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Alzheimer’s Therapy Products for Comfort & Security

Alzheimer’s, memory loss, and dementia are life-changes, both for those that suffer from the disease and those that care for them. When symptoms worsen, confusion, loneliness, loss of a sense of security and frustration can greatly reduce quality of life.

The Alzheimer’s Store is proud to offer a wide range of Alzheimer’s therapy products to ease these pains and help patients live in a safer home with a secure sense of mind.

Whether you are caring for Alzheimer’s patients in a professional capacity or you are caring for a loved one at home, The Alzheimer’s Store can help you combat the hindrances of sundowning and memory loss.

Senior With Caregiver

Dementia Patient Digital Calendar Day ClockOur Digital Calendar Clock is designed for those experiencing memory loss due to Alzheimer's & dementia ..check it out HERE!
TriLoc GPS Locator for WanderingThe TRiLOC GPS Locator is the next generation of Wandering and Fall Notification and mobile Personal Emergency Response Solutions (mPERS). Wearable like a watch, TRiLOC incorporates 2G/3G/4G cellular, GPS and Bluetooth 4.0 technologies ...view it HERE!


day-monitor-alzheimers-wall-clock baby-doll-therapy medication-dispenser
Day Monitor Clock
Price: $99.99
pill-box-dispenser music-player confounding-door-lock
Music Player
Price: $199.95
reminder-rosie-voice-activated-clock tv-remote-control-for-seniors twiddles-activity-muffs
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The Alzheimer's Store is here to assist you in the care and comfort of your loved one. Our customer service team is on hand for any inquiries you may have regarding our products and features.

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"Thanks for providing these items. They are perfect for our needs and in a sense, by existing, you help us all to know that we are not alone in confronting the various challenges - large and small - presented by dementia ..thanks for that " - Customer Lee Everts

"I was blessed through research to find your truly awesome and amazing store. I thank you for what you have done for my Mother you are a Godsend. So far I have purchased the Therapy Doll, the plaid Fiddle Twiddle Muffs and now the Kitten Fiddle Twiddle Muffs and all the items are exactly what you say they are. I want to commend you for your efforts and ask God to continue to bless you to be able to help Dementia and Alzheimer's patients they way that you have." -Customer Yvonne Abdullah

"I purchased a "Someone To Love" doll for my mother-in-law who is in the later stages of Alzheimer's and says words but cannot form sentences at all. As soon as she was handed the doll, she began speaking to it in complete and logical sentences and since has been able to hold conversations with her caregivers and is improving every day!" - Customer Darolyn Black

Jane Hanson sits down with Brittany Barnet of The Alzheimer's Store to discuss products and services that relieve the caregiver of their daily stress, while making people with Alzheimer's and dementia feel safe and comfortable in their own environment by Alzheimer's-proofing the home.

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