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New!  Senior Cell Phone w/ Picture Dialing + GPS
Easy to use picture dial cell phone for elderly, seniors and those with Alzheimer's plus GPS Tracking and speakerphone
Replace your land line service!

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Purchase from The Alzheimer's Store and receive 3 months of FREE service from Mint Mobile + a Free Protective Case!

Only $15 to $25 per month thereafter -or- you may use AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Red Pocket Mobile, Consumer Cellular or another compatible providers with pre-paid plans or add the phone to a family plan as a new line!

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Keep your phone powered up with a 6' reach and familiar coil cord look!

Description Product Features & Specs What We Like Best About This Product

RAZ Memory Cell Phone w/ Speakerphone & GPS Tracking

Easy-to-use picture phone for people with memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s or intellectual disabilities.
Keep your loved-one independent - and stay connected. Can be used at home, on-the-go and in assisted living & memory care facilities as no phone line or internet is required. Know where they are w/ GPS tracking, limit call capabilities, both in & outbound + easy emergency 911 calling!
Questions? Please be sure to check the FAQ at the bottom of this page.

Memory Picture Cell Phone for Seniors


Designed for ease-of-use and set-up in minutes.

The one-touch dial picture phone is relentless in its focus on simplicity. It consists of one primary screen, and one screen only. The screen includes 3 elements: Pictures and names of up to six contacts; A button to call 911; Time and battery power. There are no applications or settings to cause confusion. No notifications or operating system updates. No voicemail. No distractions. Simply tap the picture of the person you wish to call. That’s it.

Memory Picture Cell Phone for Seniors

Caregivers can manage the RAZ Memory Cell Phone through a simple online portal. The portal is used to create and edit contacts, track the location of the phone/user using GPS maps and select certain options, such as the option to restrict incoming calls to contacts - preventing unwanted predatory robocalls and enabling the speakerphone option.

Memory Picture Cell Phone for Seniors Protective Case

Your RAZ Memory Cell Phone comes with a custom-built protective case. Soft inner TPU and exterior polycarbonate shock proof bumper protects the phone from drops and scratches. Snap on design allows for easy installation while raised edge protects screen from scratches and is compatible with most screen protectors. Precise cutouts allow caregiver easy access to all buttons, controls, and ports without having to remove the case.

Memory Picture Cell Phone for Seniors Extra Long Cord

Add an extra long 6 foot coil cord to your RAZ Memory Cell Phone order to ensure your phone always has power. The coil cord can also make the phone more recognizable to those with dementia as it is reminiscent of corded phones from the past. A must-have accessory to extend the reach while keeping the device connected!


Can I activate this phone on Verizon?

No. At this time the RAZ phone cannot be activated on Verizon or Sprint. It can be activated on: AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Red Pocket Mobile, Consumer Cellular, Mint Mobile.

Can I restrict incoming calls?

Yes. The portal app for the phone includes a setting allowing you to limit incoming calls to only the contacts entered into the phone.

Can I add more than six contacts?

No. The RAZ Phone only allows six contacts, by design. This is to ensure there is only a single screen on the phone so the end user does not have to scroll through multiple screens, or make the contacts illegibly small.

Can the 911 button be disabled?

No. By law in the US 911 service cannot be disabled, blocked or redirected on cell phones. The 911 button does require a long-press to use, so most people with dementia or similar conditions will be less likely to accidentally call emergency services.

Can I track the RAZ Phone remotely?

Yes. By going to the “GPS Location” button on the portal app, you can track the location of the phone.

Can the RAZ Phone send text messages? Is there voicemail?

No. The phone is designed to be as simple-to-use as possible, and not including these features is a part of that design philosophy.

Is there a speakerphone option?

Yes. This new feature is controlled from the caregiver portal so that there are no mistakes. The speakerphone option can be set to either on or off - when it's on, the volume is set to the maximum so it's perfect for those with hearing loss or for those who cannot easily lift the phone to their ear.


Learn More About Our Picture Mobile Phone!

One Screen Only
The RAZ Memory Cell Phone only has one screen. The user cannot exit this environment.

