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Alzheimer’s Therapy Products for Comfort & Security
Alzheimer’s, memory loss, and dementia are life-changes, both for those that suffer from the disease and those that care for them. When symptoms worsen, confusion, loneliness, loss of a sense of security and frustration can greatly reduce quality of life. The Alzheimer’s Store is proud to offer a wide range of Alzheimer’s therapy products to ease these pains and help patients live in a safer home with a secure sense of mind. Whether you are caring for Alzheimer’s patients in a professional capacity or you are caring for a loved one at home, The Alzheimer’s Store can help you combat the hindrances of sundowning and memory loss.

(Source: Family Guiding.Com) - In the honor of Mother Earth this month I’m dedicating this article to my mother and to all of you who have to care for a parent, spouse, or friend with dementia. I wish I had known what was ahead of me and had been educated on this awful disease that is affecting so many in society today. Read more...


Stove Reminder
Price: $99.00
Price: $13.99
Teepa Snow DVDs
Price: $39.25
Price: $19.95
Memory Box
Price: $183.50
Wishing on a Star
Price: $19.95

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