device, and an SOS button directly to the caregiver into an attractive wearable that looks like a familiar watch. Theora Connect, paired with the Theora Link™ Smartphone App for the caregivers to view current activity, location, in addition to historical wellness data for analysis. Theora Link provides situational awareness information to detect changes in your loved one’s activity levels or behavior patterns that may require attention. Optional features include a built-in pedometer that measures daily steps and a weather app to display current conditions and receive weather alerts!

GPS Tracking Watch for Seniors with Dementia or Alzheimer's

In the middle stage, loved-ones are often physically active and want to be out-and-about. As members or our family they join us for outings, shopping and going out for dinner. Trips to the doctor, hairdresser and appointments can be required on a daily basis and supervision may be needed. With a Theora Care wearable on their wrist and a Quik Alert sensor in your pocket or purse, you can be instantly alerted via your Smartphone if they wander too far or get lost on the way back from the restroom. Allowing supervised activities is key during the middle stage of Alzheimer's and Dementia, but knowing where they are helps keep peace of mind. As the disease progresses, options such as the programmable lockdown mode prevents wearers with cognitive issues from inadvertently changing the settings.

Prevent Wandering with GPS Tracking for Seniors

In the late-stage of Alzheimer’s or dementia, Theora Care can be another set of eyes, performing as a virtual home alert system to assist caregivers in the care of their loved one. While containing the features of many personal emergency response systems, Theora Care solutions provide additional information and communication to take caregiving to a new level. Communication even includes auto-answering audio if your loved one cannot or does not answer, they can still hear your reassuring voice. With Theora Care solutions, behavioral changes can be seen more quickly, as the wellness data captured provides information caregivers need to keep alerted to important changes that may need addressing.



There is a monthly subscription required with the wearable to provide full functionality which includes GPS tracking, geofencing, hands-free calling and more! The monthly service fee is $29.97/month, add only $10/month for our optional fall detection & monitoring plan. Your service will begin as soon as your order is received and an account is set up.
Please watch the instructional Tutorial video below to fully understand the benefits of our Theora Care’s GPS Tracker & Theora Connect!

See How Theora Care Can Help Prevent Wandering!
Hear What Others Are Saying About TheoraCare!
Learn How to Use the Locking Clasp!
Learn How the Tracking Feature Works!

More Ways Theora Connect Supports Caregivers

Enhanced Peace of Mind
Enhances caregivers’ peace of mind, while keeping care recipients active and independent.

Smart Fall Detection
Falls are the leading cause of injury for adults 65+. Fast notifications can help make a difference to the health & well-being of your loved one. Theora Care recognizes both soft falls (sliding to the ground) and hard falls (trips & falls) using AI technology.

Know where your loved one is, at all times
Be able to check on them anytime, wherever they are. A great solution for care recipients who are prone to wandering or elopement.

Multiple methods of communication
Care partners can communicate via pre-activated cell phone, Quik Connect 2-way audio (no button pushing required by care recipient), while receiving status updates and alerts.

Support for multiple caregivers is included
Create a care team by keeping other trusted caregivers informed, too. Additionally, manage multiple Theora Care wearables from a single caregiver smartphone app.

Automatic low battery notification alert
Know when the Theora Connect wearable requires charging.

Scalable, Continuity of Care
Start with Theora Connect, and add additional Theora Care solutions when needed.

Superior customer support
Provided by Theora Care’s friendly and experienced personnel, who are caregiver’s, too!

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5 of 5 5 Stars July 2, 2024
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
The Theora Care alerted us to my father's behavioral changes, enabling us to intervene before it escalated into an upsetting and costly hospital stay.

3 of 5 Description needs clarifying July 2, 2024
Reviewer: Todd N from Box Elder, SD United States  
Overall satisfied.  There just aren't many products like this to choose from.  The item description needs clarification in the fall detection.  Sou is like it is included in the monthly service, but actually it is an additional $10 a month.  I added it begrudgingly, but would appreciate knowing all the charges up front.  I feel this function should be included in the $30 monthly service fee.  I would guess a lot of people would be looking for the fall detection.
"Hello. The $10 fall detection plan is mentioned in the description above. This is an optional upgrade and includes the detection and remote monitoring of the wearer in case of a fall.  This is a service upgrade and we found it best to be an option rather than increasing the cost for everyone. Hope this helps!"-The Alzheimer's Store

5 of 5 March 21, 2024
Reviewer: Patty Brandt from Wirtz, VA United States  
Fantastic support

5 of 5 Excellent January 3, 2024
Reviewer: Dempsey Lamb from Mountain Home, AR United States  
I am very pleased with both the watch and tech support. Tech has gone above and beyond in helping me set up the different features.

5 of 5 The Extra Mile December 27, 2023
Reviewer: Lynn Arthur from Ottawa, ON Canada  
I was attempting to order couple of things from the store.  I tried over a two day period without success; I assumed their system was down.  I ended up calling and speaking with ?Jodie? who was very helpful.  I ordered 2 memory game books for my Mom but was sent 3 for my difficulties.  Great service!  Thanks.

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