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COVID-19 : Impact on Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Aging-In-Place

If you’re caring for an individual with dementia during the corona virus pandemic, the first priority is minimizing their risk of infection. The precautions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to avoid contracting the virus is a helpful guide - and great first step.

Aside from the virus itself, many are dealing with disruptions in care and visitation, and even re-homing their loved ones or sheltering-in-place. Any external changes to a person with a dementia-related condition are amplified and can produce extreme levels of stress that they often cannot verbalize. Our job is to anticipate their needs, and maintain consistency while keeping them safe, comfortable, and occupied. This has a cascading effect on all members of the household — including the caregivers — and will help bring about stability and equanimity during this challenge.

Preparing for all situations not only protects the well being of the individual, but helps produce calmness in the Caregiver. The Alzheimer’s Store has selected go-to items to address various situations below:

Learn About Becoming a Caregiver for those w/ Alzheimer's and Dementia


Being a Caregiver to someone with Memory Loss is a full time job. There are simple tips & tricks developed by professionals that have been proven to help, especially for caring for someone in the home. Learn more about Alzheimer's Proofing Your Home, Creating Moments of Joy between you and your loved-one, making the bath safer and easier with Bathing Without a Battle plus learn from the dementia expert, Teepa Snow about In-Home care and How to Fill the Day with Meaning!

Robotic Dogs and Cats to Help Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients

Limiting exposure to the news is suggested. Not only is it visually chaotic, but the messages can cause worry which are endlessly repeated. We recommended several products that create a diversion from the 24-7 news stream. Our Robotic Dogs & Cats provide both a friend and and interactive conversation piece, our Puzzles & Games help pass the time, while our Simple Music Player w/ Radio helps them listen to their favorite songs with ease. Remind them you care - especially if visitions are prohibited or limited by sending a special gift!

Alzheimer's Wandering Prevention w/ Door Alarms and Motion Detectors for Dementia

Patients who have been re-homed are now in unfamiliar territory. This can create anxiety in both the patient and the Caregiver. Make sure your loved-one is monitored using our GPS Tracking Watch w/ Locking Clasp, our Simple Door & Motion Alarms to protect exits and cabinets, plus our Confounding Door Locks which provide an additional barrier between someone who is wandering and a dangerous room or basement stair!

Picture Photo Button Cell Phone for Seniors and Alzheimer's

During this period of uncertainty, staying connected with your loved-one will help bring comfort to their day. At The Alzheimer's Store, we also know that isolation can create a sense of panic. Help the people you love stay connected via our Alzheimer's - Friendly Cell Phone that limits inbound and outbound calling plus includes GPS Tracking to know where they are, our landline Memory Phones w/ Picture Buttons help making calls less frustrating as family and 911 can be called w/ the touch of a single button, or help prevent scams against the elderly by controlling all calls with TeleCalm!

Medication dispenser with alarm to remind those with memory loss to take their pills

Daily routines help prevent mistakes and accidents. Help prevent double-dosing with our Automatic Medication and Pill Dispensers that can also be monitored remotely, help prevent access to dangerous medication such as painkillers & sedatives with our Medication Lock Box, or set an alarm, to remember when to take important medications in your own-voice, using our Reminder Rosie Talking Alarm Clock!

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ID Identify COVID-19 C19ID Project Buttons and Wrist Bands for Essential Workers COVI.D. Bands & Bracelets for Caregivers & Residents

Help to keep a safe distance!

Price: $19.00