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Doll Therapy For Dementia

senior-doll-therapyAlzheimer's doll therapy is a known resource in working with dementia patients. Using a Teddy Bear or a Baby Doll can be a very effective way for a person with Alzheimer's or any kind of dementia to decrease stress and agitation. A caregiver can use doll therapy for dementia patients as a way to put responsibility, caring and structure back into the lives of those afflicted with Alzheimer's. Working with a realistic doll has to be introduced to those with Alzheimer's very carefully. A doll or teddy bear can be seen as a welcoming grandchild or the little sibling of their youth or the Alzheimer's patient can fear the therapy doll as an unwanted responsibility.

dementia-patients-doll-therapyFrom experience, introducing doll therapy in a controlled atmosphere by allowing the dementia patient to take responsibility rather than giving them the doll to play with, can bring structure to their lives. The Alzheimer's doll can help a person who is not verbalizing to initiate speech again. It is part of the basic thought process to speak, hum or sing to a baby in your arms. The therapy doll can have its clothes washed, folded and put away and then dressed the next day. Even the teddy bear brings soothing comfort as it can be heated to bring warmth to the patient and can be a cause of an activity. Whether it is realistic baby doll , a heated bear or a furry fish shaped doll, doll therapy for dementia and Alzheimer's patients can really work!...click here to read our article, "Learning About Doll Therapy"

dementia-doll-therapy “A baby doll can…

  • Calm someone who is upset;
  • Provide endless hours of hugs and smiles;
  • Lull a person to sleep;
  • Create a distraction from a dangerous, harmful or upsetting event;
  • Serve as an attention-getter;
  • Provide a tool for social interaction;
  • Regenerate warm, nurturing feelings of once again caring for a young child;
  • Make it possible for someone, totally dependent upon others, to care for ‘someone’ else.”
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musical-teddy-bear Blaney - Musical Teddy Bear

Just squeeze my “paws button” and I'll play your favorite tunes!

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baby-doll-therapy "Someone to Love" Baby Doll Clara

Workout with Baby Clara!

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baby-doll-for-dementia "Someone to Love" Baby Doll Oliver

Baby Oliver is an all-time favorite!

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baby-doll-therapy "Someone to Love" Baby Doll Becca

Baby Becca is Moo-licious!

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baby-doll-therapy "Someone to Love" Baby Doll Priscilla

Baby Priscilla is the sweetest little girl ever!

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baby-doll-therapy "Someone to Love" Baby Doll Izzy

Baby Izzy is so precious!!

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baby-doll-therapy "Someone to Love" Baby Doll Ava

Baby Ava is irresitible!

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baby-doll-therapy "Someone to Love" Baby Doll Kelsey

Sail away with Baby Kelsey!

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baby-doll-therapy "Someone to Love" Baby Doll Natalie

Meet enchanting Baby Natalie!

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alzheimer's pet therapy Playmate Pets

Fantastic companions - why should kids have all the fun!

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baby-doll-therapy "Someone to Love" Baby Doll Emma

Baby Emma is such a gem!

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baby-doll-therapy "Someone to Love" Baby Doll Grace

Baby Grace will melt your heart!

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baby-doll-therapy "Someone to Love" Baby Doll Liam

Baby Liam is so cute and cuddly!

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doll-therapy-elephant Therapeutic Elephant

Bring the zoo & circus home to you!! An ideal way to provide heat, cold, and aromatherapy...

Price: $34.95
doll-therapy-teddy-bear Weighted Teddy Bear

Pour your love into this huggable aromatherapy teddy bear!

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doll-therapy-teddy-bears Therapeutic Junior Teddy Bears

Your favorite teddy bear now available in a smaller size!

Price: $39.00
doll-therapy-teddy-bears Jr Teddy Bears Chocolate

Your favorite teddy bear now available in a smaller size!

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Nothing eases distress and agitation as quickly or effectively as a friend. Our teddy bears and Alzheimer’s dolls are more than just toys, they are a source of comfort and security when your loved one needs it most. Having a small, familiar face to cradle and care for creates an engaging environment that encourages Alzheimer’s patients to interact with and it encourages healthy emotional responses. These therapies are more than just a distraction; they provide an outlet for someone to step out of their world of being totally dependent on others and to feel like they have something that depends on them. Memory loss therapy is never an easy process, but it can be made easier with the appropriate tools and tactics. Doll and teddy bear therapy allows patients to be a participant in their own healthcare, rather than just a subject.

Our soft teddy bear can be heated in the microwave in order to make him more lifelike, or placed in the freezer to help ease joint pain. His soft body and soft fur make him a wonderful companion for your loved one to interact with. Our baby dolls come in a wide variety of lifelike appearances, each one with different eye, hair and skin colors. Our customers are sharing stories with us every day about the way these realistic dolls have brought comfort to their loved ones. If you would like to order one of these dolls by phone, or if you have a story of your own that you would like to share, give us a call at 1-800-752-3238.