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The Alzheimer's Store~Exclusive North American Distributor For Find Memory Care Products


Find Memory Care, in the UK and throughout Europe, has been creating and supplying facilities for over 20 years. They are perceived as the 'gold standard.' The Alzheimer's Store is proud to be Find's North American distributor and we are now introducing their products to the United States.

Find's products have been adopted by all the memory care facilities in the UK by providing dignity, relieving restlessness and creating a better standard of living; all concepts that we at the Alzheimer's Store identify with.

We would like to work with you and your designers to bring these concepts to your facilities. Whether it is a remodel as in the picture above or a newly built facility, we have concepts that can increase the independence of your residents thus economizing nursing care as well as caregiver burnout.

If you are planning to place a quantity order, please call us to further assist you at 1-800-752-3238.

Please feel free to visit Find Memory Care's website by clicking here...

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child-senior-proof-cabinet-locks twiddles-activity-muffs signs-for-bathroom

Senior safety feature for keeping the cabinets locked!

One of our most soothing activities.

Finding your way to the bathroom has never been easier!
memory-boxes-by-find dementia-patient-digital-calendar-day-clock magic painting book
Magic Painting Book
Price: $15.00

Dual purpose: decorative piece + eliminates wandering!

Spells out the full DAY of the week and the MONTH in large, bold letters & automatically dims at 7:00 pm!

An entertaining activity book! ..you will be amazed at the "magical" quality!

automatic stove shut off device reminder-rosie-voice-controlled-alarm-clock fiddle-hand-muffs
Fiddle Hand Muffs
Price: $49.95
Absent from the kitchen for more than 5 minutes? ..then this auto stove shut off is for you!

Never forget tasks again with cutting edge voice technology!!

Give your Fiddle Muff its own unique name for a more personalized touch!

memory-shadow-boxes Memory Box For Dementia Patients wall-clock-with-day-and-date
Memory Shadow Box
Price: $160.00
Memory Box
Price: $183.50
Wall Clock With Day and Date
Price: $199.99
Sale Price: $179.99
Savings: $20.00

Stimulates memories while displaying cherished items in a safe and familiar way!

Never forget where your room is!

Always remember the day, date & time!

activity-lap-pillow partner-plus-message-communicator pad-with-wireless-remote-alarm-for-beds-and-chairs
Activity Pillow
Price: $75.95

Our Activity Pillow is suggested for dementia patients who fidget

Great way to communicate!

Alarm sounds when getting up.. a great safety feature!

desktop-clock-with-day-and-date vinyl-door-murals firerated-door-mural-american-icon

A great comfort with this desktop large clock...

An amazing illusion to prevent wandering!

A perfect solution to dementia wandering!

day-night-clock safety-glassware dinnerware-for-seniors
Day and Night Clock
Price: $79.95
Safety Glassware
Price: $10.00
Price: $7.50

Never again mistake whether its day or night!

You can still enjoy a relaxing glass of wine!
Dinnerware with a ceramic look & feel that won't break!
the-alzheimers-dialogs activity-apron wireless-remote-alarm-replacement-pads
Activity Apron
Price: $55.50

Listen at home or pop in the car... a great resource!

Dementia activity to keep occupied

Never be without a pad when monitoring a patient!
wireless-alarm-mat-for-floor Massage Pillow Zebra Pattern pain-assessment-chart
Floor Mat With Alarm
Price: $225.00
Massage Pillow
Price: $39.95

Prevents falls and wandering!

Pillows work great on sore tired muscles; neck, shoulders, feet, legs, or your back! Perfect way to communicate discomfort & the source of the pain...
dual-message-communicator tech-plus-8-message-communicator dementia-caregivers-guide
Tech Plus 8
Price: $585.00
Great way to communicate! Great way to communicate!

Positive approach & unique techniques for individuals with advancing dementia...

extra-key-invisible-cabinet-lock calendar-clock-for-seniors lighted-tabletop
Always a good idea to have an extra key!

A perfect tool to alleviate sundowning!

Doubles as a lighted table top & nightlight!
one-direction-drinking-straws self-adhesive-signs-and-labels nature-collection-dvd
Self Adhesive Signs
Price: $65.00
Great addition to drinking from a glass or mug! An effective, dignified way to provide support around the home!

Brings comfort and positive emotions through visual aspects of nature..

non-slip-placemats-dementia physical-therapy-t-shirts-for-men Physical Therapy Pants for Men - Reboundwear
Slip resistant on both surfaces!
The PT Men's Knit Jersey T-Shirt allows easy access to every part of the torso, neck and shoulders!

The PT Men's Pants have side seam zippers to allow
the pant legs to be zipped open, providing easy access to waist, hips, and upper and lower legs!

Physical Therapy Jacket for Women post-shoulder-surgery-clothing-shirt-for-women Physical Therapy Pants for Women - Reboundwear
The Pro PT Women's Jacket allows easy access to every part of the torso, neck and shoulders!

The PT Women's Top allows easy access to every part
of the torso, neck and shoulders!

Our PT Women's Pants allows easy access to waist, hips, and upper and lower legs!

alarm-individual-pull-cord adaptive-pajamas-for-men-and-women

Prevents falls and wandering!

Luxurious soft cotton sleepwear for both men and women!