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Senior Safety - Fall Prevention and Monitoring Products

senior safetySenior Safety is of great importance. Fall prevention is critical to Senior safety. Patients suffering from Alzheimer's, Parkinson's or any form of dementia are often unaware of their own symptoms, and caregivers must take special precautions to keep them safe. Ensure that your loved one or patient avoids injuries by outfitting their home with senior citizen safety products.

Senior monitors come in various forms. Bed, chair and mat alarms are available with remote and mobile receivers. NO loud noise needs to frighten the patient but with our senior monitoring systems, the caregiver can be confident that receivers placed around the house and even on their person can keep them in constant communication.

To ensure senior safety, many products need to be locked up using a refrigerator lock to combat excessive food consumption and make sure that drugs are not available. Invisible cabinet locks give a clean look to the kitchen without baby proofing it.

Besides senior monitoring systems, wandering prevention devices both in the house and outside are necessary. Seniors with Alzheimer's, dementia or any type of memory loss are in danger of wandering. Safety devices such as The Alzheimer's Store fire rated door murals and/or a simple stop sign are very popular. GPS devices as well as emergency information wristbands are the cutting edge in senior safety technology.

As a caregiver of someone with dementia, you may find them to all of sudden be irritable with no apparent reason, BUT there is a reason. They may have fallen and broken a bone and are unable to communicate this to you. It is important to Alzheimer's proof your home and institute a fall prevention program. The Alzheimer's Store is constantly testing products for Senior Safety.

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door-alarm-with-keypad door-alarm-monitor-and-remote-plug-in-alarm child-senior-proof-cabinet-locks

Never leave the house unnoticed!

Never wander again without monitoriing!

Senior safety feature for keeping the cabinets locked!

confounding-door-lock-for-seniors automatic-pill-medication-dispenser-medready pill-box-dispenser
Door Guardian
Price: $27.95

A clever lock to prevent wandering!

Senior safety feature - accidental double dosing virtually impossible

It's a pill box, organizer & dispenser all in one!

stove-fire-prevention gps-locator-tracking-watch-for-seniors-lok8u automatic stove shut off device
Freedom GPS Locator Watch - Lok8u
Price: $249.99
Sale Price: $199.00
Savings: $50.99
This fire safety device is a must for every home in the US!

Stylish and discreet~looks like a sports watch and has a locking wrist strap to avoid unauthorized removal!

Absent from the kitchen for more than 5 minutes? ..then this auto stove shut off is for you!
home-medical-alert-system medical-alert-pendant-mobile Medication Lock Box
Mobile Medical Alert Pendant - Belle
Price: $39.95
Activation Fee: $35.00

Allows independent living!

Protect your loved ones and give yourself piece of mind!

Perfect when there are multiple caregivers!

automatic-pill-dispenser gps-locator-watch-for-wandering patient-monitor-with-remote-voice-alert
A safe way of dispensing daily medications!

No other device communicates alerts quicker!

Definitely cannot live without one!

motion-detector-with-remote-alarm refrigerator-latches pad-with-wireless-remote-alarm-for-beds-and-chairs

Always know when someone is on the move!

Used by professional child proofers!

Alarm sounds when getting up.. a great safety feature!

anti-scald-devices extra-battery-for-medication-dispenser extra-lid-medication-dispenser
Anti Scald Device
Price: $51.95

Anti-scalding in bathroom for senior safety

You can never go wrong with having an extra battery for the Medication Dispenser...

Great add on to the Medication Dispenser...

extra-key-for-medication-dispenser replacement-tray-for-medication-dispenser bluebeacon-indoor-location-awareness

Always have an extra key available for the Medication Dispenser...

Good idea to have an extra tray carousel for the Medication Dispenser...

A perfect complement to the TriLocTM GPS Locator!
stop-sign-banner-to-deter-wandering automatic-faucet-control extra-motion-detector-for-patient-monitor
Stop Sign Banner
Price: $32.95

Great deterrent for folks on the move!

Turning the water on and off has never been easier!

Always room for an extra detector!

battery-disconnect-switch-for-autos fall-prevention-alarm door-alarm-monitor-add-on
Strongly recommend to prevent a potential accident occurrence!

Great way to prevent a fall!

Always smart to have extras on hand!

wheelchair-anti-tippers door-handle-for-automobiles wireless-remote-alarm-replacement-pads

Great way to prevent wheelchairs from tipping over!

Great support for getting in and out of a car!

Never be without a pad when monitoring a patient!
wireless-alarm-mat-for-floor car-seatbelt-emergency-id-pocket lifting-aid
Floor Mat With Alarm
Price: $225.00

Prevents falls and wandering!

A mandatory item to have!

Takes the strain off from lifting!

lift-chair-recliner automatic-oven-control refrigerator-lock
Lift Chair/Recliner
Price: $1,415.00

Wonderful, comfortable and useful recliner!

CookStop Stove/Oven Control

Refrigerator Lock For Kitchen Safety

medical-alert-telephone-dialer extra-speaker-for-phone-dialer safepresence-replacement-sensor-pads

Emergency Pendant Telephone Dialer with Speaker & Microphone

Additional Wall Mounted Speaker Microphone to the Emergency Pendant Telephone Dialer

For Use With SafePresence™ 200 for Falls, Wandering and Communication and The SAFENBED™ Alert System

complete-guide-to-alzheimers-proofing-your-home creating-a-safe-haven-dvd i-have-a-condition-card

The Complete Guide to Alzheimer's Proofing Your Home

Create an environment that enhances a sense of comfort to the person with dementia

"I Have a Condition Called 'Early Dementia'" Cards

wheelchair-anti-rollback-device grab-and-pull one-moment-please-notes
Grab & Pull
Price: $7.95

Prevent a fall when wheels automatically lock!

Very helpful gadget! Great to carry with you!
alzheimer's-id-cards rocking-glider extra-key-invisible-cabinet-lock
Safe Glider Rocker
Price: $899.00
Comes in handy when you are on the go.. especially in restaurants or public places!

Comfortable and safe too!

Always a good idea to have an extra key!
night-light Medical Alert ID Bracelet for Alzheimer's medical-alert-id-card

Reduce the risk of nighttime falls by lighting the way!

Provides medical profile information on the spot!

Provides profile information on the spot!

self-adhesive-signs-and-labels alarm-individual-pull-cord bed-exit-alarm-safenbed
Self Adhesive Signs
Price: $65.00
An effective, dignified way to provide support around the home!

Prevents falls and wandering!

Easy to set up and operate!
Transforms your water bottle into a sippy cup!