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Puzzles for the Elderly with Dementia and Alzheimer's

Puzzles for dementia patients including those in early, middle and late stage Alzheimer's provide patients with mental stimulation. Puzzles for the elderly with dementia provide comfort and potentially ease some of the symptoms of the disease. Since Alzheimer’s disease deteriorates the brain, patients need cognitive stimulation to help keep the brain engaged and active. At The Alzheimer’s Store, we sell a variety of dementia puzzles for mental stimulation so caregivers can choose one that best fits the needs of their patients based on their interest and the progression of the disease.

Those who are in the early stages of dementia or any form of memory loss may benefit from a 48-piece puzzle, while those in more advanced stages may benefit from a simple four-piece puzzle. We also sell puzzles that make sounds for additional cognitive stimulation.

Many seniors with dementia are more focused and less agitated while solving problems and overcoming obstacles on their own. Therapeutic puzzles provide patients with a sense of control. Alzheimer’s patients should have an outlet that allows them to take care of something on their own, without feeling the need for a caregiver.

At the Alzheimer's Store, we listen to activity directors as to what makes for the best puzzles for dementia patients. Finding materials that can easily be wiped clean, have precise fitting interlocking edges and that come in various sizes and themes are key. Puzzles need to be easy on the eye and show familiar scenes. Those patients with certain memory loss can still recognize religious and holiday themes as well as scenes of the season. Puzzles such as the familiar covers of The Saturday Evening Post Magazine with the artistry of Norman Rockwell are very popular along with those puzzles that make recognizable sounds when the last piece is put into place. This brings a sense of accomplishment and definite joy to the user.

We want to share these ideas with our designers to be able to create more puzzles for the elderly with dementia.

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therapeutic-puzzles-pretty-kitty puzzle-for-seniors puzzles-for-seniors
48 Piece Puzzle
Price: $15.95
Four Piece Puzzles
Price: $24.95
This kitty will bounce right into your heart!
Puzzles~Large 48 Pieces

Four Piece Puzzles

puzzles-for-dementia sound-puzzles memory-jogging-puzzles
Sound Puzzles
Price: $16.95

Great 24 piece puzzles

Simple puzzles with sound! Great to rebuild cognitive skills & stimulate memories..
memory-jogging-puzzles memory-jogging-puzzles therapeutic-puzzles-country-life
Great to rebuild cognitive skills & stimulate memories..
Great to rebuild cognitive skills & stimulate memories..
Sure to spark memories of the outdoors...
therapeutic-puzzles-new-country therapeutic-puzzles-village-center therapeutic-puzzles-relaxing-with-friends
Recall times spent in the country!
Just like being in a quaint European village!
Spend quality time together with this duo!
therapeutic-puzzles-roses-for-you therapeutic-puzzles-making-music
Give that special gal a rose!
A wonderful activity with piano playing!