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New!  Arthur - Music Therapy Teddy Bear
music therapy doll MP3 Player for Alzheimer's Dementia Memory Loss gifts for dementia patients
Download your favorite MP3 music files!

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Arthur is back!
One of our best-selling gifts can help calm your loved-one with their favorite music
Price: $69.99

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Arthur - The Music Therapy Bear

Our Simple Musical Teddy Bear was designed specifically to meet the needs of those with Alzheimer's, Dementia and Memory Loss. The bear comes with a few classic songs pre-loaded, but the intent is for a caregiver to load their loved-one's or patient's favorite music - room for over 1,000 songs!

There is no other product like it on the market.

The Arthur Bear is appropriate as a companion for both children and adults alike as he can be loaded with favorite songs, story books, nursery rhymes, Bible verses or Hymns. It is safe for both children and adults as there are no buttons, zippers or snaps. The rechargeable battery pack is hidden within.

Arthur - a musical teddy bear combines the benefits of music for people with cognizant challenges, such as Dementia, learning difficulties and Autism, combined with the widely accepted advantages offered by 'doll therapy'. The care and interaction with a comforting soft toy provides a path to unlocking strong maternal instincts or feelings of security, providing both activity and self-worth, while also providing music to increase awareness and interaction.

Arthur is a rather special therapeutic bear designed to offer comfort, pleasure and sensory stimulation. This irresistibly soft and tactile teddy bear has multiple benefits for people with Dementia.

Key Features:

  • Combines benefits of music and doll therapy
  • Simple to use: Press the paw and the music begins
  • Capacity of 4GB, nearly 1000 songs

Arthur is a music player. He has an internal MP3 player which can store more than 1000 favorite songs. The songs are easy to upload from a computer or laptop. The person you care about simply has to press Arthur’s paw for their personalized playlist to begin. (Make sure the songs you upload are special to them and have meaning). The amazing benefits of music for people with memory loss and dementia are widely recognized. Many find it can help them to relax, boost confidence, ease anxiety and spark happy memories and conversations.

Arthur is comforting and soft and has been carefully designed with a reassuringly weighted bottom to make the experience of holding him more satisfying. The benefits of cuddle therapy (sometimes called doll therapy) are also widely recognized in Dementia Care. Cuddle therapy can bring great joy to people living with Dementia, enabling them to feel safe, express love and unlock strong maternal or paternal instincts.

Music Therapy: Playing music to people with dementia or similar challenges from their formative years vastly improves their cognizance and lucidity - the effects are dramatic and are widely recognized!

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Arthur - Getting Started

Arthur travels with his rechargeable battery disconnected. Before he can make music, or upload tunes make sure he has the power to do so. Just slide the tamper resistant power switch from "O" to "I"

Arthur - His Energy Levels
If Arthur starts to go quiet, its nothing personal, he just needs his batteries to be recharged. Open up his back, plug in a USB cable (provided) into his battery pack. When the red light on the pack turns green he's ready to go! To save energy he switches off after 30 minutes.

Arthur - How Loud is a Bear?
Arthur has preset volume levels. To change the volume, access his controller inside his back and there are two small push buttons with loudspeaker symbols next to them. While the music is playing you can press and hold these buttons and the volume will change so you can set a comfortable level. The volume level will be remembered.

Arthur's Favorite Tunes
The most important thing is for Arthur to have the right tunes for the person with the cognitive challenges. These tend to be songs that have special meaning from their formative years (15 - 25 years old). He has a very large memory (4GB) which can typically hold 1000-2000 tunes, but this is far more than most people need.

What Type of Files?
Arthur plays files in MP3 format only (Note: Please note that Arthur is not an Apple device so it cannot play 'Apple protected' .m4p downloads). Apple songs may need to be converted using iTunes or other conversion apps.

Loading these tunes is easy and just needs some simple steps to be followed:
1) Open the hook and loop seam on Arthur's back and gently pull out the black box
2) Plug in the USB cable connecting Arthur to your computer
3) Leave Arthur to fully charge his Li-ion 3.7V 2600mAh rechargeable battery (the red light goes green when he's ready)
4) Squeeze Arthur's left paw (The 'paws button') and the file system should pop-up on your computer
5) You can now 'drag and drop' or 'cut and paste' your chosen tunes (only MP3 format files will work)
6) Finally, squeeze Arthur's left paw again, disconnect the cable, put the box back and close the seam

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5 of 5 Music Teddy Bear August 24, 2021
Reviewer: Lesa B from , STL  
Teddy is a weighted bear and feels like your holding a pet or baby. Very easy to load your music into. Mom loves signing our church hymns. Thanks for offering a quality bear 🐻💝

5 of 5 Arthur bear August 24, 2021
Reviewer: Lori from , Toronto  
My sister is 60 with Downs Syndrome and progressive dementia. She loved the bear. I loaded some of her favourite songs on him. It was a perfect gift.
Just a note to Canadian customers. The duty is quite high, almost $40. I didn't mind but I wish I had know beforehand.

5 of 5 Arthur bear July 23, 2021
Reviewer: from ,  
Instant hit with my dad. Priceless seeing his smile when holding it singing along to the pre programmed songs.

5 of 5 May 19, 2021
Reviewer: from ,  
Very nice quality. My mom enjoys it.

5 of 5 Genius idea and superior product. May 19, 2021
Reviewer: John Moriarty  
Wow . . . A genius idea and superior product.  I was afraid the sound quality would be muffled but it is crystal clear and exceptional quality.    It automatically shuts off after 30 minutes which is a perfect length of time and it saves the battery life.  Holds way more songs than you need.  Be sure to customize the playlist with songs from your loved ones past (age 13 to 25).

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