One-Touch Dialing
Make calls by touching pictures. Contact names are shown below pictures. Pictures and names are perfect for individuals with memory loss.

Up to Six Contacts
The RAZ Memory Phone can display up to six pictures of contacts. If memory loss is more severe, the phone can display only one or two pictures.

Answering Calls Couldn’t be Easier
When the phone rings, two big buttons will appear. A green one that says “Answer” and a red one that says, “Hang up”. If the caller is a contact, a large picture and name of the caller will be displayed.

Free Updates
Enjoy free updates with additional features.

GPS Location Tracking
Track your loved-one’s location by tracking the phone at no additional cost. The location will be updated every fifteen minutes and is available at any time on the online portal.

Block Unwanted Incoming Calls
If predatory robocalls calls are a concern, block incoming calls from anyone other than contacts.

Always On
The home screen is always on and the phone ready to use. It will never fall asleep and never lock. The user will not have to remember a passcode.

Press & Hold Buttons
The intuitive press & hold method prevents unwanted dialing.

Dedicated 911 Emergency Button
No need to remember 911 digits. User can simply press, and hold dedicated 911 button.

Volume Rocker Disabled
The volume rocker is disabled. Volume is always on maximum.

Option to Prevent User from Making Calls
The RAZ Memory Cell Phone can be limited to receiving calls. In advanced stages of memory loss, users may forget their contacts or forget that they made a call just minutes ago. The ability to limit calls to incoming calls only, addresses this challenge, while ensuring that the person can be reached by their loved ones and call 911 in case of an emergency.

Large Display
Extra-large and bright 6.3-inch display.

Long-Lasting Battery
The RAZ Memory Cell Phone has a long lasting 4,000 mAh battery.

Online Portal
The intuitive online portal allows caregivers to manage contacts including pictures and other options such as enabling speakerphone.

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Average Rating: Average Rating: 4.5 of 5 4.5 of 5 Total Reviews: 7 > Write a review and receive 10% off!

3 of 5 Volume July 13, 2020
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Winfield, KS United States  
Being a device for seniors I expected the volume to be considerably louder especially since it is not adjustable.
This phone has received an update - it now has a speakerphone option that the caregiver can enable - it's extra loud and does not require the user to hold it to their ear! - The Alzheimer's Store Team

3 of 5 Senior cell phone not perfect for dementia patient July 13, 2020
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Henderson, KY United States  
While the Senior Cell Phone with Picture Dialing + GPS might be ideal for a senior who still lives at home and is somewhat independent, it has not proven effective for this person who lives in an Alzheimer's unit in a nursing facility.  She repeatedly touches a picture, but then doesn't remember to hold the phone to her ear, so she keeps calling people but can't hear them talking.  I think the phone would be great for someone who is just in the beginning stages of Alheimer's or for an elderly person living alone for safety purposes.
This phone has received an update - it now has a speakerphone option that the caregiver can enable - it's extra loud and does not require the user to hold it to their ear! - The Alzheimer's Store Team

5 of 5 RAZ memory cellphone June 30, 2020
Reviewer: ARTHUR PETER from RAYMORE, MO United States  
It is the only telephone my wife can operate on her own.  If I'm out of her view she can simply call me.  As a caregiver for an invalid with dementia it is rather liberating for me.  It allows me to do yard work and other tasks inside the house.  I understand it will soon be updated to include speaker-phone, which will be very beneficial.

5 of 5 RAZ Memory Phone/TeleCalm Service June 23, 2020
Reviewer: Rickey Peterson from Rio Vista, CA United States  
Love the memory phone, works Great Just what my father-in-Law needed, also the TeleCalm service
is also GREAT!!! So for anyone out there that have
an elderly love one with dementia or Alzheimer's
I recommend the Alzheimers Store. it sure makes life easier for your love one and also the caregiver.


5 of 5 RAZ Memory Phone May 26, 2020
Reviewer: DG from Columbus, OH United States  
This is a very nice phone that really simplifies making and receiving calls.  Set up of the photos was a bit challenging with the photos I was using, but RAZ customer service was very helpful in assisting me. Good purchase!

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